Suburban Mysteries: The Labyrinth of the Past

  • Solve the mystery before it's too late
  • Fantastic live action video
  • Hundreds of hidden objects to discover
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
  • CPU : 1.6 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 942

Review for game Suburban Mysteries: The Labyrinth of the Past

Follow the kidnapper's clues, and bring Sarah's brother back to safety in Suburban Mysteries: The Labyrinth of the Past! When arriving at her aunt's house, Sarah discovers a strange and disturbing letter. After discerning that her brother's life is in danger, she must embark on a journey taking her back through her own past if she is to see her brother again.

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Genre : Hidden Object

Spot hidden objects and solve puzzles and mysteries in lush, eye-catching scenes.

Date release

August 12, 2012

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2787 points

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A worthy adventurefest...
August 11, 2012

Based on FULL game: A compelling adventure, better than many CEs IMO, took @ 7 hrs straight (hardcore), no handholding, yay! Some very nice puzzles. Rather a lot of straight hos but made fun by added challenge that, on hardcore anyhow, we must pay attention to what we see since we'll later need some extra items *never on the list*. Loved that. Hos are pretty too. Devs cared to make like setups we might find in real life (vs junkpiles full of nonsense items). Besides terrific graphics, there's something more mature-feeling or realistic in how this story's been written & in our tasks. Adored the underground labs, crawling through ducts, etc. Heroine says some ninny-ish things yet she's gutsy & smart. Using tools to repair equipment & playacting an engineer to tinker my way past obstacles in ways the devs strived to make semi-realistic was such fun! Some scenes have live actor yet primarily storyboard comics advance the plot. A far cheaper method than cutscenes, so instead devs pumped extra effort & love into delivering a solid story & especially good game *design*: contextual puzzles & some nice twists; eerie atmosphere; exciting adventuring; good voice & sound. I'd trade fancy cutscenes for this kind of immersive quality & challenge any day! Some might be upset there's no map, never mind transport; but I prefer walking & not much backtracking is necessary anyhow. Plot comes to a sensible conclusion with a nice wrap-up. Overall, game's a blast to play. Plus, hardcore mode is hard but fun-hard, made me think! A great way to spend my Saturday; I hope this dev has more games in production.

Awesome Game fantastic thriller mystery
August 11, 2012

I bought the game within 2 minutes of the demo,I stopped the game to purchase it, this is how much I recognize a great game when I see it. The voice overs and acting is very well done. The graphics are beautiful. The storyline compelling to solve it and be the heroine. My favorite part is the villain taunting her. The hidden object screens are beautifully done with interactivity not just a static screen. There are no dark areas you have to worry about. The hints and skip charge up very fast . If I had one small complaint it would be please Dev less hidden object screens it breaks up the storyline. The music is boring but I still give it 5 stars and look forward to the next game from this Game Developer and designer. Highly recommend the game. The game is easy to download and install. No tech problems with glitches so it proves it is possible to release a game without glitches.

Creepy game but in a great way. Grade B+
August 20, 2012

So my review is based on 45 minutes of play and I do have to say that this is one of the creepiest games i've ever played. I must admit that the use of live actors and then switching to animated is quite odd but I find the game to be very good. It's not the best graphics but it may be the best voice overs though. Good music and bizzare sound effects as well as images,make it really creepy.Yes I did stop to buy it and am now writing my review as I want to get right back into the game. Try it for yourself.For me it's money well spent. Chilling,creepy,spooky,and look over your shoulder kind of game.

Excellent Fun and Fluid Gameplay Equals 5 STARS!!!
August 12, 2012

Wow! Game deserves more than a few stars! Personal preference is irrelevant in reviewing and not all games are alike, thank goodness!! However, I am a stickler for accurate spelling and proper use of the English language and cringe at errors! How difficult is it to edit for these types of mistakes--even one tiny error? I am certainly available to Beta Test for BFG Games!! ^_^ GAME MERITS -Every scene is crisp and rich with clarity, definition and color. Suburban Mysteries proves that games don't have to be dark and dreary to portray a real sense of foreboding and pending doom. -Hidden object scenes are appropriate. Items gathered are used quickly and, therefore, no map is needed. Gamer moves rapidly with no open-range wandering. -Plot develops. Gamer is kept interested and taken through many doors, scenes and experiences. -Finally no magnifying glass, squinting or adjusting needed. -Cut-scenes switch to cartoons that help further the plot more extensively--very cool. -HO scenes stay accessible as needed objects can still be picked up after completing the hidden object scenes--something different. I don't believe Developers should be criticized for thinking outside the box and, ultimately, designing and creating a terrific game in light of and in spite of all the heavy-hitter competition. JOB WELL DONE!! Enjoy! -Mama Mia- WELCOME TO BIG FISH GAMES!!

Fantastic SE!!!
August 18, 2012

I can't understand the bad ratings for this game. Normally by the time I get to the end of a game I am ready for it to end and move on to something new. This one I could have kept right on playing. Enjoyed it completely. Better than many CE's I've played! Well worth the money!

Great Game
August 12, 2012

Well this game kept me thinking all the time witch i like

GREAT GAME! Mystery is why the low ratings....
August 12, 2012

Check it out for yourself.... I'm off to buy this game.... very absorbing and great creative design. Yay ~ good job devs.

Great game, very challenging
August 21, 2012

You have to rescue your kidnapped family from a madman, who turns out to be someone you know. Great graphics. VOS were cartoonish, but effective. Eerie music and sounds reminded me of Ravenhearst. HOS junky and difficult, and didnt close, but usually found something more if you cursored over the screen. Good hint button, had to use it a lot. A lot of seek and find with few sparkles on casual mode. Puzzles hard, had to skip a few. Not a real long game, about 4 hours on casual mode. No walkthrough, but the forum helped on parts I was really stuck on. Not really a cliffhanger at the end, but some questions left to be answered that, hopefully, will be addressed in a sequel.

Just perfect
August 14, 2012

I'm loving this game!!! For those of us who adore a good old fashoined HOG, this is it. The intermediate level is perfect for me ( as I'm a little slow ), beautifully done & a very smooth play. Hope they come out with more of the same very soon.

August 11, 2012

i LIKED THE GAME AND ENJOYED THE EASY GOING FLOW OF THE GAME. I AM NOT TO MUCH AT LIKING REAL PEOPLE BODIES IN GAMES. I LOVED THE PORCUPINE SO REAL LIFE LIKE!!! I thought a good job was done on the graphics, sound, story, and tool set up. I give out gift certicates with a suggestion to new users, kids, seniors, etc; to chose this game so they will feel inspired and good about their playing and meeting the challenge. I don't think that every game I play should be a "knock down, drag out fight to the end". I love the entainment of this game it shows me i have indeed accomplished and grown in playing the BFG games. It WAS fun!! KUDOS FOR A GAME OF GENTLE ATTACK. I LIKED IT> SO I GIFTED IT TO MY SENIOR FRIEND...yeaH!!! GO GET IM. :) The name was a bit tricky with everyone having a different opinion of how it should be spelled. ha ha Made it a little hard to search.Could not find it on my other computer BFG Game Site. I am on my way to finishing this game and kind of " hung out among the little animals " as i went a long my way through the play. :)

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