Time Chronicles: The Missing Mona Lisa

  • 20 exotic destinations
  • Fun mini-games
  • Solve a time-travel mystery!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
  • CPU : 600 Mhz
  • Memory : 128
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 198

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Travel between the past and present to solve a dastardly crime in Time Chronicles: The Missing Mona Lisa! The Mona Lisa has been stolen and scattered through history by the mysterious "Time Chameleon." Use your hidden object skills to search scenes for clues and open a pathway through time. Watch as the modern world fades and a bygone era emerges. See what changes—and what stays the same! You never know where you'll end up next, from a medieval garden, to Edo-era Japan, to the Taj Mahal and beyond. It's up to you to recover the painting before the damage to the timeline is irreversible!

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

Date release

June 4, 2012

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A True HO Game Finally!
June 4, 2012

I do not know what is wrong with the people that wrote a negative review on this game! A true HO game! Lots of HO's, so those of you who are TRUE HO gamers this is the game for you. They are NOT hard to find. I am not a fan of going back and forth in a game BUT this one was very good! The Big Fish games finally brought in a game that you didn't need to have a blog, a walkthrough, a collector's edition, a stradegy guide etc. and there was NO BLOOD and GUTS! Most of the games on Big Fish and now other sites are doing it is all the garbage I just mentioned and are not a good HO's. This game is excellent. To me the negitive people need to be told and shown how to play with all the guides the games need lately...then why bother playing a game, your not playing it...the guides are. I for one like to play the game on my own, with the tutorial in the begining is fine. So HO lovers this is the game for us. Try it, please don't listen to all the negitive, it was clear, lots to look for, a challenge, just all around good HO.Oh and by the way, some of you should read and listen to the "tips for writing a helpful review."

An Almost Great Game
June 3, 2012

I really wanted to like this game. I really did. The story sounded cool, the music was spooky if a bit annoying after a while. The characters are nicely drawn and the font for dialogue and directions is clear and very readable. So what happened? In a word-playability! The HOG scenes are blurry and oddly colored. The hint bottle refills quickly but it's often hard to see where the hint sparkles are pointing. But the biggest downer for me was the timer! Timed HOGs are frustrating at best, but with it's unclear directions and short duration, it became an exercise in frustration. For all these reasons, I can't recommend this game. Despite it's good points, it's just too fulla problems.

Don't time me bro!
June 3, 2012

I don't need the pressure of another job - game might have been interesting if given the option to just play, and not be timed.

Fun Hidden Object
October 3, 2012

I loved it. It is a true HIdden Object. Not a Hidden Object Puzzle game. I was missing the games that were just Hidden Object rather than all the puzzles that make you keep going from place to place. So if you're looking for just Hidden Object this is the game for you. The timer is not an issue, you always have plenty of time.

Great for HO lovers
January 28, 2013

This is a fun game for those that like Hidden Object games. It does seem a bit outdated but the objects are not hard to find and the timer is fairly generous. I do like HOG and it is fun and it does have a story. The timer just gives it a little challenge which I prefer anyway. The music is not that great...had to turn it down. I would recommend this game on a special. There are not many new games that are just Hidden Objects so I will buy this one even though its a little outdated. I do have a lot of the HO/ puzzle/ adventure games too but I get tired of them and all the going back and forth sometimes. This is fun, and yes, relaxing but try it before you buy it. Also it has a lot to read but it helps you understand the story so it will be a game for me to enjoy on my day off from work. I like a variety of games too. All kinds!!! Wish there were some new just HO games with pretty graphics. It is kinda junk piled but there you have some challenge. Also, for when you need it, the hint button does recharge quickly. :)

great pure HOG game!
June 11, 2013

don't understand all the bad reviews. Nice game if you love pure, simple hog games. Not all games need to be adventure, if you like those, you are more then spoiled with other games. This is simply another kind of game, no need to kill this one off because it's pure HOG. Loads of items to look for, timer gives you so much time it doesn't matter that it's there. no junk piles, just very crowded rooms. Items are not too small, they are just there for grabs if you look close enough. Nice challenge level, not too easy, not too difficult either. The only thing I miss is achievements or extra's. I always like to get something extra if you finish a level without hints etc. Enjoy your gaming!! I higly recommend this game!!

I don't need to play it to know. TIMED.
June 3, 2012

I will never play nor purchase any game where there's a timer w/o option to turn it off. As soon as I read (paraphrased) "to move on you must uncover time traces before timer runs out" I exited as soon as possible (was trapped in mandatory tutorial) and quit the game. Graphics great, could be fun, timer kills it for me. That simple.

May 24, 2014

This is one of the hardest straight hidden object games I've ever played. Although there is a storyline, it is really just one hidden object scene after another, with a few, very easy, puzzles thrown in. The puzzles and locations were repetitious, but in the case of the hidden object scenes, there were new, different hidden objects to find for each location. The storyline was based on time travel, with each location having a past and present scene. However, all the objects in both time frames were current objects, nothing at all related to the past time of the location. I guess that was necessary, as old items would not be familiar to most players. What is really hard in this game is finding the hidden objects themselves. I think the creators really wanted to frustrate the players. Here are some examples: 1. Gun would be on the list to find, but there would be several guns in the scene; you have to keep clicking on each one until you find the right one. This happens a lot with different objects; boxes, chairs, etc. 2. Objects with the same name looked different in any given scene. For instance, when looking for pumpkin, one scene was actually squash, while other scenes were the actual big orange things. 3. Object names do not fit the object. In one location, the object was fan, but turned out to be a hair dryer, yet in another location, hair dryer was the name of the object and the same item fit both descriptions. Another example that was at least consistent throughout the game was duct tape; in every scene where that was an object to find, the object was actually black electrical tape. Many times, the only way I figured this out was to watch the list to see which object disappeared when I clicked on it. Very frustrating. 4. Most of the objects are very tiny. 5. Many of the objects are hidden behind other objects and are practically impossible to find without using a hint. Even after finding their location with a hint, it was sometimes very hard to get it clicked on corr

Time chronicles: The missing excitement
June 3, 2012

I have to start by mentioning the music part of the game, it is a repetitive fast paced, I found myself tapping to it with my fingers only to realize time flies when you don't pay attention and this game has a time restrictions...gotta complete the scene in timely manner in order to receive shiny stars... The objects in the scene just lay there, all yawning, waiting for you to pick them up from the police lineup, graphics are ok but not breath taking. you get to play the same scene in different time something that has to do with this special laser looking gun and a plot that didn't speak to me or was all that exciting. Hint recharges quickly, bunch of HO scenes. have no expectations it won't bug to much. I played the demo, maybe will buy if on daily deal.

Time Chronicles: The Missing Mona Lisa...
June 5, 2012

This is another game I would love to purchase, But the objects are way to small...I really wish you all would make them a wee bit bigger... I would really recommend this game , except for that... It's a great game, just objects are too small...

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