Totem Tribe

  • Real-Time Strategy action.
  • Bring glory to the Hawk Tribe.
  • Forge a prehistoric empire!
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Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 600 Mhz
  • Memory : 128
  • DiretX : 6.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 63

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After a meteoric crash destroys their land, the Hawk Tribe seeks refuge on a distant island called Tetala. Now the tribe`s new leader, young Aruku, needs your help in leading her people to glory and prosperity. Amass workers, scouts, warriors, and various indispensable dinosaur troops, then stake your claim on the land. Govern, command, and fight to expand your empire, even as rival tribes threaten to destroy everything you`ve worked so hard to build. Reforge your future!

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Genre : Strategy

Master your fate with real-time simulation and role-playing games.

Date release

January 29, 2009

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2079 points

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amaaaaaaaaaaazing game
December 5, 2013

it is amazing game full of fun and adventure

Best Game I have purchased so far!
January 15, 2012

I feel this game was worth the price. It takes a nice long time to play, although finding a couple of items needed real scouring of the screen. Some of the puzzles were challenging - but there is always help out there, and they were part of the storyline. More than one ending. After you get your score at the end you want to play agin just to beat it. Brilliant! I WOULD DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THIS GAME. AND I HOPE TT2 WHEN IT COMES OUT IT SHOULD BE JUST AS GREAT.

Build, Explore, Battle! and...find hidden objects?
January 20, 2013

Growing the camp is tons of fun, and is freeform allowing you to decide where you want each building to go, and when you want to build. I did not care for the HO part of the game, which kept me looking for tiny gems hidden in the landscape, or other objects demanded by special item chests, which of course you'd really really want to open! I'll be buying this game sometime soon, but have only played the trial so far. Levels start easy but grow in complexity as you go along, and I suspect there are more islands hiding in the cloud covered parts of the world map. Why, oh why do the 'totems' look like coins, instead of totems?? A good game, give it a try!

March 27, 2012


Great Game
December 27, 2012

Love it, just love it, have to finish it!!!

Loved It!
December 6, 2013

I don't know why I love this game so much, but I totally do. It's an older game, but I keep coming back to play it again and again.

One of my all time favs!
January 11, 2013

This game was definitely worth the price! This is a strategy/adventure type of game, nothing really like it out there right now that I'm aware of anyway. This game took me days to play and it is very challenging in some areas. I had to replay a few of the islands quite a few times to make it through. There's also a bit of HO going on because you have to look for gems on each island and they're not always easy to find, each island has it's own "quests" as well that need to be completed. I would definitely recommend this game and I've been anxiously awaiting a sequel!

Such a great game!
March 21, 2014

Really a great game! Its original and I wish there was a sequal

totem tribe
February 20, 2014

wish there was more games like it

Totem Tribe Review
December 27, 2013

Totem Tribe is a strategy and a little time management game. I liked the different types of hostile creatures and your army because they all looked different depending on what type of person/creature they were. My favourite creature was the little rain drop creatures. I really liked the gameplay and attacking skills in this game. One thing that was helpful is if one of the people in your tribe died another one of them would spawn so you wouldn't run out of people. Being able to repair your buildings and upgrading them was very helpful.

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