Theatre of the Absurd

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  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
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  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 470

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Scarlett Frost, specialist in the dark arts, has been summoned to a luxurious and remote theatre in the snowy Italian Alps. Could it be that the infamous and diabolical Hapsburg Cube has been found and purchased by the sinister theatre proprietor, Dr. Corvis? The cube is said to imprison a powerful and ancient Babylonian demon that would wreak hellish destruction if the cube should break. In a moment of desperate confusion the cube breaks and the demon bursts forth into the souls of the Dr. Corvis and his young Daughter Bethany. The ancient theatre in the lonely winter mountains becomes an arena of spiritual war, between the darkest forces of the underworld and the cunning and esoteric mind of Scarlett Frost. But Scarlett soon finds out that the only way to fight a demon this powerful is to become possessed by one herself. Only then can she acquire a ticket to the Theatre of the Absurd.

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

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June 3, 2012

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Beautiful, different, enthralling game!
June 22, 2012

I absolutely loved this game. It's different from other HOGs in the grimness of the story, the graphics style, the well layered storyline... I liked the quite different sounds in HOS's when you found an object. More findings result in different tones which contribute to the story and strangeness of it all. And even when you've guessed the plot (which shouldn't be too difficult), it's still worth playing on. New rooms unfolded and left me in awe. I could completely go along with the story. So I would say: very recommendable!

Bought it, Played it , Loved it!
June 2, 2012

I actually bought the CE edition for this game and wrote a review which was entitled "Not for the Faint Hearted" After having completed it, this game now ranks high amongst my favorites . One of my guilty pleasures besides the odd cigerette and chocolaits, are dark stories that have supernatural themes to them. This game is not for everyone, storyline deals with demonic possesion of a child; but I am sure there are those who will not only enjoy this genre but also appreciate the game mechanics that are involved here. The graphics are not outstanding, but don't be misled by the opening scene. As you dwell deeper into the game, visuals and sounds bring on a chilling effect. Considering that the entire game deals with the black art, dont expect too much light and bright colors. If you are not a great fan of horror fiction, then I do not recommend you play it alone in the dark with headphones on like I did. I actually loved the art work and special effects, all beautifully composed to create atmosphere, especially the constant whispers in the background. The voice-overs were very well done as was the music. Game features include a journal and a unique hint system that I really liked. Your character does speak to you and directs you throughout the game, at times, she does too much talking and some may find this feature annoying. There are two gameplay modes and game mechanics involve HOS, puzzles and mini-games. HO scenes are junk-piled and at times, blurry graphics made some objects difficult to find. The game wasn't very challenging or difficult to play, mostly finding and collecting inventory items and using them. There is no map but as I said, a very unique hint system. I give this game top marks because of the artwork and the fun factor. However, be warned, Theatre of the Absurd is not for the faint hearted.

Different and found the story interesting
June 3, 2012

Played this on casual/easy mode and found it to be relaxing and interesting game play. Sparkles, but not overly annoying or intrusive. More HOGs than puzzle games and the puzzle games can be skipped. Storyline was a bit different, which to me was a definite plus. Not for everyone as it has a very strong occult theme and there are some "unpleasant" scenes that some people may not like. I'd recommend trying the trial first as that will give you a good sample of the game because that's the worst it will get. Decent length. Did find some of the HOG scenes a little difficult to see, but nothing too bad that using the odd hint wouldn't resolve. The story kept me going and what I really enjoyed was the fact that I wasn't running around as much as we do in some games. There's a bit of back and forth, but there's a handy back button rather than sneaker wear. Definitely worth your time, but unless you are sure that occult/somewhat scary scenes are fine with you, try the trial first. Glad I bought it.

great hidden object and puzzle game
June 2, 2012

I bought this game because I could not stop playing it till the end and its a very twisted and lots of turns hidden objects and puzzles - but the graphics and the colors are GREAT story line is also but on the other hand Hints will not help there are so many different rooms and building and towers and castles you will might need to look at the walkthrough - I had to 2 times but the game was Great - I hope they will make another maybe so it will start from the beginning to - well don't want to give it all up so just try it you might just LIKE it !!!! have fun

Liked the creative twists
June 3, 2012

I have a lot of HOGS and love it when something is a little different. The story line flows, hints are right on & hidden object scenes use different lighting techniques. I liked the way you had to distinguish between plural and singular such as "mushroom" versus "mushrooms" to find objects. The puzzles were pretty easy in the casual mode but if you like to relax while playing this is a plus. I played in the casual mode liked it enough to purchase the game and will switch to the harder mode. I usually skip the voice overs because I read faster but the sound was good overall.

