The Secret of the Nautilus

  • Spellbinding and fantastical ambiance
  • Several riddles and puzzles to solve
  • A unique journey within the Nautilus
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU : 1.8 GHz
  • Memory : 2048
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 244

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As a young oceanographer on a scientific mission, you uncover a strange submarine hidden in an offshore fault matching the description of the famous Nautilus! Mysteriously abandoned by its crew and Captain Nemo decades before, you find yourself plunged into an incredible adventure. Explore the nooks and crannies of the Nautilus as you unlock its secrets and the extraordinary story of Captain Nemo in The Secret of the Nautilus.

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Genre : Hidden Object

Spot hidden objects and solve puzzles and mysteries in lush, eye-catching scenes.

Date release

March 31, 2013

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3360 points

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PuzzleMatch 3

A very poor re-release
August 8, 2013

I played the original version of this game, the one from 2002. The game did not get well received back then either. I did, however, like it when I played it for the first time. It had a nice mysterious atmosphere and music. The storyline isn't the greatest and some puzzles just didn't feel logical. All in all it was a nice experience for me and I replayed the game many times. I was one of the few lucky people getting the game to work on windows 98 and windows XP. The game would not run on Windows 7, which i found reasonable and it didn't much matter as I had played through the game many times. Then I discovered that Bigfish was selling a new version of the game, which I thought was pretty cool because this meant the game would work on Windows 7. I didn't expect the game to be much updated in graphics or gameplay, given how old the game was. There are changes from the original, some are improvements and some has made the game worse. The improvements are the inventory, as before you had to pick and object up and place it in the inventory yourself, which was kind of annoying. In this new version the objects gets placed in your inventory automaticly when you pick them up like in Return to Mysterious Island. Other changes are that now puzzles, objects and pathways are marked with cymbols which makes them easier to find. I understand that this is an improvement to the original because of the blurry visuals resulting in and endless pixel hunt, but it also simplifies the game too much. Most puzzles are also simplified and some are removed alltogether. Even though some of these puzzles were not logical to begin with, removing them makes the game quite short. Unlike the original there is no thinking required anymore, (which I think is an important part of these games) because you can easily get through the game just randomly clicking on every cymbol there is. I did not buy this version, I only tried the 60 min. trial, but that was enough to almost finish the game as a result of the simplified puzzl

Game Sucks
April 2, 2013

Not navigation friendly. Screen is very dark and hard to see things. No walkthrough or help button to help you get started. Very frustrating game.

I am too old for this game!!
March 31, 2013

I did the "try me" of this game and could barely make a move. You must hold the mouse button down and try to follow the arrows or move up/down and all around and figure out where you are going. There is NO HELP in this game whatsoever and I only got into four or five rooms. That was with dumb luck. I am sure this is a very fun game for young people that are used to this type of play, it is just not me. You go out one door and you are back where you came from or you can't figure out what you can touch or use. Sorry to say it was just too difficult/different for me. Please do the "try me" first and find out if it is for you. Looks like a good game and should be fun and interesting. Enjoy!!

I was completely dizzy!
March 31, 2013

Although I like Jules Verne and the legendary story about the Nautilus, I could not play more than 15 minutes. Besides the game drive is 360 ?, the graphics are very blurry (maybe because the game is under the sea). Besides the dizziness, I found the game unexciting! You do not have to think too much: no hint, but do not need it, always appears an arrow indicating where to go, or a little hand indicating what you have to catch, or a nut indicating the place you have to interact. To make matters worse, each time you want to use an object of the inventory, you have to open another window to get it. The only part that I liked was the sound of a submarine, the sound of deep sea, etc, and VO is also very well done. If you do not get sick and dizzy, maybe you can enjoy the game.

iffy about this one
March 31, 2013

seemed like it would have a good story but didn't make it 10 minutes. Very different about how to navigate and play the game. I don't like what i did play.

