• Choose from 10 characters.
  • Buy, sell, trade resources.
  • Stunningly original graphics.
  • Discover a new outpost withWestward II: Heroes of the Frontier
Min System request
  • OS : Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 600 Mhz
  • Memory : 128
  • DiretX : 6.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 26

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Gold is there for the taking. Bandits lurk around every turn. Where is this wild place? Westward, that's where. Control the fortunes of three vastly different towns in this strategic, resource management game. Help the towns rise from the dust of the frontier and grow into thriving boomtowns. It's your turn to brave the dangers of the West!


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Genre : Arcade & Action

Test your hand and eye skills with quick action and challenging levels.

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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

Enter the rough and tumble world of Westward, where adventure and untold fortune await you in this strategy-based game.

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Westward game play Westward game play

An epic time mangaemant

I have never seen a more well-created game of this type. The story line is funny, the game play is easy to learn but hard to master, and the game just grabs you from the beginning.

First of an awesome series

This is an awesome game, you have to teach ur characture to do jobs in order to progress through the game, this game is a lot of fun, you have to interact with other charactures through out the game, hours and hours of fun to be had highly recommend this game

Wesward Series Allows Freedom

I was shocked when I looked up Westward (hoping that somehow there might be a new game) to only see 5 reviews. This series is what hooked me on playing games and I am still wishing for more games of this variety that are as good as Westward, Wandering Willows, & Hero of the Kingdom. In my opinion the Westward Series (and Westward III specifically) is the best. The play is all similar, you have a quest to achieve and must travel around a map and produce and find things in order to achieve that quest. However many games limit where you can place and build items, what order you must do things in, etc. This game assumes you have intelligence and allows you the freedom to build things wherever you want. Some choices may mean you cannot complete the task because you run out of money or get killed or burnt out because you do not have enough support help with you, but that is part of the game. You learn, just as folks settling a new land did, what you must have and take care of first in order to survive. Each of the five games in the series are long playing and well worth the money. I know that the company who developed this has been sold. There must be some game creators who could create something similar in Africa, the Rain Forest, Australia, and many other places that would be just as fun. Big Fish, can't you find or hire these folks?


I love these types of games. I own all of the westward games. Cant wait for another one.

Old Time Favorite

Westward was the first game I purchased, and got me hooked. I was amazed at how long the gameplay was, and I love how you can play and play and play. My life is stressful enough, so I don't like time management games where I race against a clock - I love this type of strategy game where I can build up supplies (gold, wood, food, gunslingers) and build a successful town. There is ample tongue in cheek humor, the graphics are fun, saving is easy with multiple save slots you can use at almost any time during gameplay. Saving frequently is a good idea, since the game allows you the freedom to choose when you do various side quests, and you may find you took a path that got you into trouble - and you want to go "back in time" BEFORE that famine hit, or that fire, or those gunslingers shot down all your buildings. No problem. I like that. Back to my earlier comment about real life is stressful enough. Great that in this game, if the town blows up, as long as I'm saving frequently, I can always get a do-over, and recreate my perfect Main Street. :-D My Good Guys ALWAYS win! :-D It sort of takes me back to playing with lego or doll houses as a kid again...but better.....just relaxing escapism when I need a break.

Unexpected Fun

I enjoy playing games that take several weeks to complete like this game. The tasks were challenging by not difficult to come.

Totally, totally loved it

If you like quirky adventures, then this is for you. It's 'old', so don't expect everything to be 'singing and dancing' and it also still seems to have a few problems, but these can be ironed out in the options-menu with a few adjustments. it took me several days to complete it and I never got bored. You may want to save quite often. Plenty of quests to do and not many hints, let alone a full walkthrough, are available, but that makes it even more interesting. You need to build wisely in this one and not overpopulate your cities. Sacking workers from one job and making them another more pressing job is what this is all about. It's one the toughest strategy games I have so far played. Yes, you need to drag people across the land an awful lot and by doing this explore you open up the full map of the region. My tip: Build carefully, because you don't know if there isn't a building you fix with little resources and just take your time. This is not a game you can play in a few hours flat out. I bought Westward II today and this one is even tougher, but I love that level of challenge. Give it a try and by all means do read the conversations of the characters. They give you a lot of information that you won't be able to obtain by clicking through it.

First opus of a great series !

You're in Farwest in a become city after having dealt with a prospector. You then have to check various characters, build buildings and go through the territory in search of new resources. The +: an effective tutorial / funny characters / multiple parallel quests / varied and numerous improvements / good music / tons of gaming hours (with 25MB it's very impressive ! ) The tiny -: you have to save your game (don't forget :-) You have no time limit to make your missions. I didn't find this game difficult but stimulating! I concentrated on the objectives and the dumping was immediate. Wesward is the first of a great series (4 by now). For fans of strategy games it's a "must to have". Note : didn't encounter any problems (no bugs).

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