The Secret Order: Masked Intent Collector's Edition

  • A special bonus chapter!
  • Concept Art gallery and Videos
  • Downloadable Soundtrack and Wallpapers
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU : 1.4 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 1710

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Sarah receives shocking news from her father. One of the newest members in the Order of the Griffins has turned traitor, murdering one of the Secret Five, the heads of the Order. What’s worse is that very traitor is about to join the Secret Five, and he’s wearing a mask that gives him supernatural abilities. Sarah has to race back through time and search for the one artifact that can subdue the mask: a magical scepter. Hop aboard the Royal Griffin and help Sarah unmask the traitor before he destroys the Order in The Secret Order: Masked Intent, an exhilarating Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure Game. This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card! The Collector’s Edition includes:


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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

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The Secret Order: Masked Intent Collector's Edition
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Someone in the Order has turned traitor, murdering one of the Secret Five! Only Sarah can prevent the Order’s destruction!

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The Secret Order: Masked Intent Collector's Edition game play The Secret Order: Masked Intent Collector's Edition game play


Match 3

Awesome !

Sarah gets a call from his father, who says Nathan, one of the newest members of the Order of the Griffins, tricked everyone of the Order. Now you have to help Sarah take the powerful mask of the enemy, before he destroys the Order. Great game, perfect cutscenes, very good story which will hold you in the game, stunning realistic graphics , very good music, sound and VO. Several great locations to go, with plenty to do: games, pick up tools, etc.. Good amount of iHOS, not very challenging, and you can play mahjong instead. Some known minigames, but with a plus, and also others new. It has a journal containing interactive map, objectives and notes. Six chapters, bonus chapter, bonus mini games. You can see the cutscenes again, and listen to music on the Bonus Content. An excellent game that made this rainy Sunday be fun.

Exciting Storyline and Excellent Gameplay

Nathan is the youngest member ever to join the Secret 5 but look out - he's out for revenge and will do anything he can for power, including murder. His father realizes this and calls his sister Sarah in to help. As usual there are 3 play modes, wide screen and Aspect Ratio. There is a lot of reading in this game. There is a diary that contains objectives, notes and a map which will take you where you want to go. There are also notes attached to the objectives if you click on them. If you don't want to play the HOS you can play Mah-Jongg instead. Some of the items are very small and I had to click twice to get them but the storyline is so engaging that I slightly overlooked this in this game. There is also a golden key that opens everything which is a first for me considering I hate looking for 25 key's to open 25 plus doors, cabinets, etc., etc. Amazingly I just beta'd this game a week ago for BFG and here it is already. I enjoyed it and will purchase. Happy Gaming all.


Wednesday and I have only just finished this. It took me 7 hrs. Where does one start? An outstandingly good game with a terrific story. The Griffin Ship is a work of art. The graphics in the museum in particular are beautiful. Such clean lines. Graphic styles vary, depending on what sort of terrain you are in but they are all excellent. Jump map that shows active areas. Directional hint button. Fast refill. They took a lot of trouble over the music in this one. It varies greatly and at times is exhilirating. You can choose to play Mahjong instead of doing the iHOS. The cut scene dialogue is clickable and quickly dealt with. Voice-overs are right on target. 3 modes of play but I only played on easy for this one as I found it too frustrating otherwise. I feel as if I have been on an epic and extended journey through time and back again and I have encountered many wonders and numerous great characters and done amazing things. The mechanics and navigation are flawless. The puzzles are fairly recent and not at all easy and you have to take your time with them, but they are enjoyable. However, there is a very odd thing indeed about this game. Roughly half way through the main game you are informed that you are now entering the Secret Bonus. Up to that point I had been playing for about 4 hrs. I just thought that they had simply combined the main and the bonus, without a break between and so I continued playing for another 1.15 hrs, thinking that would be the end. Not so. After that time had lapsed, I was told I had just completed the Secret Bonus but the game kept going, for another 1.45 mins. I cannot imagine how that is going to work for the SE. Will they cut the Secret Bonus out of the middle of the game or will they chop off the last 1.45 hrs? Neither makes sense to me but since I am not the brightest spark in the fire, maybe they have something else up there sleeve that I cannot see. Looking forward to finding out. So, this is a truly great piece of work and much to be praised for it's creativit

Bought it as soon as the Free Trial ran out!

