Tulula: Legend of a Volcano

  • Incredible storyline
  • Exciting action
  • Save the tribe’s shaman!
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Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 256
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 196

Review for game Tulula: Legend of a Volcano

Once upon a time on an island far away, a gentle tribe lived in peace and harmony. But one day an evil spirit broke free and wreaked havoc on their happy life! Only one member escaped the evil spell - you, the chosen one. Now it’s up to you to save your tribe and go on an incredible journey in Tulula: Legend Of A Volcano. Dive into this Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game and become a hero!

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

Date release

November 17, 2010

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3711 points

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2 Cute..really fun..!!!
July 21, 2012

I really enjoyed playing this simply by taking my time, cute story, really a must..., great graphic's & colors, I love games with bright colors..Try , you'll be entertained..:-)

Adorable, whimsical, colorful game not just for kids
March 7, 2013

Although this game would be enjoyable for children, its appeal is not limited to kids. In fact, it is actually quite difficult in places. It kept me occupied for 5 or 6 hours although I really try to avoid help and I don't skip puzzles. The game play was varied with plenty of different types of mini-games. There was one HOS in each of about 10 chapters and they were far more entertaining than usual. The plot was cute, the artwork was extremely creative and VERY colorful and the game made me smile constantly. The only thing I wasn't crazy about was the kind of repetitive music. I would love to see more games of this type.

Bright, cheerful, fun game
May 5, 2012

In Tulula you are on a quest to rescue the islanders from the evil Vulco. However, there is no stress at all in this game. Everyone's friendly, the pace is easigoing, each scene has a rainbow of colors, the music is tropical and cheerful, you get medals and flags, and get to build a village with the "talents" you earn playing each scene. My 6-year-old daughter played this with me, then played it by herself a few times (with me doing some of the reading). The friends that come over to our house, all play this game with her. Of all the games, I've gotten from Big Fish, this was far and away the winner of them all. I yearn for more games just like this one.

Bright, colorful
April 12, 2012

I enjoyed this bright, colorful story, wonderful characters, good humour. It was a fun game to play, not so hard you couldn't enjoy and hard enough to be fun. What a pleasure to have the bright colors and good lighting. Hope everyone enjoys this. Great change from the dark, dreary and eerie we have seen so much of lately. And a Hidden Object to boot, what fun, what more could you ask for.

Enjoyable & Relaxing
August 7, 2012

There is much to offer in this game....the HO is just difficult enough to remain interesting yet when you become frustrated trying to find a particular piece, the hint is quick to react and give you the answer you are looking for almost instantly. The characters and dialogue are cute and entertaining and the story line is creative and intriguing. The graphics are crisp and colorful and if you ever studied anything about Mayan history or legends you will find yourself immersed in this game completely. The reaction time when you do located the HO is fast enough that you don't become bored and the mini games are intriguing and mind bending at times. After only playing for 30 minutes, I know I had to have this game for relaxation and interesting format. I find that this game is not only for adults but children will enjoy it as well. Another great game for all ages....thank you for a job well done!!!

For a minimal animation HOB it was great!
October 27, 2013

I loved the story, the colors, the minigames and you could be 4 different people in the game making the game played in a different order each time and when replayed if you are using your original self it changes it up for you. The music and characters are good, the old man shaman is a hoot to hear talking and the challenges are the same old stuff as in every other HOB, most challanges have a challenge with in itself. I think this is a game that ages 12 to 75 would enjoy. PS(I hope there is another "legend" in the making!)

Great Strategy Fun
January 1, 2012

I loved this one!.If you are looking for a game that is purely for fun without the gore and morbidity that are all too often found in the newer games than this one is a must play.It has over 9 levels and each level is different with different things to do.The colorful scenes are good and the music relaxing.There is nothing you won't be able to accomplish without a walkthrough.Everything is laid out and there is a hint button when you need it.It will take you a while to complete because there are so many levels.Sometimes we need a game that we know we can complete ourselves so we don't feel so intimidated.

Very Entertaining!
December 26, 2012

This game is very fun oriented. There's no heavy story or gore as some games in the genre have. There are a lot of things going on at once and you get absorbed in it. Very entertaining. NOTE: During the Island Of Loss level DO NOT pause the game! sometimes it causes the game to not be able to continue, idk why. Otherwise a solid game

April 30, 2013

This is one of my favorite games - I've played it several times and doubt that I will ever tire of it. Fairly lengthy. Storyline is very imaginative and skillfully constructed; love entering into the little girl's pictures. Her imagination in drawing pictures allows so much creativity in telling the story. Also love the way her guardian "supervises" her - his notes to her are hilarious. Exceptional production values. Gameplay and picturesque graphics are outstanding. Challenging and innovative. I can't think of anything negative to say about it, except that the developers haven't come out with a sequel. If you like well-crafted games that will surely amuse you, try this game.

What a cute game.
May 11, 2013

This is such a lovely, relaxing game. You are on a hunt for objects to bring down the evil and bring the island back to its former glory - but it doesn't look demolished or anything anyway. The graphics are bright and cheery - the scenes are fanciful. The mini games show up quite unexpectedly and are not hard to play. The objects you are looking for are more in the realm of Treasure Seekers as opposed to a straightforward HOG. In the meantime, you earn medals and awards as you go along. I was disappointed that the "Chief" did not actually speak and everything was basically written. If that were changed my grandchildren could definitely play this on their own. So, this will just be another fun thing to do at grandma's house. A great delight to add to my list of games. This glam-ma says a must get.

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