Strange Cases: The Tarot Card Mystery

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  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 800 Mhz
  • Memory : 256
  • DiretX : 7.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 120

Review for game Strange Cases: The Tarot Card Mystery

FBI Agent Claire Ellery has a knack for getting assigned strange cases. The latesta triple kidnapping in a small, unknown town. But what initially seems like an open and shut case soon unravels into something much more sinister. Follow the tarot cards left by an anonymous source and search mysterious hidden object scenes for clues to help Agent Ellery rescue the kidnapped girls and stop an evil ritual in this chilling puzzle adventure game.

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

Date release

August 8, 2009

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1507 points

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A Good Game Indeed!
September 4, 2012

Just got around to playing and I enjoyed game very much, Red, Green and Blue colored Tarot cards indicated items to be found which was a pleasant mix of words, silhouettes or fragmented objects to be played out in each HO scene. Uncomplicated. Very creative. Scenes were clear and mostly uncluttered which I appreciate. Purchased all three of the Strange Cases and have replayed them several times. If you are looking for a game that you haven't played yet, I would recommend giving this mystery a try. Enjoy! -Mama Mia-

Fun But Easy
January 29, 2012

This was a fun game with plenty of hidden object scenes, but overall, it was quite easy - I finished it in just a couple of hours. The game really leads you with obvious clues on what to do next. If you're looking for a quick game that you can blow through in an afternoon, this is a good one. The story scenes are a bit slow, but in general this is a fast play.

Fun game, but kinda short
January 29, 2013

I enjoyed playing this game. It did have a lot of hidden object scenes, but they were done in three ways - list of words, shapes, and finding pieces to make an object. I found the story and direction of game play to be interesting and held my attention. The puzzles were mostly easy, but a few were inventive. It is a short game, but it was definitely worth playing.

OK for Children and newbies to the genre.
November 15, 2013

This game is ok if you are new to the HO genre or want what is predominantly a HO game with occasional basic puzzles thrown in. The game whilst does have a story back-drop, it is not overly integrated into the game-play. Also the puzzles are stand-alone and are not integrated as in some more modern HOPA games, this then to me gives a kind of stilted overall gameplay and whilst is good for what it is, if you are used to more interactivity and adventure to your game-play then this may not be for you

Pretty Solid Hidden Object and Puzzle Game
July 6, 2013

Although it's not a tarot card game (which is what initially attracted me to it), the theme of the tarot is somewhat prevalent. You have to first find a tarot card before you can find your standard hidden objects. The graphics are neat, and (or is it "but") some of the objects are very hard to find. There doesn't seem to be a penalty for clicking a lot, though. One slight control issue I had is that when you find ANOTHER tarot card to find more objects, your mouse click won't work on the previous tarot card's requested objects. So be sure to select which card's objects you are seeking. The puzzles remind me of old Apple II games (not a complaint). Areas can get locked and unlocked, as the story progresses, although sometimes it's hard to know where to go. Overall, if you can't get enough of Hidden Object games, this one will keep you entertained while you play it.

June 22, 2013

Fun and entertaining except the length comes in at just under 3 hours playing very relaxed. Interesting story where 3 girls are missing, then rescued within 20 minutes of beginning the game. Too easy to be true ? right? Right, because the same 3 girls go missing again. It?s a mystery that the town to which you are sent searching for the girls isn?t on any map and can?t be located with GPS ? yet it has at least 3 police officers as well as a police boat. A further mystery when you discover a similar crime over 100 years ago, only 3 girls were dead and not rescued. Another mystery of who is leaving you tarot cards to help solve all the mysteries. Instead of a transportation map, you get pictures of locations on tabs for fast transport. You have to find tarot cards at each location; sometimes two or three. The tarot cards will have lists of HOs or fragments to find. Objects are large, but some are very well hidden. Good ratio of HOs to fragments. Puzzles are well varied and some were much more challenging than expected. Music tracks change periodically. You do get hints during the gameplay: for example, you find a key and your thought ?Didn?t I see some lockers in the warehouse?? pops up. So you know where to go next. That type of hand-holding didn?t really bother me, because there were a limited number of locations within a time frame to begin with. So you aren?t given a clue that would have left you stumped in a more complicated game. All issues resolved in ending, but didn't want to see game end when it did. Don?t recall whether I paid full-price/credit or got it on sale or with a free game punch. I don?t regret any of them because the game was engrossing, but if game length is important to you when paying full-price, wait until it goes on sale or you have a game punch to use.

Strange Cases Indeed
December 15, 2011

I purchased the Tarot Card and LightHouse Mystery games together in a dual pack by Big Fish. I'm glad they came this way and would like to see more games offered this way. I played the LightHouse game first and I have to say that it was somewhat better then the Tarot Card. The story was easy to follow in both, but you could relate more with the LightHouse game plot and it seemed like they advanced the game more. Both games seem to last about the same time and have similiar amount of mystery, mini-games, and hidden objects. There was audio voices that spoke to you in LightHouse, that Tarot Card didn't have. I prefer the audio storyline, than for me to read. LightHouse had a better ending, Tarot Card was alright, but I expected more. Maybe it's because I didn't want the game to end. LOL! I won't spoil the story, but you can tell by the Tarot Card title that it will have something related to this. Some people may take offense to the spiritual (evil) part of these games, so buyer you are now warned. I rated fun, quality, and challenge on the average-middle side because this game wasn't really a high-end HOG like I've seen, but it wasn't the lower end either, were all you do is hidden objects and super easy mini-games. For the advanced gamer this would probably be extremely easy for them. I personally felt it had some challenge, but the helps and tips throughout the game, and the option to skip the mini-games, makes it easier to finish. This has a nice relaxing mode to it, which is always nice. It doesn't keep score or any time. There's a pet-peeve of mine that I don't care for, which is the flashlight and/or dark scenes in a game. Both LightHouse and Tarot Card had a small amount of this in it. Otherwise, the rest of the scenes are well seen. One nice change up with the hidden objects in both of these games, are that they give you text words, shapes, and cut-up pieces to find. The audio is fine, giving you options, but it does get annoying with the same phone ringing in the background t

Strange Cases: The Tarot Card Mystery
November 16, 2011

A fun HOG for me. A good story with nice hidden object puzzles.

the tarot card mystery
November 24, 2011

it was a great game and it mad you think all the time

Too bad it's so short
February 5, 2012

I liked this game. The HOGs were good, some interactive. The story moved along. But I was 1/2 way through in 45 minutes. Same problem as the other game in this series. Wish this would have been a lot longer so I could have recommended it.

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