Toy Defense

  • 48 captivating levels
  • Upgrade units and weapons
  • 16 different achievements
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 103

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Test your courage and skills as a military leader at the height of World War I in Toy Defense, an exciting Tower Defense game! Don’t let enemies get to your base! Help toy soldiers survive through attacks, protect your base from enemy airplanes, tanks, airships and overcome unexpected traps with the help of different kinds of weapons. Earn stars, strengthen your towers, improve soldiers and buy upgrades. Victory is in your hands!

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Genre : Arcade & Action

Test your hand and eye skills with quick action and challenging levels.

Date release

June 12, 2012

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2795 points

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June 13, 2012

I wish the toy soldiers were a little bit bigger! Love the upgrades.

Don't Underestimate this one :-)
June 20, 2012

First, I'll chat a bit about some complaints, agreeing with some. Yes, there are NO instructions. However, if you're well versed in Tower Defense games, you'll pick it up quick. Some trial and error required here. Regarding the war theme and "disturbing sounds" the soldiers make when dying, you do know that's supposed to be kids making those sounds as they're playing toy soldiers, right? That's the whole point of the simulation, and why it's called "Toy Defense". So gameplay. Don't let the "Toy Defense" title fool you, this game presents a real challenge, even to veteran tower defense players like myself. The early stages were pretty easy, but I'm really struggling with levels above 10. Still, I can't stop playing it :-) ! I was disappointed by a few things, and believe many of the shortcomings are due to this being a port of a mobile game. It's unfortunate that most developers don't take the time to re-tune games like this for the PC market. Pros: - Great challenge, even for skilled TD players - Nice upgrade system - Some nice touches on the graphics - Addictive Cons: - No option to reset your skill tree - No keyboard shortcuts. At all. A few simple ones would have been nice. - Harder levels can't be "intutively" beat, you need to know exactly what's coming in certain waves to prepare for them i.e. requires multiple play throughs. Summary: A great edition to the genre, especially if you're an expert at TD games. Definite recommendation.

Excellent Game
April 26, 2013

Love TD games? Want a GOOD challenge? Then check it out! This title offers so many strategic paths that it took me awhile to develop a winning one!! Should I upgrade early units to the max, buy more units, or wait for that much needed Tank in later waves? hmmmmm The unit upgrade paths provide a choice for your individual playing style, but don't waste Stars going in 2 directions. Think about it and choose 1 path only. Trust me. I didn't find the Durability paths to be of much use. FIREPOWER baby!!! I gave sound 4 stars for the annoying repetitive "death rattles" the soldiers make. Would be nice to turn off Voices and leave on gun Effects. I learned the sounds of enemy fire to know when to repair my units, so I didn't want to turn off sound completely. The gunfire also adds to the atmosphere of the game. The unit graphics are ok but the landscape/background is VERY cool! It looks like a boardgame on a picnic table/blanket has come to life. Nice touch! Sure, I had to replay a few levels several times to get a perfect score, but then I learned of a unique feature I haven't seen in other TD games. I clicked on the Hearts#upper left# and discovered I can buy more Hearts and $$$ for that level using my Reward Stars. Awesome!!! So that totally changed my approach. On harder levels I replay trying to minimize the number of enemy troops that get through. Then just before I finish the level I buy hearts to get up to 100. Spending 20 or 40 Reward Stars to gain the extra 180 you receive for a perfect score is a good ROI, haha. Besides, I enjoy playing levels a few times to fine tune strategies. A few levels send so many men on some waves that I was overwhelmed. Ok, fresh tactics! Buy MORE units instead of upgrading existing ones too much too early. Then the $$$ you make killing those 2-3 massive waves of men will allow more upgrades! Ta dahh.... I've only completed the first 16 levels with perfect scores and am looking forward to more fun challenges. Haven't even begun Har

