The Chronicles of Emerland Solitaire

  • Stunning graphics
  • Mixture of solitaire and hidden objects
  • Fascinating story
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 194

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Defeat the forces of darkness and defend Emerland in The Chronicles of Emerland Solitaire. When deciding to learn card magic at an old wizard’s school, you couldn’t have imagined that fate had chosen you as the savior of the world. When Emerland is threatened by the evil sorcerer, Sat, you must unite the races of Elves, Humans, Dwarves and Mermaids. Only together can you challenge him!

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Genre : Card & Board

Enjoy familiar favorites like solitaire, bingo, poker, dominos, and game shows.

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September 15, 2012

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An Adventure-Card Game! What Fun!
September 15, 2012

The Chronicles of Emerland Solitaire (Card/Adventure) Where to start? There's so much to say! I guess I'll begin with the basics. This game is made by the people who brought us Tropical Fish Shop 1&2, Garden Rescue, and Odysseus: Long Way Home. Options include sliders for music and sound effects, full screen, wide screen, custom cursor, and tips. You can turn on/off the tips at any time via the options menu. You have two difficulty settings to choose from, relaxed or challenging. You can't change this one ;) FYI, I chose the challenging setting, and my review will be based upon this setting. The graphics are gorgeous, and we have full voice-overs during the adventure portions (did I say adventure? hohoho *grin* I'll come back to that). The music is just as beautiful as the graphics -- very pretty, very soothing. I have to say that the antagonist is a bit overdone, but I can forgive them that~ haha So, the game is categorized as being a card game with hidden objects, but that's not terribly accurate, which is why I'm calling it a card-adventure. We have an actual plot with this, and goals that we have to fulfill. The hidden object portions are things like "find 10 agarics" (red mushrooms with white spots, by the way) or light 10 lanterns, always continuing the plot. Rest assured, if you have trouble finding things (some are hidden behind other items), there is a refillable hint... and if you can't stand finding the hidden items, you can SKIP those scenes! :D For those familiar with Faerie Solitaire and Fairway Solitaire, this has the same play-style. For those not familiar, cards are played in number runs. You have a base pile at the bottom of the screen that you work off of, and you place cards on it consecutively one higher or one lower than is shown. For instance, if you have a 10, you can play a 9 or a Jack on it. Longer runs get you higher points, and points = experience. Like a role-playing game, experience makes you go up levels. Every level you gain earns you ne

Best Solitaire Game I've Played on Big Fish Games
September 14, 2012

I have played a few Solitaire games on Big Fish Games I enjoy playing but this is by far the best. The graphics are beautiful, the music is nice (I rarely let music in games play.)and the gameplay is a little different from the norm. I like the way the card games and hidden object games are integrated right into the story line. I also like that levels can be replayed without penalty and the game is not timed in casual mode. I am normally pretty good at getting perfect scores but they are not so easy to come by in this game. I guess I have to buy things at the store to help me out. The story was engaging enough for me but the total package is a joy to play. I was not planning to buy anything today but I was so enthralled with this game I bought it at the end of the trial without hesitation. Excellent game.

Good hidden object/solitaire game
September 14, 2012

The graphics are pretty. The items you can purchase are interesting and the story line is good. For a fun relaxing time but this game.

September 14, 2012

This is just a great game worth .....your money or credit and a wonderful way to spend your time playing.. The game has alot to offer you.. wonderful fits the game..give it a it smiles to all

I love this magical game!
September 14, 2012

I only played part of the demo before I bought this game, as I was impressed, and I love solitaire games. So far, I love it! It has a magic theme, which is nice, with pleasant graphics and music. There are coins to find, some under the cards, and things in a shop to purchase with the coins to help you with the solitaire levels. You advance in levels as you play. I was hoping for a new, interesting solitaire game, was happy to find this one. :)

September 14, 2012

I recently got addicted to Solitaire card games with Fairview and I have to say that this game is just as brilliant and some. The graphics are stunning as are the voice overs. You have 2 modes of gameplay: relaxed or timed. The storyline is enchantic and it emmerses you into an adventure where you must save defend your Kindom from an evil Sorcerer. You begin your adventure as an apprentice and first go through a tutorial. Game features include a fast pace Solitair game with high or low cards, many bonuses and wild cards, coins to collect so that you can puchase extra bonuses and power-ups from the store and for extra fun, you hace HO scenes where you need to collect items. The best thing is that you can replay each game as you go along in order to get higher scores. At times the dialogues can ramble but you do have the option to skip. This game is beautifully designed and easy to learn. There is also a guide on the upper left corner to give you tips. I highly recommend this game for fanatics as well as for those who have never played Solitaire. A great way to learn and pass the time on nights when sleep does not come so easily. Be warned, it is highly addictive. Kudos to the developers.

