The Three Musketeers: D'Artagnan and the 12 Jewels

  • Incredible storyline
  • Amazing locations
  • Find the Queen’s diamonds!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 8.1
  • Hard driver (MB) : 105

Review for game The Three Musketeers: D'Artagnan and the 12 Jewels

Help D’Artagnan and the Three Musketeers find the Queen’s diamonds and save the honor of France in this exciting Hidden Object game! United by strength, these 4 protagonists set out together on this adventure. The Three Musketeers: D'Artagnon and the 12 Jewels pits you against the Machiavellian plans of the evil Cardinal Richelieu! Stop Richelieu before he gets away with the priceless jewels and become a national hero!

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Genre : Hidden Object

Spot hidden objects and solve puzzles and mysteries in lush, eye-catching scenes.

Date release

October 11, 2011

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3497 points

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October 8, 2012

I usually love most all of the games on this web site, but this one was just awful. Boring, way too easy, like the game developers didn't even try with this one. Most 7 year olds could do this game. Don't waste your time.

Nice concept, but horrible interface.
September 23, 2012

I don't think I'm smart enough to play this game. I downloaded the trial and didn't even get as far as the first puzzle; I couldn't figure out how to get anywhere or do anything. I wanted to like this game very much and liked the general backstory and artwork in it, but the interface is hideously confusing and needlessly complicated. This is definitely not my first visit to the HOG rodeo, either. Will not be purchasing and do not recommend it to anybody but those who are really, really quick-witted and can forgive its interface.

the three musketeers d'artagnan
November 15, 2011

very good game easy to play quite colourful one critism game too short finished in three hours

The three Musketeers:D'Artagnan and the 12 jewels
January 18, 2012

Boring. OMG, boring! You spend a good deal of time roaming around, trying to find things and generally losing interest in the story not too far into it. Very little 'action'. Didn't like this game. It was annoying, repetitive, never felt like I got anywhere or accomplished anything. I wasted my time and money. grrr

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