Strange Discoveries: Aurora Peak

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  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU : 600 Mhz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 755

Review for game Strange Discoveries: Aurora Peak

Uncover the secrets of a picturesque mountain resort in Strange Discoveries: Aurora Peak! The town of Aurora Peak was a wonderful place when you were growing up – the locals were friendly, and the mountain was peaceful and inviting. Things have changed since you were kid. When you come back to town years later, you see that an ominous cloud hangs over the mountain, and plants and animals in the area have started to… change. It seems to be natural phenomenon connected to some strange local crystals. But the devious plot you start to uncover could endanger the entire world! Discover the truth behind Aurora Peak’s deadly secret in this thrilling Hidden Object Adventure game!

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

Date release

August 12, 2013

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2720 points

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A beautiful game to play
August 11, 2013

This game had me from the moment I first started to play the demo. The graphics are beautiful with lots of color. The story is integrated into the game play nicely. The mini-games, for the most part, are fun and original. The HOS are varied and balanced well with game play. The only downside that I can find, so far, is the hint system. It doesn't work well: It's vague and if it directs you to leave the scene, then it needs to recharge. However, the map is totally integrated, and the game is easy enough that the hint system doesn't need to be involved. I've really enjoyed playing this game. I finished the demo at the end of chapter 2. Now I need to purchase this game because the last hour just flew by.

Beautiful Game
August 11, 2013

BASED ON DEMO ONLY: The game is slightly glitchy, but restarting it solved the problem, so I was able to continue. I will report that in the technical thread. The artwork is gorgeous. There is wide screen. Music is unobtrusive. The map is interactive. The HOS and puzzles don't seem to be stupendously difficult. The inventory bar can be locked open. Game play so far has been fairly linear. One thing I do NOT like is that while the hints work in and out of the HOS, when using hints outside of the HOS, you still have to wait for the refill. Most games do not require any refill time for hints outside of the HOS. A couple of things I noted that seemed a little silly: (1# You are told by the resort manager that you will find the scientist in the garden on the other side of the gate. So why couldn't you just open the gate or use a key that the manager would give you? Instead, you have a solution that you use on the gate in such a way that it is torn down by vines. #2) Why is the scientist so helpless? You would think she would know what has made the bear so angry and how to repair her own machine -- both of which are perfectly obvious to you and tasks that you perform while she stands helplessly by. If I'd been writing the script, I'd have given her some injury that prevented her from performing those tasks. Oh, well... just a couple of small irritations. Most games have them. I will get this one.

Beautiful Super Enjoyable Game!
August 13, 2013

Games like this one is why I am so impressed with Big Fish Games and chose Big Fish membership and Game Club! This game is full with all the things I enjoy in games. The music,really beautiful graphics, map, Hidden Objects, and all kinds of mini games that are VARIED! Many times I will buy a game for their type of mini games and with this game, I can enjoy many different kinds. This game is about a medium in difficulty which I find enjoyable and know I can play without frustration and quit playing. I think everyone will enjoy this one, I think it;s a winner!

August 11, 2013

Gorgeous graphics and skillfully-told storyline. Stuff starts happening right away and you find yourself in a mystery. Lots to do. Pleasant music and nicely-done voices. Did I say gorgeous graphics and locations and wonderful animations - especially liked the changing birds and flowers. Good ratio of HOS and puzzles. HOS are standard; wide variety of puzzles, not too difficult. Very good production values. An entertaining play.

Fun Change of Pace
September 7, 2013

I was very surprised I LOVED this game. I think the writers did an excellent job of playing out the plot. It had some fantastical elements that kept it interesting, but it had the feel good quality of being the "hero" and helping some of the people without a lot of overly dramatic dialogue. The artwork is good, the games were challenging enough, In spite of it not having spectacular artwork and music, I didn't want it to end. Goes to show that a story line can carry a game!

good game with great graphics
August 11, 2013

Now this one is a good well put together game. Looks more like an adventure game than HO game. I did not get too many HOS or puzzles but still was a good game. The graphics are crisp and beautiful scenery. Music is nice to listen to and has voice over. 3 modes of play. Has a map and hint button works good if needed. You do not get achievements or morphine's to find in the SE.. There are Flowers and birds to see and you have to find them. Really good storyline what is reveled at the beginning of the game.