One of the best Solitaire games !!
September 14, 2012

Hello, everyone... What a super game!! I love Solitaire games, and in particular this one, which is of the *One higher, one lower* variety. There is a choice of a Relaxed and not Relaxed mode. I assume the latter comes with a timer. There is a widescreen option, which doesn't work for everyone. There is voice-over. There is a choice of custom and system cursor. Thank you, devs. There are HOS #hidden object scenes#. So far I have only come across the *find 10 of these and 11 of that* variety. Love those. Graphics are great, and the cards look beautiful. No wonder the file of this game is so much larger than your average Solitaire game: animation, graphics, voices... it all adds up. You will have to go through the tutorial - that is your first round. What I like about this game is that you can replay every level to get a higher score #having less cards left at the end of a level#. After the tutorial, it gets quite difficult. Not only do you have to get through each level with as few cards as possible, but you need to collect stuff that is hidden behind the last cards. If you want to replay a level and have already found some of the items, they will stay with you - you won't lose them by replaying a level. There is a Shop in which you can buy stuff that helps you with your card games. There are also lots of Achievements to win. Think "Fairway" but far more interesting. As you can see from my enthusiastic way of describing this game, it's a buy for me.

Pleasant and relaxing magical theme
September 14, 2012

Cut-scenes, voice-overs, a kindly wizard, an evil villain, set in an enchanted forest, this reworking of solitaire is more than just a card game. - 2 difficulty modes - store for upgrades - voice-acted cut-scenes - story progression and mini-games - magical theme is beautifully presented - pleasant music (I did turn it down after a while) - tutorial windows are not skippable but kept simple - hint and tips pop-ups can be disabled It's a lovely rendition of solitaire (the kind where you play down to a central pile, not up) with mini-games and a fairytale story. If the theme appeals, you will probably enjoy this. Cards are clear and easy to distinguish. The game looks stretched on widescreen but not too bad. Disclaimer: I demo all the solitaire games but have never purchased one. This is probably the nicest one I've tried.

September 14, 2012

I LOVE this solitaire game!! There are two levels of play and if you are like me and enjoy the odd game of solitaire you will choose the relaxed mode, as I did. You are in a magical land where you are required to assist an old wizard in defeating evil...naturally, but there is a lot to this have the standard up and down card play interspersed with absolutely beautiful artwork and charming music. Between levels you have to assist the wizard with locating some things like flowers and so forth..this part is very simple and relaxing..I even like the VOs cute! There is an increased score for having longer combos and there is money under each top column card. Sometimes you will find useful items under the top cards. You can buy items to increase your skills and experience, etc. Also, you are supposedly going to meet companions along the way who will have skills of their own and who will assist you. I did not get that far yet, as the demo time was up, but I am definitely buying this one, so I will eventually find out. There is also a book in the upper right corner which explains in detail all the extras. This is absolutely my favorite kind of solitaire game and I heartily recommend this one!!

This is my new favorite takes the place of Solitaire Kingdom quest
September 15, 2012

I bought this game before 15 minutes into the demo. It is not a quiet boring solitaire game. I love the voices in the game, and interesting find the hidden objects no more boring lists! I love the animation of it like when we restore a bridge and under the cards the materials are found. The graphics are beautifully done and characters are fun to listen too. I enjoy buying the amulets at the stores and the unique way to get upgrades. I am looking forward to more Solitaire games of this type. Thanks BFG for offering this it is my new favorite I will be playing daily I have beaten all the Kingdom Solitaire quests so I needed a new solitaire game while I wait for another Kingdom Solitaire Quest. I have bought all card games released from BFG. I love the ability to replay a level for a perfect score. I play this in the no stress zone casual play and am really enjoying it. If you love to play a solitaire game that is not boring has a story line with voices for the characters try demo and see why we are giving it 5 stars. Please game developer I look forward to your next solitaire game as a sequel.

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