The Tribloos

  • Fantastic gameplay
  • Exciting action
  • Save the Tribloo village!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/8
  • CPU : 1.6 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 49

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Help Trey the Tribloo save his village from a destructive storm by embarking on a journey across the land in The Tribloos! Journey across Tribloo Island as you embark on a terrific journey with Trey and his friends as they search for help. Rebuild the villages of different Tribes and become the hero of the Tribloos in this incredible Strategy game.

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Genre : Time Management

Manage time, customers, and money in games for the serious goal-setter.

Date release

October 10, 2011

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2023 points

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Awesome fun game
March 5, 2012

what a cute little addicting game,, easy learning curve, cute graphics, i only did like 3 levels b4 deciding to buy,, building games are my fave so i am throughly enjoying my self, and what a great little game....looks like 5 areas, the 1st had 16 levels, so if all areas have the same amount, gonna be long,,, getting gold is going to be a real thinking process....its just adorable, and a great start from a new dev,,,too bad its the soft release as most builders seem to be, it has 75 levels, plus 5 bonus levels, it looks deceptivly simple, but getting gold on some levels you really have to think, (you can continue even without getting gold or silver score.... it is throughly adorable, and completly addicting "and there is a sequeal on its way......happy dance

Big fun!!!
November 16, 2011

At first sight this game doesn't look exciting, but it is getting more and more interesting and challenging while playing it. The graphics are not as extraordinary as in other games, but it offers everything that's needed. It's not easy or even impossible to reach gold in all levels, I haven't managed yet.

Fun and addictive!
January 29, 2013

Time management games are my favorite and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this one. I would put it at a medium difficultly level. I was able to get gold on each level, some of them after a few tries. I didn't care for the match 3 type of mini games in between but there are only about 5 of those.

Gather Resources, Build Stuff Game
May 6, 2013

This is a 2 dimensional game. You send out the little men to gather resources, and you rebuild their homes. It takes some thought to get gold every level. I'll pick this one up when it's a daily special.

Had to have this after trying The Tribloos 2
February 6, 2013

After playing Tribloos 2 and enjoying it so much, decided to download The Tribloos. It did not disappoint. Although not as challenging as Tribloos 2, it was hours of fun and enjoyment. Can't wait for Tribloos 3!!

how did this game sneak in, Big Fish?
January 8, 2013

in this donkey kong-style strategy game, you help Trey Tribloo and his friends by rebuilding their villages after they've been destroyed by a storm that devastates Tribloo island. graphics: pixelated cartoons. sound: interesting because it is a combination of old-fashioned computer alert sounds superimposed over some high-quality birdsongs. although the birdsongs repeat, they're the best part of this game, actually. storyline: boring. wait, let me rephrase that: booooooooOOOring! gameplay: slow, slow slow. jerky movements. excessive amounts of clicking around. the tutorial is good, though, so you know what your goals are and what you need to do to accomplish them. achievements are awarded, so there is some replay value -- but only if you like this game at all (i didn't). you can win medals for each level, which may also increase replay value (i earned gold on all levels, so not sure how motivating these awards are.) my interaction: one hour demo. i've absolutely no plans to purchase this game and even if it was given to me for free, i'd not accept it. overall, i have no idea what attracts people to this game. it's primitive, the graphics are poor, the storyline is uninspired and it looks almost the same as donkey kong.

Late review....
January 14, 2013

I bought this the day it was released...and the review page was not here.... This game is challenging, fun, and has immense replayabliity. All of the issues (ideas) that I had for the game have been addressed directly to the developer in the forums...I suggest you read it. he was extremely active and receptive to the feedback. I am downloading and BUYING the sequel - that is how much faith I have in this developer!

More to this than meets the eye
May 21, 2013

Looked like an easy game at first sight, but the game develops as the levels go on and get more and more challenging to complete the tasks. My personal challenge is to complete ALL levels in GOLD. Levels 40, 50 and 60 (this is where I am at the moment) are really difficult, but so far I have managed to get gold on all levels up to now. (I think there are another 20 levels as I haven't reached the volcano yet) You have to be very tactful as to what you do first and how many men you assign to each task to tweak it to perfection. Great little game.

November 14, 2011

Excellent time management game with well thought out strategy. You don't need fancy graphics and complicated gameplay to make a game fun or chanllenging. This was entertaining I've played it several times.

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