I Liked It - Nice and Relaxing - Review Of Completed Game
August 11, 2013

STORY: You take on the role of a geologist and you get a call from your brother Alan to join him to investigate some of the odd mutated plants and animals along with some mysterious crystals at your grandfather's resort - Aurora Peak. CHAPTERS: 7 There is Widescreen (at least for me) There is Voice-over. 3 PLAY MODES: Easy, Medium, Hard. In Easy mode, the Hint button takes 60 seconds to recharge. In Medium mode, the Hint button takes 3 minutes to recharge. Skip is the same for charge up. Hint is also helpful outside of HOS as I tried it out during my demo time before I actually started playing the game. In Hard mode, sparkles and hints are disabled, and you cannot skip puzzles. There are black bar tips however. BOX: There is also a box at the bottom that will give you the stories of the different characters as you encounter them. MAP: This is transporter and shows where you are, where there is things to do and also shows areas with ? marks that haven't been discovered yet. HOS: A very nice variety here: Word list, silhouette, place items back into the scene and they are very interactive here. I thought these were really well done here. PUZZLES: I really didn't come across anything new: Rotate rings, get the bear out of the maze, making potions, etc. OVERALL IMPRESSION: I have played and purchased the CE. I thought this was a good game. The graphics for me were nicely done. I also liked the characters and voice overs though characters mouths don't move. I do think the story could of been more suspenseful. The main game here did come to a satisfactory conclusion and while I did enjoy the bonus chapter I didn't feel it was needed to complete the main game. I also wish all developers would do a custom mode and let the game player decide if they want sparkles, black bar tips, hint/skip fast charge up or have them disabled. Shouldn't see black bar tips and/or sparkles on the harder mode. Just give me a hint and skip and I'll decide if I need

Loved it!
October 20, 2013

Beautiful game. It seemed a little short to me, but was worth the money and I enjoyed playing it.

August 11, 2013

Your Grandpa founded a Resort called Aurora Peak, a beautiful place to share with the world. After his passing you and your brother have intentions of restoring Aurora Peak but strange glowing crystals are everywhere and the animals and plants have mutated, they have transformed into beautiful glowing cross species. Your brother Alan has sent for you a geologist now, and when you arrive you discover his helicopter has crashed and a man in a hazmat suit has dragged him away and placed him in a cage! If you love colorful crisp graphics you will go bonkers over this game because the flora and fauna are stunningly beautiful, with changing colors and trees that actually breathe. The hidden object scenes are varied between interactive list finds, putting existing inventory items back where they belong and finding the item that matches the silhouetted shape. I liked the mini games as well, especially the one where you had to click different vines surrounding a baby bear cub to release him to get to mama bear but some paths are blocked by stone and vines. I think you will agree this is a great SE and a game well worth the purchase, enjoy!

Visually Delightful!
August 11, 2013

BASED ON COMPLETED CE GAME FIRST IMPRESSIONS When I first reviewed the CE demo, I was bowled over by this game?s beauty and ingenuity. Having now completed the main game, I am less enthusiastic. The game is still beautiful, but the treatment of the story is superficial, the puzzles are pretty standard, and the game seemed awfully short, although I can?t give you a time. There just didn?t seem to be much substance to this one. SIGHTS & SOUNDS I do still love the scenery in this game more than anything else. It?s not that these are the best graphics around, they?re not. But they depict an overgrown jungle of such vibrancy and life, by including so much colour and animation in each scene, that it?s hard not to just sit and stare. The music is likewise superb, and the background noises are worth listening to on their own. WHAT?S HAPPENING Our brother has returned to our grandfather?s resort in Aurora Peak after many years? absence. But he finds the place changed in drastic and inexplicable ways. He thinks the changes have to do with the eruption of strange crystals in the area, and asks you, the geologist in the family, to come and investigate. In a nice twist on the usual, our helicopter is downed by a strange force (instead of the usual car). Then your brother disappears, and there is a scientist behaving mysteriously. MAKING PROGRESS Another plus with this game is the variety of HO scenes. There are interactive lists, multiples, silhouettes, misplaced items, and find-and-use (progressive) silhouettes. The puzzles were all pretty easy, some original, some familiar. The map is interactive jump map, you also have an objective list. Hint outside HOs is directional and quick to refill. But the gameplay is pretty obvious and I didn?t need it much. FAMOUS LAST WORDS So. Beautiful game, but superficial in its story and perhaps a bit too easy in its gameplay. Not that I don?t think it?s a good game, it?s just not a great game.

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