The Rise of Atlantis

  • 77 levels.
  • 7 magic artifacts.
  • Excellent storyline.
Min System request
  • OS : Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 600 Mhz
  • Memory : 128
  • DiretX : 6.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 26

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Set out on an adventurous quest around the ancient lands of Greece, Troy, Phoenicia, Babylon, Egypt, Carthage and Rome to gather the seven greatest powers of the patron god of the Atlanteans, Poseidon. Assemble magic artifacts piece by piece and place them on the Altar of Poseidon to help you raise the legendary continent of Atlantis! The Rise of Atlantis, with fantastic gameplay and unique twists, will keep you entertained for weeks!


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Genre : Puzzle

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The Rise of Atlantis
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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

Travel around the ancient Mediterranean and collect all seven powers of Poseidon to raise Atlantis back to the surface.

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The Rise of Atlantis game play The Rise of Atlantis game play



A Fun Challenge

This is an enjoyable match 3. The challenge comes with the later levels. The graphics and animations are nicely done. This is a great game for the beginner to intermediate player.

A nice 3 match

This is just a nice game. It's really enjoyable and very addictive. Could at points be harder, but the graphics are great, the sounds good, the 3 match fun.

Absolutely Addictive

I played this game for 7 hours straight when I first got it - I couldn't stop! I had to solve each level there and then. I still find it to be one of the best match 3 games ever!

all over i liked this game.

could be more difecult but a great game.

cool game

I like the matches that you have to make and you can get through all the levels very fast if you know how the game is played

Disappointed in the game

After getting through the third round and to the last part, I used up all my bombs, lightning, time, everything to try and free the pieces which are all enmeshed in the center. I managed to free four and poof the time is gone. there really is not much of a way to get them out, if you use all the hearts you start from 1. After a bit it gets boring to have to keep doing it over and over. Need a break, shift to another or something. Not worth buying or playing if one cannot go farther.

GREAT Game - Frustrating Game - But do-able

I got stuck a few times, but figured out how to get through it. Has a screensaver when you finish!! Also, after you finish, there is more fun!!!!! Very challenging!!!

loved it

challenging but fun if you remember to drop the "extras" first!

Relaxing fun.

Really enjoyed this game even though it took patience at first. Eventually I got all the way through and have continued to play it for fun for a couple of years now, challenging myself to beat my previous self's scores. Having played it so many times, I have the max lives you can get and plenty of bombs, etc. Swaps are the hardest to get and most necessary towards the end. The story line isn't anything fantastic - just recounting of Atlantis myth. Very enjoyable!

The best match 3 I have found

Have played this game for a few years never got sick of it keeps being interesting and try to better myself playing it

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