Strange Cases - The Lighthouse Mystery

  • Dark atmosphere
  • Exciting adventure
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  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
  • CPU : 800 Mhz
  • Memory : 256
  • DiretX : 8.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 197

Review for game Strange Cases - The Lighthouse Mystery

FBI Agent Claire Ellery's latest strange case has become personal. Tom, her former partner, has died under bizarre circumstances. As Agent Ellery delves deeper into the mystery of his death, she finds that Tom himself has laid a trail of clues for hera trail that leads her into a sinister web of corporate betrayal and the arcane. Follow the cards to solve this Strange Case and vindicate your partner's untimely demise in Strange Cases: The Lighthouse Mystery.

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

Date release

June 4, 2010

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2947 points

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October 17, 2012

I did like this game..visuals and sound was great..even though as most the music does get on the nerves a had plenty of challenges...HOS were really fun to play...loved the storyline and made you feel as if you really had to solve this case...I would recommend this game for all levels of play

Excellent, except for length
February 5, 2012

The story we've seen before. Agent dies under mysterious circumstances and partner must solve the mystery. I thought the graphics were quite good. The HOGs had a bit of a twist finding some by description and some by silhouette. Mini-games were few and far between and not that difficult. Voiceovers were OK, music got tiresome quickly. The only real problem I had was length. I finished 2 of 6 chapters in 45 minutes without hints. So even as an SE, don't think I'll buy.

For those who like mostly HOG scenes, this is a fun game
December 20, 2011

For those people looking for HOGs that are mostly hidden object and less adventure, this series is for you. I have played both the first one and this one, and the play is the same in both--mostly HO scenes. From that perspective, the game play is good, the story line interesting, and the voice-overs well done. The music was repetitive, but could be turned down. I tend to like more Adventure HOGs with much fewer hidden object scenes, so I got a little bored at times. So, to those people who get tired of HO scenes, this game and series is not for you.

Fun game with interesting plot
January 6, 2012

I like the HO scenes that required a bit more challenge, like finding pieces of something and finding silhouettes. Good game with cool plot.

Good entertaining
January 19, 2012

A game that holds attention and leaves you curious to solve the crime. Good but far from the best ! - Graphics are good - Voice over are pleasant - Sound is relaxing - Interesting story (murder or suicide?) - Plenty of HOS - good challenge (hint fills fast) - Several enjoyable mini games

Good hidden object challenge
June 11, 2012

This is mostly about hidden objects; you find tarot cards in various locations, often more than one & collect items from the cards. These are shown as word lists, shadow pictures or fragmented objects; some of the items are quite small or well hidden so these can be pretty challenging. There is no choice of gameplay but there is only the odd sparkle here & there. Occasionally there is a mini puzzle; pipes, circles of colour to match up, etc.; they are not the easiest I have played & I was challenged by some of them. There is a skip button available. You get a 45 second hint recharge & it is fine when hunting for objects but if you want a clue where to go next it is not so helpful & occasionally it is difficult to work out what to do next. There are voiceovers in the cut scenes but not in the main game, the music is not at all suspenseful which given the story I would have thought appropriate; instead it is bland & rather boring. The graphics are nice & crisp & the scenes well coloured. There is a slow load time between new areas but all in all this is a good H0 with a decent storyline.

Ok, but boring
November 12, 2012

I expected more of this game. The storyline is good. But otherwise: - There is only one game mode. - The graphics are ok. The objects in the HOS are sometimes hard to find. - The puzzles are boring. - There is no journal and no map. - The hint system is not always accurate, changing its mind when you move a little bit... The game is not very long. I needed 2 hours to finish.

Relaxing Game
December 14, 2011

I'm a fan of MCF, but thought I'd try something different. This had a descent storyline, and was enjoyable, but doesn't completely measure up to MCF's quality game play experience. I guess they spoiled me! If you like relax mode, easier puzzles that give a chance to skip and give clues, and more hidden objects than actual crime solving, this game is just that. Even though it does have a crime plot to it. I can see this game for a nice relaxing time for someone. It isn't high-pressured or difficult. I'm sure the advanced player could zip right through it rather quickly. This has good background sound effects, but can't say much for the music, since I turned it off, like I usually do. Does have a somewhat interesting ending, if you're into the story, more than the game itself. You do have the option of skipping the story, if you like. Also, nice graphics, better then some HOG games, but not like the higher quality ones, I've seen. I got this in a dual-pack Big Fish offered and glad I purchased it this way, instead of the full price. I'd recommend waiting to get this one at a discount. However, it was enjoyable while it lasted, which seemed to end rather quickly, too me.

trully a HOG
August 13, 2012

Pretty much HO game. I'm getting into the adventure games now with more of just HO. Not bad just I got bored looking for HO. Not much of a story.

Up for a challenge? Dis is da place!
March 18, 2013

I liked playing this game from 15 minutes into the trial. I had to ?cheat? a little at times since I got stuck. That IS a challenge and I love it! No easy HOG for me! I recommend this. Try it or buy it. It?s cool.

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