War Chess

  • 4 gameplay modes.
  • 10 difficulty levels.
  • 3D graphics.
Min System request
  • OS : Windows 2000/XP/VISTA/7/8
  • CPU : 600MHz or faster Processor
  • Memory : 128

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WarChess is set in a dark and magic world where dwarves, elves, goblins, and strange creatures rule. Choose your army and defeat your opponent in gloriously rendered 3D chess environments including barren deserts, ancient temple ruins, and many other mysterious and mystical realms.


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Genre : Card & Board

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War Chess
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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

Play chess in a fantastic world where epic battles are waged in 3D.

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War Chess game play War Chess game play

Quality... simple as that

This is a super game for all chess strengths. There are many freeware programs available that are stronger but for fun and beauty this is a must.

Great Game!

i love chess! 3d animation takes chess to a whole new level.


I've never written a review before but decided to give it a go. My reason for doing so is that, at first, I was put off from trying this game by a couple of the more negative reviews to be found here. However, I decided to download the free trial anyway ? and I'm very glad that I did so. The interface, in fact, is quite easy to navigate and the pieces are very easy to move. You just left-click the piece you want to move and right-click the square you want to move it to ? job's done. When you first start up the game, in addition to the 3-D chessboard, you'll see a small conventional chessboard, plus a window for displaying captured pieces, along with a window for the move list. Pressing the keyboard escape key brings up a sub-menu. This is a very handy feature. At any time during a game you can call up the sub-menu and change some of the game's settings. E.g., you can show/hide the move list, the captured pieces etc., if you want/don't want them visible. If you have the conventional chessboard displayed it can also be used to move the pieces in exactly the same way as with the 3-D board ? or by dragging and dropping. All very nifty. The game doesn't have any time controls but for me that's a mute point anyway. If you're playing against the computer it's always going to be able to evaluate hundreds more positions per second than you can ? so what's the point of trying to out-do it on time? Some will disagree with that and perhaps point out that games involving grand masters v computers are always timed ? and the computer doesn't always win. It's a factor in those kind of games ? but how many of us will ever find ourselves playing at that level? All of the other game play features you'd expect to be present are there though e.g., player v player, player v computer, computer v computer ? that's good enough for me. The 3-D pieces, all fully animated, are of the type you wouldn't want to run into up a dark lonely backstreet. Very scary ? but all the better for that. By holding down the left mouse but

War Chess is my kind of game

I really like chess game, especially that i found out that there is a war chess and all graphic effect is very good and quite interesting.

well its a must have if u are a real chess player

it was sent to me as a gift nd when i played it i thought it was awesome i like despite what other people may say they just hating but life goes on ..nice job with this chess game

War Chess is a Winner

War Chess is a remarkable twist on this classic game. Brilliant actually ? it introduces an unexpected element of fun into each move. There are two chess boards. The main board shows the animated action figures and the small board is a standard chess display. You move the pieces within the small board and then watch your move translated into lifelike movement on the large board. Outstanding! I played one round of chess and immediately made my purchase. Both the color and graphics are superb. If you love chess, you stand a good chance of being pleasantly surprised from your first move forward. Two thumbs up.

Chess for the Best !

Chess players beware ! This is a real battle of witts !

at long last

I used to play battle chess on my ffirst windows PC. have been looking for this game for years, highly entertaining and challenging

War Chess

Now we are talking common sense because this game has got instructions for what to do and the moves to make

Should have listened to the reviews!

Even though I read the reviews, I still downloaded it to try the trial. I was sooo wrong to do this! I loved the graphics and know how to play chess, but couldn't get the peices to move! The tutorial only tells you how to PLAY CHESS not how to play the game. I tried everything I could think of but nothing worked. I got the board to rotate and zoom in and out but nothing else! Don't spend you money unless you really want to, this game is not worth it!

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