Steve the Sheriff: The Case of the Missing Thing

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  • Several fun puzzles
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  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 8.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 211

Review for game: Steve the Sheriff: The Case of the Missing Thing

Steve the Sheriff is back in an all new case in Neptuneville. The Mona Medusa is missing and it`s up to you to help Steve the Sheriff track down the thief. Use your Hidden Object skills to scour a multitude of screens. Find key objects within the scene to solve fun Adventure-style puzzles. Follow Steve and his lovable family in this one-of-a-kind Hidden Object Adventure game.


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Genre : Puzzle

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Steve the Sheriff: The Case of the Missing Thing
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Game Description:

Join Steve the Sheriff in an all new Hidden Object Adventure crime saga set in the zany town of Neptuneville.

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Steve the Sheriff: The Case of the Missing Thing game play Steve the Sheriff: The Case of the Missing Thing game play

Fun and Cute

I loved the original Steve the Sheriff. #2 didn't let me down. Same fun with some improvements- comparison games are now side by side instead of top and bottom which makes it easier. I also like the new curser better. Very cute characters and fun to play- watch for the silly puns. Not mind blower but when I choose a game that has a underwater cartoon creatures as the main characters I expect to be entertained not mentally challenged. Steve the Sheriff delivers =)

Nice, Easy, Relaxing HOG

This is a great game, especially if you're looking for something easy going and light hearted. The graphics are really cute and the story funny. The puzzles and HO scenes are on the easy side. This would be a great game to play with kids, but even I enjoyed it and I usually favor the darker, slightly more difficult games.

Neptuneville needs help one more time

If the game play does not put you in the mood, the ambiance will. 10 out of 10. Some things are tiny to look for, and pay attention to the bubbles..Have a great time, and do not forget the cigars.

Fun and relaxing

A nice alternative to the mind bending puzzle games. My grandchildren and I enjoy playing this easy paced search and puzzle game.


i loved this game. no backtracking, yessss, very easy going, the story is a good one, it was just so cute and sooooo relaxing. i tried the first one, it was ok. nothing like the second one. everybody must play this game.

Bright and easy to see.

I am a grandmother who enjoys playing HO games, so they cannot be too dark, and I don't like them at all gloomy! This game is a good one! I am playing it through for the second time now, and liking it as much as I did the first time! It has lots of objects, and most of them are fairly easy to find, but it is still a challenge. On a couple of the scenes, there is a lot of clutter (at the junk yard for example) and you do have to really look and concentrate! But the Sheriff enjoys having pie with his wife and son while they ask him questions about the case. If the objects are fairly easy to see, and not all broken up in pieces... which that is the case once or twice, but they are easy to find, I am happy and having a good time. I think most of you will enjoy this game. Try the trial, and find out what you think! Good luck!

Great improvement on Steve the Sheriff 1

The first Steve the Sheriff had far too many spot the difference minigames for me - didn't even finish the trial, but the second in the series is just really nice to look at and great fun. Never seen such long lists of objects to find, but most are fairly easy to find, just a few gave me a bit more challenge or needed a hint. I really like the investigation bits - bubbles containing objects to find appearing round Steve's head. Looking forward to Steve the Sheriff 3 if it's like this!

the best game ever


Cute characaters, nice break from more intense HOGs....

Steve the Sheriff 2 is a nice change from the more challenging IHOGs I've been playing. I'm newb to hidden-object games and I'm finding some of them hard and a little difficult at times to get to the next level. So this one is a nice break, giving more relaxed play, while still offering me a little challenge here-and-there. The characters are cute and the graphics are great IMO. Hidden objects are fairly easy to find, but I've had to use hints on a few and I like the way you can hover over an object clue and the magnifying glass will show you the shape of what you're looking for, which has been very helpful a few times. I've read a few other reviews that say some of the dialogue bubbles between Steve and his family around the dinner table are irritating, but I just click through them fast, so it didn't bother me. The story line is a little silly, but he's a FISH, after all! If you're new to HOGs, this might be a good one to start out with before jumping on the larger, more challenging games and might be a good one for kids to play, but probably wouldn't be challenging enough or long enough play time for expert HOGgers.

Sit Down With a Slice of Pie and Steve the Sheriff

I have been playing this game for months. Literally. Every once in a while you need to kick back and goof off for a few minutes. This is the perfect game for that! I can't imagine trying to burn through this game. The jazzy music, the bad puns and the silly characters never failed to cheer me up, but a little goes a long way. But a week or so would go by and I would be back in Neptuneville, hunting for the Missing Thing! The hidden object scenes are actually pretty sophisticated. They are never repeated, contain little extras and always lead to a puzzle. Objects are fairly easy to locate with the exception of those last one or two items. Some items are small and the hint system recharges slowly so don't be lazy! Young or inexperienced players might actually find it a bit of a challenge. There is a politically incorrect cigar smoking theme in the game as well, so parents beware. The characters and dialogue are clever and silly as can be. So relax and have fun!

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