Word Search Deluxe

  • Three gameplay modes.
  • Choose board sizes.
  • Loads of extra features.
  • Built-in puzzle editor.
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/8
  • CPU : 600 Mhz
  • Memory : 128
  • DiretX : 6.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 10

Review for game: Word Search Deluxe

This family-friendly game features thousands of word groups, numerous game types, a puzzle editor, and difficulty settings for all ages and skill levels. A kids' option with animated and easy-to-read, large grids of letters helps aid the learning process. Want to create your own puzzle? Use the puzzle editor. Your search for the perfect word game ends here!


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Genre : Word

Flex your vocabulary with spelling games, word search, crosswords, and jumbles.

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Word Search Deluxe
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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

Search no further! This family-friendly game has thousands of word groups, numerous game types, and settings for all ages!

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Word Search Deluxe game play Word Search Deluxe game play


Fun Word Game

Just love all word games and loved this one. Loved loved loved it.

Not Fun

This game was very hard to use. I am glad I used the trial on this game and did not buy it outright.

This game's fun... If you're 5

I've never hated a game as much as this one. Here are my thoughts: Good Parts: You can play against other people and your own scores There are puzzles fo kids and adults OK Parts: You can create your own puzzles, but on the flipside, you need at least 48 words. THAT IS TOO MUCH Bad Parts: Words are really hard to find Word searches are fun. This game is not. Letters are really small so I could only play the kid puzzles, which were the only ones big enough Overall, I think I've made it pretty clear I DON'T recommend this game. I couldn't stand it for 5 minutes

waste of time

There is no game. No default boards under any of the listings. Any who are thinking of it don't waste time.

Wish I'd read the reviews before I bought this game!

There are NO puzzles in the adult section at all! Very disappointed. The only puzzles included are for kids. So sorry I spent $$ on this one!

Word Search Deluxe

This game should be taken off your list of Word games. From the forums this game never worked properly and still does not to give this game a review would be difficult because nobody can get the category listings to play.

worst game ever

only childrens puzzles are included i want ones with wordlists that have somewhat of a challenge not wierd where you have to guess the words this is the worst excuse for a game i've ever seen I never write reviews if i dont like a game i just go to the next game but this was so bad that i had to tell others about it it says it has a download feature which i couldn't get to work most of the options dont work there is no point to the game unless its for small children like 10yrs or less

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