The Treasures of Montezuma 2

  • Fast-paced gameplay
  • Unique upgrades
  • Return to the jungle!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 72

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Return to the jungle in The Treasures of Montezuma 2, an all-new Match 3 game with more levels, more challenges and more fun! Powerup totems and unleash special powers by making multiple matches of the same color token. Then rack up a high score by activating Score Frenzy with a series of insanely fast matches! Finally, unlock trophies for performing amazing feats as you try to collect all of the gems on each level before time runs out.

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

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December 3, 2009

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2196 points

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8-12 MINUTES, HUH???
May 23, 2012

I did NOT find this game fun at all and yes, I JUST completed it. The only good thing about this game was that the timer was only important as to the amount of coins earned to buy tokens -- which meant I had to play a few rounds 2x because I'd taken so long to complete that particular level. Anyone who was able to complete each round within the 8-12 minutes stated by the clock -- CONGRATULATIONS. I, for 1, have NO IDEA how it's possible. Each round took me between 25-35 minutes to complete DESPITE using the tokens and DESPITE gathering crystals on almost every move. Glad that I'm finished with this game and taking it off my computer.

Excellent Match 3
May 22, 2012

Simple boards, but lots of strategy, especially at higher levels. As the game progresses you purchase power ups. You activate them by making multiple matches of a particular color tile. Bright colors and clear graphics. There are 3 modes of play - Adventure, Endless, (after 1st bonus) and Puzzle (after 2nd bonus). In Adventure, there are 5 levels each with 8 boards and a bonus game. It's timed, but that only counts for winning awards. You can play as long as you need to. You can replay boards to get the gold.

fun match 3 game
December 12, 2011

as always these games are fun and challenging...well done for keeping simular to the original game

Great Game!
May 22, 2012

If you liked the first one - this one is more of the same, which is great! Medium level of difficulty - I have been playing match 3 for awhile and this is straight up HO all the way. Maybe adding in puzzles would break up the HO gameplay a bit.

match 3
May 22, 2012

ive never been crazy about match three games they never get different same o thing until montezuma i played the first one great i played 2nd awesome then they came with a 3rd way to go i love them all cant wait until they come out with a 4th great music up grades and power play awesome games

My favorite Match 3 Game...
May 27, 2012

Imho, the best match 3 game out there.... It's actually three games in one -- puzzle mode will tax your brain -- it's a lot of fun tho, so don't miss it. There's also "endless" mode and the "normal" match 3.... I don't usually feel I have to beat the time or get all gold in a game (altho green is the highest score here) -- but this one's so much fun, I did go back and replay levels to get all green.... I recommend starting at the normal level and work your way up through all three levels. The power ups are a lot of fun and very helpful.... At the end of each location, you must complete an HO scene -- and they are challenging, but fun.... Overall, a great game and I highly recommend it -- even if you don't normally play match 3.... The puzzle mode is challenging and keeps me trying.... easy at first, but gets much more challenging as you go along.... Enjoy!

Odd One Out!
May 22, 2012

I must be the odd one out here, but I didn't like this version nearly as much as the first game. The levels take too long to complete (there's no specific goal as there was in the first game) and it's not nearly as exciting. I won't be buying it.

April 5, 2013

I just loved,loved,loved this one. I am a big fan of hidden object games and did not expect to find one hidden in this game. Although it was a small one,it caught me off guard. OMG, it was awesome. The fun level in this one was to much. I would buy this one(plus the other two). I did not know if I would like to play the endless part(I think that is what it was called),but when I reached it in the trial version I did play it and it was more fun than the regular game itself. More explosions, more points,and just plain good old fun. This is the most fun I have had in a long time on a match three game. I also love it when the guy keeps saying"score frenzy".Totally makes this game exciting. Thanks again to BFG,and whoever made these games...I love yall. Whoever does not like this game may not have gotten as far on this one or did not pick the endless part.

What A Fun Game
May 14, 2014

Wow! And here I thought I was a seasoned M3 (match 3) player. Graphics: Amazing. Bright, colorful. Sound: Bombs bursting all over the place makes this a very fun game. The music was very calm and relaxing. Gameplay: There is only 1 mode of difficulty to play to begin with and that is the Adventure Mode. I took that to mean it was a story mode and was not timed but relaxed. I was right. Your job, of course, is to make as many match 3's as possible, particularly the jewels that have a diamond center. There is a leader board on the left side of the screen that fills with tiny jewels as you make those match 3s with the diamonds but since this isn't timed don't freak out if the leader board is slow to fill up, just concentrate and enjoy the game. You earn bombs as well as buy them as bonuses. It appeared that you also purchased pieces of buildings and land as you go along. And there is a bonus level at the end of each 10 levels (I think it's 10 levels). This is NOT a game for beginners. I am an Intermediate game player and a seasoned M3 player but not seasoned enough for this game. There is no tutorial and no indication of what to do, except "buy this" and that stops after a short while. Knowing what to do is important, not just in the actual game play (i.e. unfreeze the frozen jewels) but in how to purchase land and it appears you have to pay to advance to the next level, after the previous bonus level. I got stuck, didn't know what to do, didn't have enough coins (earned through the game play) to purchase anything and ended up just replaying the las.t level out of frustration. But I HATE to replay anything so I quit. I wish there had been a tutorial. I truly enjoyed playing this game. It was bright, colorfrul and fun. Thanks devs and BF for bringing this game to us. This Glam-ma says give the free trial a try, that's what it's there for but you do have to do a fair amount of figuring out what to do. As I said before, NOT a game for beginners. Happy Gam

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