Twisted Lands: Origin

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  • DiretX : 9.0
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Review for game Twisted Lands: Origin

Experience the birth of the terror that gripped the island of Tormente in Twisted Lands: Origin! This captivating prequel will lure you in with stunning artwork and bone-chilling audio, and then hold you captive as you explore dozens of bloodcurdling locations, search for useful items and solve cleverly designed puzzles! Every story has a beginning, but few are as horrifying as this!

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

Date release

August 19, 2012

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1878 points

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Awesome SE!
August 18, 2012

Wow, what a nice SE! It has been a very long time since we have seen one like this. Excellent graphics and game play, very nice voice-overs, excellent hint system, nice HOGs (although not a lot), games not difficult but some take a bit of time. Wasn't sure what was happening with the map. It was a bit confusing to me...maybe it's just me. Music was nice as well. A little different story line for a change. Everything flowed very well. I have the other two Twisted Lands and really enjoyed them. I got right to the end of the 2nd chapter before my demo ran out and man, was I disappointed. This is well worth the price of an SE. Most definitely a buy for me. Thanks for the reviews.

Best of the Series
August 18, 2012

In my opinion, "Twisted Lands:Origin", is the best of the series. If you liked "Twisted Lands", you'll love this game. The graphics are excellent; the music adds tension to the game instead of being annoying. The cut scenes give you insight into what is going on and background of the story. The mini games, while not all new, are challenging without being frustrating. The HO scenes, however, are fairly easy. I like the fact that they are spread apart--not one scene after another. After playing as many HOG's as I have, one tends to get kind of jaded. This renewed my interest and was an immediate buy for me. Enjoy, Fishies!

Deserves TEN Stars!!!!
August 20, 2012

First let me say you do NOT need to purchase the first two games of this series. Now that I've played "Origin", the first two games make a lot more sense. Now, onto my review: This was one of those rare games that I couldn't stop playing. The graphics are astounding, but the extraordinary music made the game totally addictive. I wore headphones and actually felt I was in a movie theater at times -- sound quality and voiceovers were superb. The game is highly interactive, even the map. Minigames are not impossible; they just take a bit of logic & time to complete. Hidden object scenes are not overly plentiful and items are crisp and fairly easy to spot. The storyline was suspenseful, filling me with dread at times. There is a lot of backtracking, but when you get overwhelmed or lost, the hint button is there to tell you which way to go and best of all it doesn't have to re-charge when you're only asking directions. This is a totally immersive game -- download it today!

Give it a chance
August 18, 2012

This is a really great game. I'm not sure what the chemistry is that makes one game click and another not, but this one does. I am in the "intermediate" category in terms of skill. Have been slow to move to games that are not collectors editions without strategy guides as I hate having to go back and forth to walkthroughs. Also I am not a fan of games that make one go "back and forth, back and forth." In this game however, the back and forth is an integral part of the game. And there's a map to jog one's memory when you're stuck. Check your inventory and you're on your way. The HOG scenes are not too easy and not too many, very nicely done without incongruous items (like hot dogs or doughnuts in a cemetery) in the scene. Puzzles not hard but not super easy. Storyline is intriguing and I hadn't played the preceding game but found this game was fun and understandable without that. Great game and definitely worth the price/coupon of an SE Makes me want to check out the game that it's supposed to provide storyline to precede. Thumbs up, including the music.

How Awesome
August 18, 2012

I really enjoyed the free demo on this & bought it The story was a 'grab-you-at-the-start' type you can play this game without playing the other the graphics/music are good two play modes **sneaker Alert*** I, for once, enjoyed the back & forth movement as it was fun to try & remember this object goes to that scene the HINT works outside of the HOS The Voice overs & in between scene are well done & move the storyline along well overall a really good SE game for more than an hours entertainment