Fun Game
June 11, 2012

Fun game and challenging during certain levels. I've only played the trial so far. My main complaint about this game is the lack of instructions. When I first started playing I was waiting for a tutorial to start, it never did. I thought that perhaps I'd somehow missed a link for instructions but after searching the menu options, there truly are no instructions for this game. By the time I figured out what you're supposed to do 3 enemy soldiers had already entered the compound (I wasnt sure if they were the enemy or my men, as there are LITERALLY no instructions). Also, it takes FOREVER to earn enough money to upgrade from anything better than a riflemen. You earn $1 for every enemy killed & $2 for armored ones. Upgrading your riflemen is easy because you use stars for them, not money. But when the other side starts sending out tanks if all you have are riflemen you have to upgrade them or you'll never stop the tanks. Even if you upgrade all of your men, at the end of the level you can only take 3 with you to advance on, which you have to pay again to use in the next level. And if anyone knows how to come up with the $100 you need to upgrade to the next level of servicemen please let me know. By the time I start getting close to that amount of $ they send out the tanks & I end up having to spend every dime covering the field with rifleman & upgrading them. Those are my only complaints, overall its a really fun game which I plan to purchase.

Fun Strategy Game
June 22, 2012

Have not got very far yet but so far am thoroughly enjoying its challenges

June 12, 2012

hard but fun, i wish that they would make more tower defese games. im so sick of hidden objects..

good tower defense game
June 11, 2012

Only played the demo so far, but I have purchased it. I'm enjoying the tracks and towers, simple stuff but it's what I like. :) I'm playing on casual at the moment, but it's providing enough challenge to start with. I really like how you can take 3 towers with you from level to level which really helps with the upgrades. 2 things I don't like are, you don't have lots of choice where to put your towers and from a personal view I don't like shooting things that look like people, would love it to be some kind of funny looking creatures instead.

Lots of Fun - Needs a Tutorial Tho
June 11, 2012

TOTALLY ENJOYED the demo time on this game and am definitely getting it! i loved the concept of a little boy playing toy soldiers on a map, really just brings back the childhood nostalgia of having little wars with your plastic army men or cowboys or whatever. the graphics were really cute. even tho there wasn't a tutorial (which is a shame honestly i think that turns people off to have to trial and error stuff) i was able to figure things out pretty fast. fun features like you can save your most upgraded units from previous battle by dragging and dropping them from the map onto circles in the lower left corner and you can buy more spaces to save units in with stars you earn. you can also buy upgrades for your units first by buying the unit upgrade itself and then it opens up specialties once you've bought a couple unit levels like more firepower and better defense. if anyone has questions or is confused don't hesitate to message me and i will try and be helpful. 2 speed options is great for increasing challenge (there are 2 challenge levels also, casual and advanced). also being able to fast forward is nice when you have an easy wave to get thru and don't want to wait. you can also pause and consider strategy for the next wave as well which is nice. i liked the sounds because they reminded me of a little boy playing army men i sincerely suggest anyone who likes tower defense style games to check this one out and decide for yourself instead of getting hung up on those first overly negative (imo) reviews because i was really hooked right away on this game. there is no blood or anything like that, it's plastic army men just animated and honestly i'd have no problem letting my kids play this game, it's really cute and fun. happy gaming all!

this game is great!!
June 13, 2012

This game looks great the design and over all feel of the Bord and the toys look amazing down to the scattered paper clips and Lego's. the sound can get repetitive thought. I don't think people understand these are toys and are complaining about the screams when a soldier dies but if you listen the are trying to say funny thing like " I lose" its not meant to be offensive and I think they did a good job of keeping it light even though most didn't get it. which I think is crazy when 80% of the hidden object game are about dead or lost childeren in a old house... This game is just fun...!

Totally Addictive
June 24, 2012

If you like tower defense games, then you will love this game. There are four types of towers that I have encountered so far. That might seem small but the technology tree for each tower makes up for it. The awards are also very cool. The game is also very family friendly as you are defending against toys. I can't wait to get back to playing the game.

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