might have liked this game...
April 21, 2013

if the graphics were clearer, i might have liked this game. they were completely blurry which made my eyes go wonky. they were also very dark, which just added to the difficulty seeing through the blurriness. if there was a little more interaction, i might have liked this game. as it is, you are SHOWN with a little hand what you can pick up. and i don't mean that your cursor *changes* to a hand, no the hand is there when you scroll around the room. so, don't bother to click on anything that isn't *shown* to you to click on, be it an item to pick up, a task to do or a door to go through. if it wasn't a 360? degree pan, i might have liked this game. instead, i felt sick to my stomach. worse yet, i had to figure out how to get "back" from the first door i walked up to... i kept putting my cursor at the bottom of the screen, waiting for the back arrow. i thought my screen had frozen, so i went out, replayed the opening sequences and... same thing. it was totally by accident, a slower mouse click and accidental movement at the same time.... WHOA.... it's 360? panning.... and, due to the panning and the blurry graphics, i kept going through the same doors and getting lost... and when i did find a new room to explore, there wasn't anything to do! no little hand or nut, just a few arrows to navigate over to the walls, where there was... nothing to do. if the game had different music, i might have liked it a little better. instead of something kinda creepy and fitting to the tone and wonderment... and mystery, we have some strange harp music... didn't seem to fit at all. the closest games this one seems comparable to are the myst, riven and syberia styles... but those had such stellar graphics that the comparison to style falls flat. if you don't get sick from the 360? panning to get around and you don't mind blurry graphics and getting lost easily, you might like this game more than i did.

NO HOS!! Real Adventure Game!!
April 12, 2013

360 games do Not make me Dizzy in fact i Never heard that before they are true to life.. in RL you have this same perception These type games are Far More Fun imo than any hidden object game HOS are a Complete Distraction to me in an adventure game hand holding hints and skips are New...created Very Recently.. a True Adventure game has None of the above the Fun of a Real Adventure Game is Discovering on your Own what to do Nancy Drew games are a Good Example of this if you are lost in a Real Adventure game or do not even know how to begin you can google for a walkthru once you get the hang of how to play them you will Improve in skill This game has been played several times in our house Adventure Gamers will def Appreciate it i am happy to see it in downloadable form on BF

Previous Reviewers Haven't Played the Original Game
April 1, 2013

This is a casual game remake of the original "The Mystery of the Nautilus" from 2002. The graphics are true to the original game. It was a point and click adventure game that was not particularly easy. If the previous reviewers were expecting a typical HOG or casual game, this is not it. Perhaps Big Fish should add something to explain this so people don't expect a typical new casual game. That said, I'm not feeling a lot of love for this remake. It's been quite a few years since I've played the original Nautilus because it doesn't play on new operating systems, but I don't particularly like the 360? panning either. I also don't care for the arrows which make the game too simplistic. I'm not finding the items I need to progress in the game which are supposed to be there. Since there are apparent deviations from the original game, a walkthrough would be a great help. The original did not have any kind of hint system as it was a true classic adventure game. Big Fish should include information making it clear this is a remake of a 13 year-old adventure game, so people are not disappointed when they try it out or purchase it. I'm going to give it a "yes" recommendation with the qualifier that most likely only fans of the original game will enjoy it.

March 31, 2013

I could only play for about 15-20 minutes as well but only because there isn't enough to do and I was completly bored! You are a professor onboard a submarine studying marine archaeology. You come across a sub larger than the one you are on and the professor disobeys orders and leaves to board the Nautils and explore. Once you are in the sub you must use the cursor to look around 360* to make it as if you are the one actually looking around, up, down, left, right. There is no hint system that I could find however, there is an arrow that tells you which direction you can go but it can be very confusing because there are several doors to go in and because of the limited view you will end up going back to the same place. In the short time I played the only items for me to pick up was a zinc ball and a candle holder, and the only tasks I had were to open a door and fix a fan. I listened to a computer talking to me as if I were the captain and saw a holagraphic video from Nemo? Maybe if this was a combat game and I was shooting the enemy this game would work but not so much for an adventure game.

You can keep the secrets
April 1, 2013

I have played games that have a 360 * before and once you get used to it gameplay is ok But this was rediculous If there was meant to be hidden dangers etc it was lost on me I spent 10 mins opening a door and looking for things to do ,then I realised there wasn't anything to do ! If you have a good story the style or look of a game whatever the age is acceptable but when there is no content forget it . If the devs a new please take my advice write a good story first !!!

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