The Beast of Lycan Isle

  • Incredible Hidden Object scenes
  • Challenging Puzzles
  • Gorgeous Graphics
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Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 898

Review for game The Beast of Lycan Isle

Luna has been summoned by Tara, her best friend, to an ancient village on a remote island. Tara needs Luna's expertise on a newly unearthed artifact that might prove the existence of the legendary cult of the Madra Alta or Wolf Man. But when she arrives the locals are acting very strangely, her friend has disappeared, and terrible clues reveal a situation beyond her worst nightmare. She must rely on her fearless wit and trusted allies to find her friend. She must dig deep into the instincts and courage of her own inner animal to defeat the Wolf King himself.

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

Date release

December 27, 2012

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3391 points

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?Beastly? hidden object but fantastic adventure!
May 12, 2014

Sorry to see so many negative reviews on this one. Unfortunately, I think this would have a higher rating if it was categorized as an adventure rather than a hidden object. Games listed as ?hidden object? that do not have traditional hidden object scenes or very few of them are a misnomer in my book. This one truly is an adventure! The scenes are intriguing with the lighting effects and I especially enjoyed just traipsing around even if there was little if anything to do in a scene. It was only a little confusing toward the end trying to find how to get to one location. It was a pleasant change from Break the Curse: Crimson Gems which I found tedious and time-consuming with puzzles that I hated and long SKIP recharge times (another one that is mislabeled as a HOG that should be a puzzle). Although many seasoned players found the glowing inventory items ?too helpful?, I thought it was a great idea and enjoyed the change from traditional inventory usage. As I get older I think I am gravitating toward games that are just enjoyable that I can relax playing rather than challenging. I want an intriguing story, great graphics and interesting special effects. I think Beast of Lycan Isle fits the bill for me. I found it an unusual game to say the least and would love to find more like it. But as always, try the demo and judge for yourself!

Am loving it!
December 27, 2012

Lycan Beast is so much more than a Beauty who's out to defeat the Beast! :) I almost didn't download this because of the several negative reviews. Boy, am I glad I played the demo because I love it! It may not be to everyone's taste but I'm all for Devs. who try new approaches to the same 'ol stuff. Whoever came up w/ the sketches and background scenes did a brilliant job of capturing imaginary worlds and giving a twist to a familiar storyline. Please know I'm not an avid player, so excuse the lack of techie terms and/or lack of reference to any past games (in case this game has been re-hashed). I only read reviews to find out about maps, how hints work, etc, because I have a cap on bandwidth usage and not that much time to download and try. I bought it (using a PCC) after 15 mins of demo (casual mode) because of: - Intuitive game play - HInt tells you what/where to do/go next. Recharges quickly but I've not used it since I got the hang of how to play. - Brilliant graphics even if on the darker (night time) side - Movement through game is easy even without an interactive map (it shows areas as "Quest" = tasks remaining). - No screwdrivers, saws, crowbars, magnets kind of inventory. Sure, some elements are familiar but in a diff. way. - Inventory is never overloaded - Puzzles are not mind-benders - That feeling of exploring diff. worlds/paths that's nothing like the real one (no city streets, typ. homes, etc) - A sense of humour...just LOVE the old lady's character! Brina - lol...salty 'ol lass w/ sass, eh? - Story kept my attention w/ a sense of mystery...not at all predictable. - Graphics sort of remind me of the Drawn series (magical world even though the theme draws from real characters + elements) - Travel back and forth from areas isn't too much + I liked that I could see the scenes in detail on my way back - It's easy to start playing where I left off even after a few days (this is how I tend to play; rarely

an interesting adventure game and not an HO game
March 7, 2013

hints/skips charge kind of slow. the hints charge faster than the skips. the games are interesting. i played casual, no sound. the graphics were really good. you are trying to rescue your friend that has been captured by a wolf for a ritual and you are trying to hunt them down before it can take place. the last scene......sequel?????

Brilliant game!
January 21, 2013

This game was wonderful . State of the art graphics in my opinion and the cut scenes were AWESOME!! Loved the fantasy style story-line. Very atmospheric and BRILLIANT to play, good music and sound effects,worth every penny. LOVED IT!!!!!

Brilliant Point & Click Adventure
December 26, 2012

Brilliant Point & Click Adventure. For those who are expecting a HOG game let me say this game is a pure point & click adventure. I played the full hour and being a gripping game, the hour disappeared. I cannot wait to buy it to finish the game. I played in Expert Mode and still found it easy. Storyline is not unique, but a good story nonetheless. You have a Journal and a Map (Map in no transporter). Voiceover is good and clear. Graphics are slightly dark (being night time, but should be lighter in daytime). There is a Hint button, but I have not used it so I don't know how quickly it refills in expert mode. There is no penalty for rapid clicking, you have to click on everything and everyone to find what you need, but like I said, there is plenty of help. Please give the game a try before you review. I recommend this game.

Fun and Different
December 26, 2012

Instead of a traditional scene and list of objects to find, the objects are a part of the story line. This game is more immersive than most HO games. You have to pay attention to the story and your environment to determine what to do. I think it's fun!

Loved this different game!
April 6, 2014

Not your typical game. You are guided thru the game by a character and directed on what your tasks are. I liked this different take on a game and also its story line.

The visuals alone are worth it
August 10, 2013

Breathtaking visuals, reminiscent of "Empress of the Deep" and very much in the mood. Woderful charatrization of Brinna, the werewolf fighter. Linear narrative, where you do not explore an aread until you are done with the previouls ones. Puzzles challenging but not frustratingly so. Another winner for this developer.

Very Artistic and Creative Game
December 30, 2012

I liked the game when I did the trial and made a note to get it. I got it and played the whole game. I really enjoyed the beautiful art work in the various scenes throughout the game. There was also a great deal of variety - I am sure I will play it many times.

Way Different Than Other Games & Totally Awesome!
December 26, 2012

Purchased and played the CE and definitely wanted to leave a high rated review. The Beast of Lycan Isle is a step in a new direction mixing present day with old folklore with science fiction---and done with excellence. Puzzles are fun and not mind-bending so you can get on with the task of finding Luna's friend in a very strange land--Lycan isle!! Colorful, crisp, intriguing, you explore Lycan Isle with the help of a map that I referred to time and again while exploring the island. Everything I like in a game is here as well as a game fun enough to replay! Enjoy! -Mama Mia-

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