The Return of Monte Cristo

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Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 800 Mhz
  • Memory : 256
  • DiretX : 7.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 52

Review for game The Return of Monte Cristo

The romantic hero Edmond Dantes is on a quest to discover Mercedes' killer, and bring them to justice, in The Return of Monte Cristo, a beautiful Hidden Object game! Explore gorgeous scenes as you piece together valuable clues and solve the murder of Dantes' beloved. Travel to Paris while figuring out perplexing puzzles and experiencing an immersive plot, in this sequel to Alexander Dumas' classic tale.

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

Date release

November 6, 2009

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2988 points

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As bad as it can get
November 22, 2011

Graphics are poor and pixelated, so it's difficult to recognize the items that you're supposed to find. The shapes are not well defined at all. Also too much recycling of the same search scenes. The story disjointed and uninteresting. Does a serious injustice to the original Count of Monte Cristo story.

Just not fun
August 8, 2012

The reviews tell the story. Just not fun. Too many good games out there to play.

Little blurr. Hiden object
November 10, 2011

To hard to see the object. Takes to long to find.

Not a deal
November 29, 2011

as previously read, the GRAPHICS ARE SMALL, and this game leave lots to be desired. But for a daily special game for the price of 2.99 it was worth it. But, I feel sorry, if someone paid FULL PRICE FOR THIS GAME.

July 16, 2012

Based on entire game. The best thing about straight HOGs is that you can leave the game for several days and very easily pick up right where you left off without losing a beat. Moderate length if you're under 40. Music: I?d rather listen to a funeral march. Sound effects: There were some weird noises going on. Graphics: Good ? what you?d expect. Storyline: OK, as long as you completely dismiss the fact that the story is supposedly taking place in 1854, but the Count is only now investigating the 1814 death of his fiancee. The gendarme (French police) is still around and still recalls details of the murder and some obscure details, which should have helped solve the case in 1814. (Seems our gendarme, the villians and hero have to be near 60 years old ? did many people live that long in the early 1800s?) And you have to open all new locations, including closets, with a key. HOS: One after another. Some objects hard to see when in a dull shaded area, but the silhouette of objects, including the direction they are facing, helps a lot. The HOS is usually a normal, albeit untidy, room; but there are more moderately crowded searches like a closet and coffin. No inventory to maintain. Repeat same HOS with no movement of objects. Not much found in the HOS helped solve the mystery. Puzzles: Many and no repetition. Found them a pleasurable break from the HOS, raising the fun factor. Not very difficult. Instructions provided. Ending: There was closure, but really??? Recommended for straight HOG lovers who still have great eyesight or who have a very large magnifying glass which I have and used. Game could have used a built-in magnifier.

Repetitive and dull
December 6, 2011

It has nice graphics, this is the only redeeming feature in this game. Sadly the game itself is repetitive and very easy. The hidden object scenes are easy enough and if you can't locate an object you can click on the objects name and it will give you a silhouette of said object. There is also a rechargable hint button. I found it annoying when the hidden object scenes were in the same place using some of the same objects, where is the challenge in that? The storyline is ok, but nothing to really keep the players interest. It is also very short, I completed it in around 2 hours.

shabbily put together
April 17, 2012

I got this game as the "bonus buy" for $3.99 and I was over charged. The hidden objects are randomly thrown together and in colors I've never seen the items. It depended on the whim of the creator as to what each clue meant at that moment in time. One very memorable "clue" was a Viking helmet. There are 2 different kinds of them there are the all metal helmet for war and the furry one. Both are in the scene it's up to you to figure out which is meant. The art work looks like it was paint by numbers and the story convoluted. If you are not careful where you click you are suddenly in a new scene with new things to find. It was chaotic at best.

Stay away from this game!
February 16, 2012

This game is boring and frustrating. You can't even see the hidden objects you are expected to find. What a waste of money!

The Return of Monte Cristo
January 18, 2012

One of the original HOG's, but I'm stuck on the graphics, as they are very, very nice. The game play is "ok", but all in all a good "DD".

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