Timeless: The Lost Castle

  • Three levels of difficulty
  • Explore a snow-covered castle
  • Unmask the Man in Red
  • A story of betrayal and redemption
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU : 1.6 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 237

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Every night you’ve been haunted by visions of a man in a red hood, pleading for you to save an innocent soul. You pack your bags for Europe, but soon you’ll find yourself headed for a different destination, stranded aboard a flying ship. In the distance, an ancient castle among the snowy mountains holds the key to releasing a young girl’s spirit, but it also contains an ancient evil sleeping just under its foundations. Follow in the footsteps of the Man in Red and uncover his secrets in Timeless: The Lost Castle, a mysterious Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure game.


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Genre : Puzzle

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Timeless: The Lost Castle
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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

A mysterious man in red summons you, sending you to a flying ship where a little girl needs your help!

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Timeless: The Lost Castle game play Timeless: The Lost Castle game play

A fab non-CE that i enjoyed immensely.

This game was excellent in all depts. I played the middle of 3 modes right through to the end of the game. No sparkles, not too many HOS, and puzzles were interesting and although not overly easy were mainly doable. Not much hand holding. The hint system was adequate without giving too much away. A fair bit of tooing and froing and no map, but found the hint guided me around easily. Relevant info was in the diary. Had a lens to look for some hidden objects, which just added a bit of interest to the game. Took me 6 hours non-stop to finish the game and played seamlessly with zero tech issues. Wish there were more regular games like this.


This is an ingenious game that is lots of fun. It has great graphics, good story, very few iHOS and really unique and fascinating puzzles. The music is just so-so and there are no voice overs. All the dialogue is quick and clickable. The iHOS are list and silhouette. There is no map, which is a pity, because there are so many locations in the Castle, but the hint button is directional, so not really a problem. Some things you have to work out do not have skip buttons, but all the info you need is well displayed in the Diary. There are no creepy crawlies, snakes, or nasties at all. Just one villain intent on doing the wrong thing for the wrong reasons. Apparently it started out as a CE and got downsized to a SE for reasons unknown and I must say if it had a map and voice overs, I can certainly see it as a CE. It really is a smart and detailed game. Thanks to the Devs. Extremely well done. Obviously took a long time to make and a great deal of flair and imagination. It took me 5 hrs and was very entertaining indeed.

A SE worth buying!

So far this game ts proving to be a captivating mixture of steam punk mechanics(the airship you find yourself on) coupled with delightful music and great puzzles.. I really want to pursue the story, play more intriguing puzzles, and just explore the ship and see where it's taking me, Usually I turn the music off but I'm really enjoying what I have heard so far. I made the decision to buy after only playing about 15 minutes of the trial but I don't think I'm going to be disappointed, The graphics are great, there are three game modes, and I finally get to use a game credit!

Fun, a bit of a "throwback," well-thought out game

I recommend this game for people who enjoy gameplay that makes logical sense, from the inventory items to the puzzles. I called this a bit of a "throwback" because there was a time when the adventure aspect of casual games was the same as original adventure games - when what we did in the game made some logical sense. When every lock was not a piece shaped like a fish and eventually found at the bottom of a haystack. I fell in love with this game in the first 15 minutes, because I felt as if I was on that ship, and each action of my mouse/cursor was directly related to what I saw onscreen. Need to open a box with 2 latches? You've got to put the hand directly on the latch itself to activate it, then on the second latch to activate it and then open the box. I like this. Some people don't. I also recommend this game because the puzzles, so far, (I've not yet finished the game) are challenging enough to be interesting without taking me hours to complete. I don't mind long, challenging puzzles, and I hope there are some here, but at least they are not ridiculously easy. Nice artwork, nice atmospherics. I'm not invested in VOs and don't miss them when they're gone (actually like it better without VOs, for the most part). I loved the first "Timeless" game; it's still one of my favorites because of the great puzzles, the length of the game, and the train at the beginning :). I'm thrilled that this is an SE, and a really good one, so I can use one of my coupons with pure pleasure. Thank you Devs -- you've created a well thought out, challenging game. I will happily look out for your next offering in the Timeless series.

Wonderful game

Wow! This game makes me wish it were a CE I loved the flow of the game the graphics are great the voice over is great As to the game, you have to rescue a girl being held prisoner by some nefarious hooded characters. Hint is good without telling you too much I don't consider myself an expert by any means, but this game really captures my interest: I can't wait to see what happens next. As always, it's best to try a game before you buy it, but I purchased this game before the trial was done.

Nice and long with excellent puzzles

Just finished this excellent SE game and enjoyed it so much that I had to write my first review. I only needed the hint button to point me in the right direction as there's no map. Not too many HOS which I found clear even though some items are small. What I loved the most were the puzzles. Challenging but all do-able with some thought and patience and many unique ones. I got a great sense of achievement after completing each one! I just didn't want it to end. Highly recommended :) More of the same please BF and devs!


Loved this game. Many Kudos to the developers. Great story line about a lost little girl that you are trying to save from a bad man in a red cloak, who keeps throwing up roadblocks to stop you. Crisp, clean graphics. Lots of seek and find, and some real puzzlers (no walk thru on this one, so you have to do some head scratching and visits to the forum). No VOS, text only, but it didnt matter HOS: interactive, standard and silhouette. Very clear and crisp and you get more than one item Nice background music Good puzzles, long skip Diary Hint system points you in the right direction A very clever and interesting game. Excellent length for me: over 6 hours casual play

One of the best

A great game, wonderfully complex and intricate. Tons of little sideline multiple objects to find along with different kinds of HOS. And some diabolical puzzles, at least for me. It's not that I didn't try for a good while but had to admit defeat a few times. The gameplay interaction is intuitive but where and how objects are used takes some trial and error. There's no map but the hint feature is very helpful but lots of backtracking. Some won't enjoy this, I don't mind so much, feels more like "real" exploring to me. And a good long game, this will easily spread over a few days for me.

Absolutely LOVED the game!

This fabulous adventure puzzle game with a few hidden object scenes held my attention until the end! Saving a child from a vilian is not new, but this story has an excellent twist and kudos to the developers for the storyline! My favorite parts were the NEW puzzles that kept me occupied for hours on end. The graphics were well done and I actually lingered longer on some scenes just to enjoy the artistry. The length of gameplay was quite generous, and actually better than some recently puchased CEs. No glitches whatsoever means to me attention to the quality of the product before release and its appreciated! I really enjoyed this game and hope to purchase many more from this developer!

So enjoyable

I played this in a Beta test. Then waited for the game to come out. I love it. The hidden objects are nice and some so different. Not just the same old thing over and over. The story is good, and when you think you got it figures out, HA, nope you don't. Enjoy and have a good time with this one.

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