The Stroke of Midnight

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Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/8
  • CPU : 1.2 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 374

Review for game The Stroke of Midnight

With her deadline looming, a romance author escapes to Eastern Europe with the hope that a trip to Transylvania can provide the inspiration she needs to rewrite her latest book. But soon her discovery of a Victorian-era love triangle provides much more than a new storyline: it provides an entire novel’s worth! Reunite the long lost lovers in the afterlife in The Stroke of Midnight, a fun Hidden Object game.

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

Date release

January 22, 2011

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2290 points

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A New Generation of HOG
January 16, 2012

At first I thought it was a long intro ... but when I started to interact, I realized that the game is like a 3D movie! You really feel inside! - Gorgeous graphics and locations; - Very nice music - Amazing atmosphere - Superior Voice Over Outstanding and Totally Different HOG: The game is a first-rate story of a writer, and you will solve at each location what is needed with the assistance of a "mirror" - NO HINTS !! Once ended, you change locations, without having to keep going and coming back - NO INVENTORY !! NO DIARY OR MAP !! So, on the whole screen you only see the "movie", actually a novel. (I confess I was a little dizzy with the zoom in and out of some scenes)

affectionately designed Hidden Object Adventure
December 13, 2011

I loved playing this game because of its great gliding moves in a 3D surrounding. The story is very conclusive, so I was able to solve all riddles without getting stucked. I recommend this game because it is very innovative and brings some hours real fun.

All I can say, is WOW! Stunningly Beautiful Game!
January 13, 2012

This has to be the best graphically done game I have ever seen! I LOVE the 3D type feel! Yes, it does take a bit to load new scenes sometimes, but it is worth the couple of seconds wait! Some people may not like the movement and 3D effect, but I think it adds to the game! Everything is crisp, clear, and beautiful! The puzzles and HOS are a good mix of different styles, are logical, and make you think, yet are easy enough. It is an adventure type game, with limited to no hints, however this game is very linear, and you can easily figure out what you need to do next. The HOs are of a good size, and not too blended in. There are mirror type objects throughout the game that give you clues as to what you need to do next...and a journal as well. Game play is smooth, aside from loading new scenes. The voice overs, music, and sound effects are very well done, believable, and unobtrusive. The graphics, cut scenes, and scenery are exceptionally superb! The story line is absolutely captivating! Obviously, much thought and care went into this lovingly made masterpiece! The devs should be commended for this wonderful game! I recommend all skill levels of gamers at least give this one a try. I don't think you will be disappointed! Definitely worth the DD price, and then some!!

Baeutiful story in beautiful settings
August 29, 2013

This is a very visual experience. You ae actually living it, a you have to scan around the room, and the panoramic effect is right on. No need for map nor to remeer where to go. The program takes you there (the pauses between scenes are a bit jarring). You are less in a game than in the middle of a story. Nothing ditracts you from the illusion Nothing that says "hint", no inventory list. You pick up what you need, and use it, and if you pick it up and don't use it, click right to drop it. All you pick up is used in the scene. The directions are written in cryptic fashion in the magic mirror. The HOGS are beautiful, and if you need a hint click on the name and they will point it out for you. In games, if you are at it too long, a small lit candle saying Skip shows up at the lower corner. Nothing to dispel the illusion that you are following a story, not playing a game. And a sad romantic story it is... Quibble, when you have a hero from Romania named Vlad, you expect a different kind of story...

January 7, 2014

I loved it, every aspect, I'm disappointed it's finished, I wasn't to sure at the beginning, so I didn't play it for a while, but when I went back to it, it was like a good book, I could not put it down, I was disappointed, and I'm sure you others won't be either

great hidden object game
December 30, 2011

Finally a different kind of hidden object game. I loved everything about this game. No items carried and panning rooms left to right and up and down. Great story line too!!! Check it out :)

Stroke of Midnight - Game of the future!
January 7, 2012

I totally enjoyed this trial so much I purchased it within the hour of the trial. This has to be the game of the future with new options in HOS and more, this a must on your list to try. I previously played a panoramic HOS and I got dizzy but this one is unique and search takes on a new meaning. The story is about an author needing inspiration for writing a love/romance novel and heads to Eastern Europe to Transylvania. The moment she arrives her novel begins to take shape but not as she expected. Guys don't be put off by the love/romance part, you certainly don't want to miss out on the whole adventure of how this game is uniquely put together. For anyone that enjoys HOS and is getting a little bored with the usual or would like to play feeling you are a part of the story line ? you are going to enjoy this game! It might take a little moment to adjust to the scanning/viewing options (up, down, left & right), but before you know it, you begin to feel a part of the game and go into auto mode and that?s when the game takes you into a whole new dimension. Been to a 3D movie and the camera is hovering along the floor towards something and you feel like your moving, this game does the same and it is done very well (you will enjoy that) Options - volume= environment, music, windowed mode not available (I have widescreen) HOS ? so different! Hints - no there are no hints as per other HOS games, this one has the option to select the word item you are having trouble finding and it shows you where it is without the hints re-charging. Voice over is great! Inventory ? There is none, and this is something else I love about this game. When you find an object within a scene you know it?s not far way to activate it to what is needed. No more running around other scenes so helpful Novel option - Is available when you have completed the game. Sound Effects ? Super! Graphics ? Beautiful, clear, bright and so crisp! Mini Games ? Thes

The Stroke of Midnight
March 4, 2013

Ill start off by saying I loved this game! The visual quality was great. The music was good, and in the background u can hear ghost whispers. Its kinda spooky at first. I really enjoyed the story line, u will too if u r into love stories who done its and paranormal. I wouldnt say this game has mini puzzles. More like side tasks. The one thing I did find annoying is that if u dont click a piece exactly right in the spot it goes the game says u have to use it in another place but really u just need to click it a different way. The story was shorter than I expected.

Wonderful and unusual game style
February 20, 2013

I absolutely loved this game and was sorry when it ended. Can't wait to play it again! The point-of-view style gameplay and the fabulous graphics will have me come back. If like me you are used to the standard Help button, you will wonder where it is - it's a waterfall! And in the HOS just click on the description of the item you can't find. But most of all, just enjoy the scenery and the way the game carries you through the story. PLEASE bring a sequel soon!

Wonderful game that is like a novel.
January 15, 2012

Stroke of Midnight was a good game. It flowed nicely and had a plot that was unveiled like a good novel. The HOS were well drawn and not at all difficult. Instead of hints, one can click on the item name in the find list and it will show itself. Since the HOS are generally very well drawn, it was usually right in front of me when I would give up and ask for help. The graphics were beautifully drawn. Several of the mini-puzzles were worth solving. The first one was not, and the folding of paper was too frustrating to keep at when it would seem to always do what I wanted it not to do. None of the HOS were too dark to see well, and the objects were quite clear even when well matched with their backgrounds to make them harder to see. There were lots of clearly visible objects that were not a part of the objects to find, so random clicking would just waste time. The most expert gamesmen might find this less challenging, but I found it perfect.

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