War in a Box: Paper Tanks

  • 3D graphics
  • Tons of units
  • Normal & Expert Mode
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
  • CPU : 1.8 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 754

Review for game War in a Box: Paper Tanks

Finally the war of paper tanks comes into your room in War in a Box: Paper Tanks! How long can you hold the defences against paper tanks? Build up your towers to combat the tanks before they get out of the box and make a huge mess in the room. Manage the turrets, upgrade and carefully position them to win the battle. War in a Box: Paper Tanks is an amazing tower defense game with an incredible number of levels.

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Genre : Arcade & Action

Test your hand and eye skills with quick action and challenging levels.

Date release

October 4, 2012

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2780 points

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October 27, 2012

I also had a problem with the rotation of the screen, but once I found you just clicked on the zoom on the right, it was okay. I really enjoyed this game, and it was enough of a challenge to make it interesting. I had to start again a few times on the later levels. Some of the weapons are useless, so I just stuck to 3 weapons and concentrated on them and upgrading. The sound effects were good and as for the music being distracting......I just turned it off! :-) I did finish the game rather quickly as there weren't many levels and would have liked some more. I also found it very addictive. I'm now going to see if there is another game of this type.

Good game!
October 27, 2012

One of the best new tower defences! Great 3D graphics, very challenging levels.

Great (Adictive) Game
August 19, 2013

Great military tower time management game, you can play it though twice if you wish, as the expert mode adds a more challenging engagements. I played it for about 10 to 15 hours so its a good deal, when you get it on sale. Best all, Mike

Great Game!
October 21, 2012

This is a fun game comparable to Toy Defense. It isn't quite as addicting. I tend to not play this for hours on end. But, I keep coming back, trying to get 100% on the levels. I found the graphics to be unique and very good. I have also found the tune stuck in my head! I am still working on all 100% levels and am on the easier version. I can't imagine what hard will be like. Worth giving a try!

I enjoyed it
October 4, 2012

Although I wasn't entirely thrilled with the graphics at first, I found myself enjoying the game play and found it challenging after the first few levels. I did buy it, because I really like the tower defense type games and haven't seen one in a while. Basically, it looks like you're set up in a kid's room with paper tanks and airplanes, and cardboard boxes for buildings and hangars. A paper map that shows you where the ground and air enemies will be entering and exiting. You have spots to place your differnent types of towers - some shoot at only ground targets, others only air, and others at both - some more powerful and expensive than others. You get your money from each destroyed target. Give it a try. Even if you don't buy it, the trial will be a fun diversion for an hour.

I liked it!
October 10, 2012

I'm a tower defence fan and I enjoyed this one. I liked the graphics and the "paper toys" idea, makes it cute-sy. My favorite td game is still Mushroom Revolution though!

personal taste of style
October 4, 2012

as far as what the game is about GMPapillon's say's it the best short and sweet,however I am buying the game,it's not as pretty as some of the other games of this style,but I found it to be just as fun,but then I love this style of game even more than TM, except plant verse's zombies (my personal favorite)

Standard tower defender with original setting
October 4, 2012

Note: I've only played the demo. Although this game is about towers defending against tanks and airplanes (at least throughout the demo), a pretty standard scenario, unusually, it is set in a cardboard box in someone's room, and, it's 3D, unlike any other tower defender game I've seen, which for me, isn't that many. I found the interface to be really clear in describing exactly how much time, how many lives, how many waves, how much money, etc. There could be a little more distinguishing information about exactly what type of tanks or planes are set to come out in each level or wave, The game keeps track of how well you did each level based on how many tanks or planes you let through. I didn't find any problems with jerky cursor movement, unlike another reviewer. The screen does look just a little blurry, but I didn't think it was a problem. Music is standard dramatic military movie issue but I didn't dislike it. I didn't find it terribly challenging so far, but I have only reached level 4, so there's a lot of room for increase in difficulty. All-in-all, if you like this kind of game, but maybe if you haven't played too many of them, you might find this enjoyable without being overly challenging at the beginning at least.

very cool
April 15, 2013

really enjoyed this game, hope there is a follow up

Very original game
October 5, 2012

New, fresh, original version of tower defense. Easy at the beginning and very challenging after.

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