Woodville Chronicles

  • Gripping gameplay
  • Relaxing music
  • Build your own beautiful town
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 128
  • DiretX : 7.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 40

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Build your own beautiful town in Woodville Chronicles, a fun and fantastic Match 3 game! Collect resources and build your city from the ground up! Complete challenging levels and unravel the secret of your town. Work through different obstacles like chains, double chains, chests, and more, as you complete each level. Unlock awesome bonuses that’ll help you complete your quest in Woodville Chronicles!

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Genre : Match 3

Match or swap items into groups of 3 or more in wild and colorful settings.

Date release

November 9, 2010

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2241 points

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Nice, but lacking something...
December 27, 2011

Chose you style of M3 play: swap, chain, or group. Clear all the covered tiles to complete a level. After each level you have the OPTION to play a bonus game of moving the key to the key hole, rotating the board as necessary. It appears you can change the play style / rotation at any time but it isn't really necessary during the main game as the boards are always square. As the game progresses, chains and boxes (and more?# are added to increase difficulity but with all the options, it isn't really difficult at all. Lots of bonus options, a different one for each color #area bomb, random remove, row clear, color remove, and shuffle). Combo matches seem to "charge" a random tile and large matches add a localized explosion effect... neither of these seem to clear the covered tiles, just remove the tokens so new ones can be generated. Occasionally, a "bonus offer challenge" will be given: make 3 matches of the same color (in time limit on timed mode) to insta-refill a color based bonus. Earning gold lets you upgrade your town... but there is no story driving this and no appearent change to game play as you add more buildings. I made it into the 2nd stage and the only change was the background... I like the variety (although I stayed in the standard swap mode) and I like the bonuses and the way the tokens moved... it was very smooth. But, there is no incentive to progress in the game. Upgrading the town just adds buildings, in pre determined locations, and 4 buildings completes a stage. The buildings don't change anything: no bonus points, or stronger bonuses, or variation in the token style... it is the same game from start to finish (granted I only played Stage 1 in the demo) and it gets repetative quickly...

Not exciting!
August 27, 2012

Play match 3, earn money and buy items to build a city. A game without much novelty. - Relaxed and Timed. - You can choose the mode: swap, chain or group. - Has a bonus each time you finish a board - you have to take a key into the hole, matching 3 and rotating the board. - As always, you will earning weapons to help destroy tiles - bomb, key, etc. The game starts well but is so repetitive that soon tires.

Poor graphics
December 27, 2011

Ended up far too easy because you could change game play modes during the middle of the game and power-ups easy to come by so very easy to complete each level, even the bonus levels. Graphics reminded me of early computer games.

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