Stray Souls: Stolen Memories Collector's Edition

  • Shocking bonus chapter
  • High Definition wallpapers and concept art
  • 48 unique locations
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU : 1.6 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 663

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Guide a mother who pursues a terrifying apparition into a twisted reality to save her daughter. As you explore a strange town in which an evil clown has turned all of the residents into wooden dolls, you'll slowly peel back the layers of a disturbing story that reveals why the mother's husband has never spoken about his past! This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won't find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card! The Collector's Edition includes:

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

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July 7, 2013

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Ah.. love this!!
July 15, 2013

Finally, another game from Alawar! I have been waiting for one for so long. And I am glad it's the second of Stray Soul series. This game is as creepy as the first one, and probably a little bit more. Interface is the same, you have the doll to help you. There are many scenes going back and forth, but it is ok with the map, although it is not so detailed. But for a CE, there is no collectibles, no achievements and just the regular items that you could find in every CE. The game length itself is long, the strategy guide is not bad, but it is not interactive. If you want, you can also wait on the SE, because the bonus chapter doesn't really add much to the story, just flashback story as many CE games do. I rarely give less than 5 stars to any Alawar games, so I might be biased cos I love all their games, but if you are unsure, you can try the demo first.

Best bonus chapters
July 11, 2013

This is a true sequel to the first Stray Souls. That is more obvious in the bonus section but is sprinkled into the storyline all through the game. This series has the best bonus chapter concept that I have seen in any game. It is not at all necessary to understand the main part, vice versa actually, but it adds some really mind-boggling perspective to the whole.

July 6, 2013

I have always said that no other developer can do eerie, creepy and demented as well as this one! You know it's a good game when you are so engrossed in the story that you forget it's a demo and get surprised when it stops. After your husband goes missing, he tries to warn you in a static filled message through the television, and your daughter recognizes the surrounding area and the two of you end up in a dump of a hotel. As you are retracing your husbands steps a mysterious door appears out of nowhere and your daughter follows your husband through the door. Each scene has that creepy, abandoned vibe and those puppets are everywhere! There are only 2 modes of difficulty to play but you will get an interactive map and the hint system does a good job of telling you what to do. This is more of an adventure game with puzzles because the HOS are far and few between and they are only slightly interactive. The mini games aren't really new but they are fun and fairly easy to figure out such as exchanging the colored drinks inside martini drinks to match with the fruit, yellow with lemon, red with strawberry and so on. Throughout the game you will find puppet characters and a dollhouse that allows you to place the characters into the dollhouse revealing a small clue about the husbands childhood with each character. You will also come across pictures and even items used in other games by this developer such as a picture of a watertower and a calculator which I thought was kind of cool so see what else you find. Enjoy!

July 6, 2013

A great sequel to the first Stray Souls Dollhouse game and as soon as I saw it I played the demo for 30 mins. and it was a definite buy for me!! (was thrilled to see our little rag doll friend again, too!) You soon get a map but it's a pretty linear game so I didn't have to rely on it much at all. While this isn't the most challenging game I've ever played it was the most FUN I've had playing a game in quite a while. I enjoy adventure more than puzzles but for someone like me I had FUN playing the easier puzzles which meant I could get on with the adventure part of the game. I was, however, disappointed in the HO parts because they were pretty cluttered and only slightly interactive. I THOUGHT I was going to be playing more of the newer type HO where you had to find one thing to find the next but only had one of those. The bonus content was perfect for me because I don't care about morphing objects and playing with pets or growing plants or even achievments. The only achievments that matters to me is the bonus game itself (which was once again FUN) and I had an aha moment at the end of it. SO GLAD I got this CE game! Not the longest game I've ever played but maybe that's because I couldn't stop playing it and spent a really FUN morning enjoying myself. Did I mention this game was FUN?