It's A Buy
August 18, 2012

I am usually not one to post a review and if you read on you will understand why. However, this is an exception. If this is the type of game (HOG +) you prefe,r it is a buy. The story-line is a little different than most. Although it is easy and I am playing at expert mode, I still suggest a buy. Without getting into game details (sucko memory) if you are looking for an introduction to HOGs or looking for a break from the difficult ones, just a relaxing rainy afternoon, this is the one for you. Whether you buy it or not, I suggest you download it and simply enjoy it. I usually skip the story but thought I would take a break and just sit back and listen. There is usually action (so far) with each move. You are not just jumping from spot to spot. A little scene action was nice. Bessie Mae

Just as good as the others
November 28, 2012

I think this game is good. The hint button works well by just telling you where to go next and giving you any other info. The music is good and the graphics are also good. The puzzles are not all that hard to do and the HOS are also good. I have play all the twisted lands games and they are worth the money.

Loved It
August 18, 2012

I am a fan of Twisted Lands and this game is the prequel that takes me back to where it all began. As Detective, I have been hired by my old friend to investigate the disapearance of his daughter Yeresa. My ship lands on the docks of the infamous Island of Tormente where I am about to enter a world of twisted horrors and discover the cause behind the disapearance of it's inhabitants. Once again a super game from one of my favorite developers, and even better, a SE game at that. As always, the graphics are crisp and the artwork stunning. I love the waterpaint look in games which may seem nostalgic, but still looks beautiful. Game menu offers custom cursor and two game modes, Regular and Expert. Game features include great voice overs, sound effects, a journal with a task list, a map along with a compass to show you possible routes. There is also a mysterious box that relates the entire mystery, where you need to collect items to place in it. The only disapointment was that the map was not interactive so be sure to bring your extra pair of boots, there is alot of backtracking involved. Game play is standard HOPA with beautiful cut scenes, interactive HO scenes, mini games and puzzles to solve. The challenge is really involved with getting to each scene and using your inventory items. There are alot of places to go and much to do as you slowly begin to discover the horrors that lay before you. Some people may not enjoy all the travelling, but in expert mode, I do love the fact that there are no sparkles and no hand holding, so a walkthrough will be needed in some cases. Mini games are relatively easy and HO scenes are junk-piled and only slightly interactive. I know that many will not find this an outstanding game but for those who have played Twisted Lands, they will definitely appreciate the many hours of fun gameplay as well as going back to the begining of was once a very spooky story. Great game and a great time to be had.

Twisted Lands: Origin
August 18, 2012

[Recommended to players with previous "Twisted Land" experience] ... And so we return a third time to the island of Tormente, this time, living the origin story. It's a complicated story, which fits the complicated layout of the game, with lots of "scenic routes" and scenes to remember. Does the key fit here, there, or over there? The valve is broken, how else can I stop the gas? What's with those statues and why can't I get in that as soon as I want? Playing a Detective who is hired by a worried mother who hasn't seen her daughter in years, you slowly roam over the island, searching for clues and wondering - if you have completed the first two Twisted Lands games - why there are still people on the island? They know something's different, but so, of course, do we. It's that curiosity of the player that wonders... what's it going to take for all this to go wrong? that drives the player first, but sure enough, something is rotten in the state of Denmark, and the first few signs were disturbing enough to make me think twice before going to the next location. [A genuine spookfest!!] Once you start, everything happens very quickly. The game runs smoothly as you roam over the not-yet-remains of Tormente, and find leading diary entries that speak of a new hope in science, only to betray those who discovered it. The art in this game is entirely appropriate, well-done, dark, and slightly spooky. HO scenes give items that bring more answers than questions, and the animation is incredibly smooth and voice-appropriate. There is a lot of trodding around, so wear comfortable shoes... and watch where you step - no one yet knows how the Tormente apocalypse was set off, and you certainly don't want to be the one that triggers it...

WOW Brilliant
August 18, 2012

This is a must buy game. Within the first few minutes you are taken in to a world of intrigue. The story line is great with twists and turns. The HOG are very good you travel from one scene to another with ease and you find yourself totally engrossed in the story line. This game has been very well put together and thought out for maximum pleasure. I have not played such a good game for quite a while. Its great. The hint button is very useful and precise, you have to really think about where to use the objects you find, and the story slowly unravels its self. Fantastic is the only way I can describe it. This game gets a +++++

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