The Wizard's Pen

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  • Unique mini-games
  • Discover magical environments
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  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 800 Mhz
  • Memory : 256
  • DiretX : 8.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 50

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Only you can find the missing Wizard in The Wizard`s Pen, a spellbinding Hidden Object game. The clues to the Wizard`s whereabouts are in his workbook, but all the pages are blank. Use a magic pen to uncover and guess the image on each page. Every image you uncover brings you closer to finding the Wizard Play mystical mini-games, unlock special challenges, score bonus points and earn potent potions. It's a unique new twist on the Hidden Object genre that you`ve gotta try!


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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

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The Wizard's Pen
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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

The Wizard has vanished, and only you can find him in this spellbinding game full of Hidden Object fun and mystical mini-games!

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The Wizard's Pen game play The Wizard's Pen game play

Fun for all ages

A really entertaining and unique mix of games. While not the hardest game still a lot of fun brain work.

IMAGINATION - the 8th sense??

This is a terrific game & a challenge for anyone's imagination. Yes, young & old alike will benefit from this brain stimulating game as the Wizard gives you clues to visualize items & 8 chances to guess what the item is as the picture unfolds. The HOS are fun too but not the same as your usual hos by picking out the listed items. With this game you point out the missing item,it will then be painted in by the Wizard. A different & enchanting game for all ages. Can't hurt to give it a try!!

bit different hog

fun and different. blank page you guess what the object is. the more clues the lesser you score. not too hard but this is based on demo...hope it gets harder as game progresses as this is a definite buy. thanks BF for great sale on pop cap games you guys rock!

Fun and useful!

I loved this game, thought it was cute and highly enjoyable. I then showed it to a student who I am teaching english as a foreign language to and it was an instant hit. For beginners and lower intermediates this is a great way to introduce and learn vocabulary. And even the adults have enjoyed it. And I know some of them have gone on to buy the game after I have introduced it to them so they must have enjoyed it as well.

Not your avg HOG. But still VERY fun :) :)

This game is very fun. It is not your average HOG. You start out with a blank page that is part of a book. You click it once, to try and see what the object in the book is. You can click anywhere on the blank page once to try and find out what the invisible object is. The least times you click the more points (stars) you get. You can get as many as 10 stars which is where you click the page once and you guess from that one "peek" or as low as 0 if the time runs out and you haven't typed in the right name of the object. You can misspell some words and still guess right. I typed "coat rack" and it was a "dress form" but it counted it right lol. There are a few pages where you click on an abstract picture and the more you click the clearer the picture becomes. It seems like there are 16 pages per "book." After you finish one book, it gives you a HO scene where instead of finding certain objects, you click on a missing object to "draw" it in. For example: leg, it could belong to a stool or a skeleton. So you click on the stool and the Wizard's Pen "draws" the stool leg. Throughout the game you can also get potions (hint, drippy ink etc.) that can help you during the object guessing. I have only played the 1 hour trial, but I am definitely going to buy it. The game seems to be a decent length too.

Very Different from the usual HO game!

Instead of looking at a busy room full of stuff, you start with a blank page, and get to view a piece of the object, then another, then another, until you can guess what the thing is from the partial view. The more incomplete the picture when you figure out the object, the more you score. Very different, and lots of fun! Also has sections, with a standard 'list', but instead of finding the object, the list is of missing parts that need to be placed in the view. Again, different. Lots of fun!

A true time killer!

Just want to kill some time in front of your computer? Then this is an excellent game! It has great graphics and all you have to do is guessing at pictures, the less you see or the more scrambled the pic is when you guess it correctly the more stars you'll earn! This is really addicting but you don't get stuck like you do in a good story. It's for a bit of stressful time-out that you can play for five or fifty minutes at a time.

Unique gameplay! Very fun!

I only rarely play HOG's but this one is totally different. I loved the graphics and sound. I did not play the music. This is based on the trial, but I will be buying this game. Very relaxing, but challenging as well.

Liked it for 60 mins

I really liked this game for the free 60 minutes however I think it would become very monotonous if playing it for longer, it is very repetitive, it would keep younger people amused for quite a while though I suspect.

Fun little game

Basically you are guessing what pictures are as the wizard's pen gives you little peeks at what something is. Along the way you earn potions to help you such as a potion to enlarge the square that's being erased and giving you a larger section to see. The quicker you guess the picture the more stars you are awarded. A cute little game. Glam-ma says it's ok. A great family game.

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