Longed-For Sequel To Classic Horror HOPA, Dollhouse Story!
July 7, 2013

BASED ON DEMO And it is a GENUINE sequel. It not only contains the UNIQUE FEATURES of DOLLHOUSE STORY including the DOLLHOUSE, the VOODOO DOLL sidekick, and our NEMESIS, the EVIL CLOWN, but it is a CONTINUATION of the STORY. Again, you must confront the evil clown, tracking him into a surreal town peopled by wooden dolls. Best of all, that UNIQUELY CREEPY FEELING is here too, without it seeming like this is just a repetition of the previous game. Finding the character dolls and placing them in the dollhouse allows you to piece together the disturbing truth in your battle to save your husband and daughter. It is the story of the dollhouse that is the essence of the series? appeal I believe, so I?ll say no more about it, except that things are not always what they seem. I really like the INTRO, even though the CUT SCENES are a little rough. It has just the right balance of INFO vs. MYSTERY. The game GRAPHICS are BEAUTIFULLY DRAWN & IMAGINATIVE, there?s lots of COLOUR and MOVEMENT. MUSIC is appropriate, and the VOICEOVERS are REALLY GOOD. HO SCENES are CLEAR, COLOURFUL & well designed. The type is INTERACTIVE LIST & there is also at least one MULTIPLES OF, as well as almost-HOS like SPOT THE DIFFERENCE. There aren?t too many PUZZLES, but they are UNIQUE and INTERESTING and include PUZZLE BOARDS (according to the SCREEN SHOTS). The ACTION is INVENTORY-DRIVEN, by which I mean, we are mostly finding an item, using it to get another, and so on to progress in the game. This component is a BIT TRICKY, but there is our helpful VOODOO friend who can clarify things (HINT), and we have an INTERACTIVE JUMP MAP that shows ACTIVE AREAS. The BONUS CONTENT is the STANDARD GALLERY ITEMS, BONUS CHAPTER & STRATEGY GUIDE. An annoying thing about the demo is that we weren?t given even a glimpse of that material. Some may be a bit disappointed with the lack of ?bling?, but this game packs such a punch I don?t think it?s necessary to add extras. Those of you who have not pl

Looking for your husband and DD, you end up in a creepy world !
July 6, 2013

Played the whole demo !! (very seldom for me), casual - 2 modes, casual, expert - Integrated SG which shows 14 chapters and 4 in the extra play !! Only pictures in the SG, which I don't fancy too much.... - Voice overs - Notebook - Shortly after starting the game you get an interactive map that goes in your notebook - You get back, after a little while, the voodoo doll hint (crush), no voice over for it, rather a shame - You get a doll house, as in the other game, you add figurines in and get to know more about the hero's story - H0, regular interactive ones, or you have to drag objects to find an item, or you have to find 12 of the same items...not too easy for these, items are small and background is dark - Good, not over difficult mini games - Hint refills quickly and is useful outside H0 (takes 2 minutes in expert mode) - Skip button fills quickly too (casual) - Good graphics You're looking, with your daughter, for your disappeared husband. You end up in a creepy motel, your DH runs away with your DD and you then travel in a creepy world, full of scary puppets and clowns. Lots of actions to perform, a good game, a little too dark color wise but may be it can be adjusted, didn't check. A buy for me, especially with the sale :P

Not the first game, but a surprisingly satisfying sequel.
July 8, 2013

I purchased right away, knowing through the demo that it was a little different that the original. This was fine, but I actually found the first one having a few better qualities. Either way, it still stood tall, higher than many games I've seen. The doll is back again! This time his looks have changed slightly, and he looks a bit cuter, so I am pleased with that. Later on they mention his name, it's a small footnote and not part of the story so not even a spoiler, which is 'Teddy'. The storyline, without spoiling, is about you playing a Mother, Rose, who is following after her husband and daughter who have been taken into the other realm of 'Stray Souls', trying to save them both. The storyline can be played alone, but to really understand you must play the first game beforehand. It is actually a good concept, the voice acting is shaky at some times, but relatively good as well. The puzzles weren't too hard, even on expert, maybe it was just me though. I loved the scenery and music, that same cryptic overtone that still stays whimsical, and I liked that it continued the story. The extra chapter is a prologue. Not needed to understand the story, but interesting as well. In the end, I like the original better, but this one stood as a good sequel, and I do not regret the purchase. :)

Pretty much like the first one and just as good
July 6, 2013

This game is set up like there other game with a doll house that you have to find figures to put in that tells the story as you go. The game play is pretty straight forward but you do get a map after a short time to use. The HOS are not as many but are good and some are interactive. 2 modes of play. The puzzles are good but you have seen some before. Has voice over. Hint button works fast and does help you out if you need it. Has 14 chapters. I would say that you may want to wait and play the SE because this one has no collectables or morphine. It is really pretty much on the same set up as stray story's. The graphics are music are really good.

July 6, 2013

Spooky story - Love it! Don't even want to miss any part of the cutscenes, it's so cool! There are 14 chapters plus FOUR bonus chapters. That alone is worth the CE price - and BF is having a sale now. Voice overs are very pleasant and natural sounding. Map shows where actions are needed and where there is nothing to do which I like. The visual artwork is incredibly stunning. Extraordinary production values. Really liked the first game and this promises to be as good. The only thing I wasn't over-the-top about was the guide - I've seen better. OFF TO BUY!

The clown is back
July 9, 2013

This is one of those games that can creep me out from time to time. I really enjoyed the first stray souls game and this one did not dissapoint. It was not overly difficult, and fairly easy to figure out, really had no need for the SG, the extras are just ok, you could have as much fun with the regular version, as the story is complete without the bonus chapter. The hint is very helpful in and out of HO scences all HO scenes are interactive as well. For the more experienced players this game may be too easy but for me it was perfect. Loved it.

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