Macabre Fun!
June 3, 2012

This is easily at the top of the list for my favorite game...I've played and replayed it! I love stories that are dark (think "The Dorian Gray Syndrome" and the "Ravenhearst" series#...they add an edge to the whole experience and this definitely delivered for me. It's easy to get tired of the typical "person-disappears-you-must-find" game...this one was completely different and I appreciated the fresh approach. I read the reviews and found that I had no trouble finding any of the hidden did not bother me that there was more than one similar item. I also thought the graphics were colorful and extremely well done. I bought the Collector's Edition and only referred to it a couple of times...mainly to figure out a mini-game. I am one who takes my time in a took me 4 days to play this one #on and off, of course#...I like to look at everything, read everything...etc. When I find myself stuck and unable to figure out what to do next, I take a break...when I come back, I see the area with fresh eyes and am able to figure it out. Perhaps this slow approach added to the positive experience for me. While there was some back-and-forth between areas, it was not "exhaustive", which I really appreciated. I also appreciated the length of the game...well worth my money! All-in-all...a great experience for me...more like this, please!!

More like this, please!
June 3, 2012

This is a game inspired with originality! No constant searching for keys to doors and chests. Entertaining fun mini-games. I wanted it to go on and on. Absolutely loved it and the stunning artwork. Can't praise it enough!

My New Number 1
March 29, 2013

I was so excited about this game I stopped 30 minutes into it to see how others had reviewed it. I was shocked that it wasn't higher than a 4. I understand that people may find it "creepy" or scary but protestations that it's demonic or satanic are ridiculous. It is not. Perhaps it's baroque? But NO, it's not pure evil. It's a game. And it is pure...pure brilliance. That's one man's opinion. I notice that others who think it's satanic also like nothing else about the game. I think their moral concerns have colored their objective reviews of the game. Enough "preaching." While some complain that the HOGs are too difficult, too grainy, impossible to see, I say this: Yes, they are difficult. And I think that some of the graininess is what makes it difficult. And I LOVE IT. It's great to have an HOS which presents a challenge. It took me much longer than normal to complete HOG but I really enjoyed them. They were brilliantly hidden. The background music was a perfect match for the content of the game. The voice overs both from cut scenes and from the regular progression of the game were wonderful. The woman who's the main narrator and protagonist has a very effective tonality. It reminded me a bit of an emotion-filled, determined actor delivering lines in a way that the script demanded: unemotionally yet effectively. That is acting. The course of the game was always pushing North...always moving forward. It was not an East-West game. I felt progress to an important conclusion was always being made. Despite what people have written, I think they know not of which they write. Go to any dramatic, beautiful, old Christian cathedral and you'll see gargoyles. There are a lot of gargoyles in this game. And they add to the ambience. There's adds to the ambience. There are demons. It's what the story is about. I heartily recommend this game. It is not just good. It is the best I've ever played. My only regret is that I didn't get the CE. One man's opinion.

Sinister and spooky
June 3, 2012

As others have said...this is not for the faint at heart. Very creepy...but as a horror movie buff - that is what I enjoy. The only annoying particular of the game was the constant voice over of the main character on key areas - every time you clicked on the highlighted area...she would keep repeating the same line.

What a new twist on a hog
June 6, 2012

Fun game! It had some new and different twists compared to other games, loved the power up and hint system, what a great idea!!! This was not scary, so don't be daunted by other reviews...had a good creepy factor that a good SciFi game should! How anyone can say this was terrible or really scary idk?? It was no more graphic than any of the other SciFi games on here, maybe they were under 12?? May be a little much for a young child but teens and up would enjoy this game. The story line was fun, the graphics were good, ran smoothly, vo's were good and I had NO difficulty with the hos scenes. They were a little challenging but not to hard to find if your looking as you should be. The few times I had to use a hint for the hos scene it was obvious and easy to see. I think this is a game with a lot of cool new ideas and it goes right to the top of my fav list. If you like the spooky stuff, buy this, you will enjoy it.I wish it would of lasted longer I would of enjoyed playing it for awhile longer! Great job, sequel please!!

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