Vampire Secrets: Eternal Love

  • Beautifully detailed artistic scenes
  • Concepts from an authentic Transylvanian studio
  • Engrossing gameplay with captivating atmosphere
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU : 1.4 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 785

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Embark on a mysterious journey taking you from London to the heart of Transylvania and investigate a series of nocturnal kidnappings bringing unrest to Eastern Europe. It's up to you to face these troubled times in search of your younger sister, Maria. Your investigation will lead you to Bran Castle, a place steeped in the myth of Count Dracula. Immerse yourself in an ancient vampire society in Vampire Secrets: Eternal Love!

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Genre : Hidden Object

Spot hidden objects and solve puzzles and mysteries in lush, eye-catching scenes.

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April 17, 2013

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3356 points

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PuzzleMatch 3

A challenging game
April 17, 2013

As an experienced gamer I was curious to play the game after all the negative reviews . One thing I realised from the start you HAVE to pay attention to how the game plays and follow the tutorial to have any chance of enjoying the game . The choice of 3 levels of challenge I picked easy and I was glad until you get used to game play some of the HO's are difficult to find The scene slides and as explained you can pan this to find the objects .At the same time there are mini challenges cutting wood /lighting a fire etc OK some of the skip scenes have graphics a lot of reviewers found poor Some developers use those scenes for the best graphics .and some games are all about the look . I played the demo for about 20 mins and found it an ok game but it is really a hidden object game not an adventure game with some HO's I am not the biggest fan of HO's but I found gameplay was ok I came away from playing to write this . I will go back and finish my demo time Although I probably wouldn't buy the game myself because of all the HO's I think it comes down to personal taste

Better than portrayed
April 16, 2013

One of my favorite things is HOG's and Vampire Secrets: Eternal Love definately is one! From the first scene there are hidden objects to find, first by word and then by picture. Within each hos there are pop ups for mini games which are fun. The artwork/graphics have a painting quality which I found pleasing and well done. The storyline was okay to good. This is not the best game I have played but I found it fun, which is why I play.

cheesy good fun
April 19, 2013

Okay, well, at the risk of bucking the 2-star trend, all I can say is I really enjoyed this game. It is a departure from the usual, even if the gameplay isn't all that sophisticated. The graphics are interesting: sometimes beautiful, sometimes bad comic book. There are a lot of HOGs that have twists to them, and if you like Victorian novels you'll appreciate how the story is delivered.

I liked it! Straight forward HOG
May 2, 2013

This game is a nice retro change of pace compared to the majority out there. One thing I noticed you have to read the HELP and pay attention to the short tutorial. I liked the Difficulty levels feature, but you cannot change it during gameplay. Tried it on Hardcore and it was too much for me. Had to create a new profile and reduce the Difficulty.. The game gets better after the first chapter with a lot of nice HO scenes. There are a lot of puzzles some easy some challenging. In between stages movies are bad but do the job in telling the story. Apart from Maria?s irritating voice the rest was quite nice. GAMEPLAY: You play HOS in the form of lists, then the same scene with outlines. Green Items will usually take you to a new screen for a puzzle or another HOG. Than back to the main screen. MECHANICS: You have Zoom-in, pan and a Mini map that tells you where you are. Nice features but hardly ever used. Overall the game is nice and challenging.

Not impressed
April 25, 2014

Before I started the game I altered the settings to make the picture sharper, then it was better,some of the reviews said the picture wasn't good, but when I altered it, it was OK. I didn't play much of the game, I like HOS, but for me there was to many, I prefer a game with allot of story behind it, I started at the cottage, then moved onto the castle, as soon as I got there, another HOS, and that's where I stopped, others might like the game, but it wasn't for me, JMO obviously

Straightforward classic HOG
April 17, 2013

No doubts for me, the graphic in the scenes is great and I like it. It's even more realistic than in many other games, so I really can't understand some of the "reviews". The story is lovely done and the gameplay is just like it should be for a classic HOG. For me really perfect and well done.

Vampire Secrets
April 16, 2013

Well, I don't know why everyone is not liking this game. I thought it was fun. I really like it and I am purchasing it. I like the fact that you have more than one thing to do. So, why isn't anybody liking this game I wonder!!!

Was Just Ok!!
April 25, 2013

I bought the game only b/c i had a credit to use and was bored with no new HOS games out..:(..It was just ok for me

April 16, 2013

GRAPHICS YOU MAY/MAY NOT LIKE: The artwork is highly stylized, so it will appeal to some but not others. I agree that the artists were not good at drawing people, but the rest was good if you pay attention to the style it portrays. If you want your artwork to be simple, you will not like it. I do like the artists efforts (though they could get help with the people's faces). The game is a nice change of pace. GAMEPLAY: You basically play HOS in the form of lists, then the same scene with outlines. Finding certain items will take you to a new screen for a minigame or invite a comment from a character. ATTRIBUTES: Hints will point the direction the HO is in, if it is not in the screen. So you have a zoomable and panaramic views, which I like. You also have a minimap and can choose the sharpness of objects. NEGATIVES: Voices could be much better. but dialogue is written if you want the sound off. I found the floating book on the left to be a distraction. It was not always easy to determine from the inventory tray whether an object was still outstanding. It would be better if they changed the background or box outline color. Overall, I like the game.

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