As soon as the Free Trial ran out, I bought this game - it is visually very good with a nice variation on the recent themes we have seen in these type of games. In addition, you have the option of playing mahjong instead of the HOS and can easily swap between the two. The free hour just flew by, and I was so engrossed in the storyline I just had to buy it - and it's been a long time since I've found a game that made me feel that way. A breath of fresh air and all the thrill of the chase restored to the hidden object game genre. I recommend this game!

Great in every way!

What a fun game! It has everything...really great story, good voice overs (especially the men), lots of exposition with beautiful graphics..but what I loved the most was the excellent ambient noise and the awesome music. Every little click and stone grinding sound was super, and the movie style music, especially in the intro, added to the overall theme. It is kind of a cross between knights Templar and Indiana Jones. There is an interactive map, but in the demo it was not really needed. The hint button recharges quite quickly and I did need it once in a while, as some of the objects in the HO scenes were quite well hidden. I liked the mini games, although there were not too many in the demo, and I really liked the cut scenes which lead you further into the story. There are no extra items to be found that I could tell, and I am not sure what other extras you get with the CE, so I will probably wait for the SE, but still.....awesome!!

Fun Adventure/Hidden Object/Puzzle Game

Beautiful graphics, good vocals, music is appropriate. A good journal with a map that lets you teleport and an objective list. Outside of hidden object scenes, hint points to task area, or in direction needed to travel. Strategy Guide is a good one, letting you choose between text or pix of what you need to do. The guide is not needed in casual mode. Puzzles are interesting, and there are objects to find- one piece at a time. Story is an old one, but it works well here. A once-trusted man has turned evil, and you have find a way to travel back in time to stop him. However, your every move is secretly being watched by the evil man, so how can you stop him?

Everything Done Right

This is a real HO adventure. The game starts a bit slowly, but picks up steam. Artwork is gorgeous with a 16:9 correct aspect mode for us widescreeners. Puzzles are varied, both in type and difficulty, and include jigsaw, blocksliders, concocting potions, etc.. There is a minigame alternative to the HOG scenes. There is also a map, but I don't know if it jumps, because you don't really need to, as each game area is pretty well contained. The story is detailed and hangs together well. The bonus content is in the middle of the game, rather than the end, and is well worth the extra price, but you don't miss much in the way of story without it. It's like this developer listened to everything we've said, and built accordingly. It sort of reminded me of the old adventure Riven, with a modern HOG twist. Very highly recommended.

What a story!

First before I point out anything else, there are no morphing items and there are no achievements. There is a journal, a map that can move you and a hint button that is quick to refill. I played on casual because that's just what I do. The story was gripping and caught and held me until the last minute of my trial period. The games were fairly simple, the hos items were at times smaller than I expected and made them a little more difficult to find. The art and voiceovers were excellent and well suited to the game. Sunward did an excellent job. The storyline though was unbelievably fantastic (I'm babbling#. I only missed the achievements and morphing a little. The strategy guide was well done, but didn't follow as you moved along #had to move it manually). It. That said I loved the game, but since it had some of the "missing elements" of a complex CE, I'll wait for the standard edition.

Wow! A game with an actual plot!

So many different games in one; I love the three options of level play, the story line is great, the graphics are clear, and some games have options (HOG v. Mah Jong). The music for once is actually worth listening to. Needless to say, I'm buying this! Enjoy!


Just finished the demo and went right to buy it...loved the game. the visuals and the sound were just great...loved the v/os. level of challenges were challengeing to say the least. loved the story line. haven't seen it before...the hour just went by to fast and I just have to see what challenges are ahead to see what the heroan faces....I highly recommend this game to all players as the game offers three different levels of play...happy playing

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