The Treasures of Montezuma 3

  • Enjoy Casual and Timed modes!
  • Upgrade your power-ups between stages!
  • Unlock incredible riches!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/8
  • CPU : 1.6 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 146

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Match tokens to unlock incredible riches in The Treasures of Montezuma 3! With Casual and Timed modes to enjoy, 160 levels to beat, and dozens of mind-bending mini-puzzles to solve, you could be in the jungle for months!

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

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June 15, 2011

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4817 points

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A Treasure of a Game!
January 17, 2012

I love Match 3's. I almost skipped this one, though, because I disliked Treasures of Montzuma 2 beyond words. I adore this game! I am hooked on beating it in both the casual and advanced levels. Both levels are timed -- one minute per board. That sounds harsh, but once you get comfortable with the playing strategy the game flows well. The game play is quite straightforward. Play approximately 150 levels. Earn points for magic stars, use them to buy and upgrade your totems and point multipliers, open treasure chests, become Great Emperor. Earn the maximun 200 million points in one game to get a higher ranking (I have yet to surpass 197 million.) There are ocassional bonus rounds. They are preset boards on which you must clear all the tokens; there is no timer for those. So, that's it -- no city to build, no H0G scenes, no story to complete. But there are many awards to achieve -- each one having a bronze, silver, and gold level. Trust me -- you are going to want to get them all!!

January 4, 2012

This game is extremely addicting. It's fun, but hard. The graphics are extremely well done. I play this game everyday, because it is challenging enough to keep you engaged and determined to beat it.

February 20, 2012

This game needs a waring label. It is definitely addictive. My one quibble is one I have with most timed games. There needs to be an option to increase the time length. Some us older folks do not have reaction times we had when we were younger.

Challenging and Fun,Loved It
May 1, 2012

I wish all the games I tried were as good as this one.Thanks to everyone who gave it a 5 star rating as that is the only reason I tried it.I love the opportunity to get gold stars on a level without having to restart the whole game.I will be playing it again for sure

November 23, 2011

Fantastic game!!!! I loved it!!!! The music the graphics the totems EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!

Fun, addictive, and challenging
May 18, 2012

I bought this game from a recommendation of Big Fish Games staff and I don't regret it. This has to be one of the most match 3 challenging games I have ever played. It is fun and very addictive.

Montezuma's revenge
January 25, 2012

This game is so much fun to play and totally addictive. The graphics are beautiful. I don't usually play Match 3 games so I can't really comment on how this might compare to others, but this one-you just can't stop. One negative-it doesn't store stats, otherwise a really fun game. This is a game that once you get started you just can't stop. I highly recommend it.

One of my favorites
January 5, 2012

Of all the Match 3 games I have owned, this is one I play over and over. Fun to play as tag team with friends as well. I wish there were an option to store high scores and player stats. Other than that, this game is probably one of my all time favorites.

The Treasures of Montezuma 3
November 14, 2011

Love this game plus the first of this series. the match 3 games are fun to play especially this one.

Trial hour flew by!
June 11, 2012

This is one of the more entertaining match 3 games I've played. It was challenging without ending every other board with "out of moves". I loved it and will probably be buying this one as soon as I finish this review! lol

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