Spirits of Mystery: Song of the Phoenix Collector's Edition

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  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 9.0
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Reunite the Dragon and Phoenix Kingdoms in Spirits of Mystery: Song of the Phoenix. The Kingdoms of Dragon and Phoenix have been warring with each other for over 300 years. The Princess of the Dragon kingdom was set to wed the Prince of the Phoenix Kingdom in order to bring an end to the conflict but the Prince has been kidnapped! An evil witch, trapped in stone hundreds of years ago, orchestrated the abduction of the Prince. If the two Kingdoms cannot form a truce through matrimony, then the witch will break free from her prison. Help the Princess locate her missing groom and unite the two Kingdoms in this captivating Hidden Object game! This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card! The Collector’s Edition includes:


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Genre : Puzzle

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Spirits of Mystery: Song of the Phoenix Collector's Edition
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Reunite the Dragon and Phoenix Kingdoms to stop the evil witch!

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Spirits of Mystery: Song of the Phoenix Collector's Edition game play Spirits of Mystery: Song of the Phoenix Collector's Edition game play

Brilliant and skip factor in hardest mode!

My overall rating and review title say it all. Two additional notes: loved the minigames that thought outside the box - eg. match two with rotating balls and the cube minigame and thank you for the hardest level still having the skip factor - I appreciate the challenge and will persevere for a long time so if the skip takes a long time to appear it works for me to be there altho i seldom use it. Many, many points for the SE portion ending - there are some CE games where the ending of SE portion leaves one wondering if the game is over and what just happened(?!) to the ending. This game is so well done that altho the bonus is wonderful and continues the theme faultlessly one can be satisfied that the designers took into consideration the players who will only play the SE portion deserve their best effort as much as the CE players. With thanks - these designers are among the best in the business as proof of all the games they develop.

Brilliant game but complicated storyline

This game was beautifully made. The graphics were fantastic and the sound was also good. The HOS scenes were different which was great, many involved finding shadows. The only problem that i could find was the story line. It was a bit random and i did not really understand what i was meant to be doing.

Evil ? Good ? Your choice one more time !!!

Played 20 minutes, casual mode. - 3 gameplay modes, casual, advanced, hardcore - The sample shows only 4 chapters so no idea of the length - Integrated SG which stays where you leave it - Notebook - No map - Hint button useful outside H0 - Skip button - Voiceovers - Good music - You get a phoenix amulet to get rid of evil symbols - You interact in more than one way in H0 - Mini games easy (up to what I played) - Gorgeous graphics - Good story Eternal fight between evil forces and good ones but this game is really beautiful. LOL ! Really fell for the little fairy mouse. Will we succed to reunite the prince and the princess.... ;) Superb game, a buy for me.

Fantastic game

As soon as I started playing the demo I knew I was going to buy this. No crashed car!! No flat tyres, missing keys, etc: I think I must play too many HOGs as I am fed up with all the gruesome storylines! This game has great graphics, very interactive HO scenes and lots of puzzles. I played in 'hardcore' which seemed quite easy and the whole game is just a delight. More like this please BFG !


I am a Princess trying to unite two Kingdoms with a troubled past. My soon-to-be husband, the prince, is kidnapped and now it is up to me to save him and bring peace to our land. I will have to face numerous puzzles, mini-games and dark magic to rescue him. Helping me is a magic amulate that helps fight the dark forces at play. I am surrounded by breathtaking graphics and wonderful visual and sound-effects. I have the option to play three game modes and also the aid of an in-house SG which thankfully keeps my place. The "Gods" above have supplied me with excellent talking capabilities and music follows me whereever I go. I have my trusty journal and I need to find certain objects that will help me get closer to my Prince. There are HOG scenes that I have not encountered before, so much to do in theses scenes that required some thought that adds to many of my challenges ahead. Join me in the exciting adventure and help me find my Prince and save the day. Whats not to love about this game!!!!!!

Great game, fun and interesting fantasy storyline.

This was a wonderful demo. Great voiceovers, beautiful graphics and the sound was nice as well. Most of the Hidden Object scenes from the demo had a fun aspect of finding a few items and then using those same items in the hidden object scene to find something else you need. STORYLINE : You are a princess that is suppose to marry a prince from a kingdom who has been a rival for 300 years. Your marriage is suppose unite the two kingdoms. There is an evil sorcerer like guy named Isa. He gets involved of course and you have to try to stop him. There are beautiful animals such as Panther, Fox, and even a Fairy Mouse you collect. You encounter a Wood Nymph in a tree midway through the demo, so its a fantasy game with some intense scenes. It is a DEFINITE buy in my opinion. I will be purchasing this game as soon as I submit this review and I strongly recommend this game if you like Hidden Objects with a beautiful fantasy aspect in the storyline.

Incredible creatures and wonderful graphics

This has superb graphics and wonderful creatures. You will fall in love with the fairy mouse! Three modes of play and 10 chapters plus the bonus play with a SG that opens where you left it. There is a notebook; no map, but this does not deter as the movement through the game is easy and the scenes are wonderful to look at. The characters are good and the story is a fight between good and evil. Some of the voice-overs could have been better but this is minor when you immerse in the story and the graphics. The music is good also. The HOS are very nice with a twist; there are those scenes with items to find by lists including actions to find items and for some these may be a little cluttered but I found them very enjoyable. Then there are are also scenes (HOP) with 5 objects you find by silhouette but you need to find them in order as they perfom an action to find the next one. These scenes are very clear and uncluttered. All the HOS and HOP are very easy. There are a number of puzzles - some minor variations but they too are very easy to do and some may not find this challenging. But because of the beautiful graphics and characters, this doesn't really matter. Items are collected along the way and go into an inventory for use on your journey; they are clearly visible and it is easy to know what to do with them. Although not different in terms of HOS, and with easy puzzles, there are some nice twists, the graphics are stunning and the characters you meet along the way make it well worthwhile buying.

luuuuuved it

as soon as i started - i knew i was going to buy----and just did. great game and characters, great storyline - luv the interactive HOS scenes... so different!!! - especially as i am getting really BORED with the 'same old-same old!! also it is great that objects are not used for the OBVIOUS ( as in bellows ;-# but you have to set your imagination to work - good job BFG am going to REALLY enjoy this one - happy #orthodox) easter to all fishies - do i recommend?: OH YES!!!!!!!!!!

Spirits of Mystery:Song of the Phoenix CE

I absolutely enjoyed this game from start to finish.This game has excellent graphics ,the voice overs are well acted,storyline fairy tale-ish with a bit of a dark twist to it.The challenges were fantastic not too many HOG's but in this case it was worth it.This game is definitely worth the CE price if you want the extras but if not it can be enjoyed as SE as well.Definitely a keeper.

WOW! At Long Last!

All I can say is if you loved The Amber Maiden, you are going to LOVE Song of the Phoenix. The faces of the nanny from Amber Maiden and Song of the Phoenix, well, they could pass for twins. And when you go to get the water and see the picture of her grandmother, with the owl, well, you knew that at long last the are finally letting you know what happened next. This is a fun game and just from the demo, I knew that it was a buy for me. The visuals are bright and easy to see, except for when you have to deal with the evil guy. The sound is great and there is different music almost for each scene. It flows with the storyline, not choppy, making it wonderful to listen to. There is a bit of a challenge to the overall game but not so much so that you want to quit. The SG stays put, not like others that you have to go through ump-teen pages to get to the one you need. I like that. The storyline flows, like the music, going from one scene into another smoothly. All in all, I would give it an A+++++ A must buy, especially for those who liked the Amber Maiden.

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