The Clumsys

  • Travel back in history
  • 100 time-defying levels
  • Collect the missing kids
Min System request
  • OS : Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 800 Mhz
  • Memory : 256
  • DiretX : 7.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 96

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Grandpa is your modern day "Back to the Future" inventor with his top-secret time machine. His mischevious grandson Tim and his friends have decided to test Grandpa Albert`s invention. Travel back in time and help the family collect their missing kids using a Gadget Assembly Screen. Pinpoint out-of-place objects (like a gamepad and joystick) in each historical location such as the Beaches of Troy in 1275 BC. The Clumsys may not be coordinated, but they're determined to have family bonding time in this Hidden Object voyage.

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

Date release

June 1, 2008

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629 points

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Heaps to do in different time zones
October 26, 2013

This is a different kind of HO and Adventure game. You move from different time zones and have numerous tasks to complete in each time zone. If you enjoy one HO scene after another you might enjoy this one. Be warned you need to go back over and over to the same location for different tasks : The first task is to look for look for objects that do not belong in that time zone (i.e. Electric guitar during the Trojan horse era) The number of items you need to find are given in the top left hand corner. Second visit: you need to find HO and put back the items where it used to be during your first visit. A good memory would serve you well here. Third visit: another task is looking for set number of items (ie. four wheels) Then and only then do you move to a different location. If you do not like going to repetitive locations this might get boring. You also look for parts of the time machine that you need to reassemble. Also need to look for the missing kids lost in different time zones. Heaps to do in one time zone and there are lots of time zones. So this could be one long game. I do not like going back to the same location several times so this is a no buy for me. Another negative factor is that some items are too small and difficult to find. I played 30 minutes but that was all my poor eyes could stand. I kept squinting and for that reason the game got tedious. Heaps to do and explore and lots of HOS. If you enjoy a challenge give this a go.

I like this!
May 21, 2013

If you want a mindless HO game, don't get this one. This game requires some attention to detail. This helps with my memory/spatial brain, which makes a fun way to exercise the mind...not much of a storyline, but for a straightforward HO game with a couple of interesting twists, I recommend it heartily..certainly worth spending a freebie or while it is on sale...

October 22, 2013

A cute game. Kids would enjoy playing it. I myself don't love the grandfather's voice (although it is okay), but I think kids would like it - it has a sort of eccentric grandfatherly tone used when amusing the young'uns. There is a lot of attention to detail in creating the objects and the color palette is very nice - bright and charming. Objects are not too difficult to find and you have 4 choices of help should you have problems finding that last object or two. I'm torn between 3 and 4 stars. For me, I would give it 3 stars but that might be unfair as kids would more likely rate it 4 stars. It is entertaining and you can learn a little history along with playing. So I'll give it 4 stars. I would buy it as a DD for myself (I have the butterfly effect, which is very similar).

Lighthearted storyline with bright, clear graphics
May 21, 2012

This is my favorite HO game of all time, I think. I get depressed with the dark, sinister story lines with distracting text conversations taking too long to read when I would rather be playing, and game play that is so difficult that my brain feels twisted into a knot. "The Clumsys" has a light tone, with cute story and bright, clear graphics, and is challenging enough to hold my interest without frustrating me to the point of throwing my computer out the window. Games should be FUN and this one is!

This game made me all stabby
January 3, 2012

I bought this because several people mentioned it was funny. I did not find it funny, I found it boring and repetitive. If you want funny try Vampireville or anything by that developer or the MCF games. If, on the other hand, you wish to get all stabby then by all means get this game.

Would if I could
May 4, 2013

I found this game far too challenging for me. I understood the storyline but the instructions to "find the items that don't belong" were a big too vague. I have played another game similar to this - don't know if I'm allowed to give the name even though it's a bigfish game, and had a blast. The settings were too dark and I could barely find anything. Once I did though, putting the machines together was a breeze. Still, it gives the impression of cutesieness and fun but is actually rather difficult. Not for me.

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