Artifact Quest

  • Gripping gameplay
  • Exciting action
  • Go on an Ancient Quest!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/8
  • CPU : 1.2 GHz
  • Memory : 256
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 43

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Help Jess track down seven ancient artifacts and rebuild a village that has been ravished by a hurricane in Artifact Quest! Travel to a tropical island and use your Match 3 talents to collect the necessary golden coins to help out the locals. Rebuild your own home and track down the artifacts and the plunge into an unforgettable journey. Can you repair your home and help the people of the island?


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Genre : Arcade & Action

Test your hand and eye skills with quick action and challenging levels.

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Artifact Quest
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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

Help Jess track down seven ancient artifacts and rebuild a village that has been ravished by a hurricane in Artifact Quest!

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Artifact Quest game play Artifact Quest game play

a favorite match-3

Bright, appealing graphics, fun gameplay--can be challenging but never stuck. 3 modes, never boring.

Fun Little Match Three with Interesting Variations

Not just a standard Match 3, this game also throws in other types of game-play. Above and beyond the switching match 3, it also has 'popping' matches and a game where you catch the right shape and place it in the grid. Based on demo. Very non-demanding, and has both timed and untimed modes.

Fun Match Game

A good match game, you can match 3 or more objects and either get a bomb, dynamite or lightning, depending on how many objects you match, it also has a click on the most objects part of the game, you also have bonus levels where you catch objects falling from the sky and place them in their proper places and another bonus level where you try and catch falling objects (haven`t mastered that one yet). When you get enough" money" you can rebuild the island. Overall a good game, got this on the DD, wouldn`t pay full price for it, but good game, very easy, can`t vote on sound as I never play games with sounds.

Good 3M game

This is a 3M game. It's isn't a stressful game and you can finish the game without getting stuck. As the game pieces fall you can still make a match. I enjoyed it.

low stress but fun

I really enjoy playing this game. It is bright and cheerful, different elements than standard match three games. Great when you just want to relax for a while and have some fun. Would recommend trying it at the dd price.


I do like the clear graphics..and different little ways to play..nice if you don't want a real fast pace challenge....but had a hard day and just want to relax..this is it...give it a try..smiles to all

Semi Typical Match 3 Game

I have just finished the trial game period and it has interested me enough to go ahead and purchase the game for the Deal of the Day price of $2.99. I found the graphics and colors to be brilliant and vibrant. The story line is so so, but most games of this sort are. As far as the match 3 goes. I found some that were swaps and some that were just click on three or more. I only made it to round 4-1 when I ran out of time, so I can't tell you how long the game lasts or how difficult it might get as it gets farther into it, but I am looking forward to finding out. I would say that Artifact Quest is worth the price as the Deal of the Day.

This Match 3 Has Great Variety!

This M3 has the traditional swap M3, but also switches some levels to 2-icon click, making for greater fun! The mini games are a nice variation, but I still can't 'catch' any of the falling items! The bombs and dynamite offer small explosions. The colors are bright and icons cute! I enjoy the building in between as a small rest from game play. The timer is very generous, so some may find it less challenging, but it's great fun!


I bought this game because of the fact that even in timed mode, the game appeared to be very straightforward and relaxing and beatable and because it also includes a Relaxed mode While "fixing" the airplane, I hit a brick wall and couldn't beat the level and because I liked the game, I decided to go to the Options menu and tic the relaxed version of the game and start over from Level 1. Wait--what? After ticcing the relaxed mode and after I clicked on the Adventures tab, the game did NOT start at Level 1 but at the level that I was having difficulty with. Could this be true; can I really continue to play this game in relaxed mode without starting the whole game over again? Sure enough, I was able to complete the level in relaxed mode Hmm..... can I return to the timed mode and continue playing this game beginning with the next level? YES, I can Therefore, while playing this game in timed mode, I was able to toggle between the relaxed mode and the timed mode (I needed to do this 4x) and complete the entire game. So it doesn't matter whether or not you're playing timed or relaxed, you can do both and have fun and complete the game stress free.

Turns out to be addictive!

I played this game in the timed mode. From the beginning I thought it was entertaining and relaxing but fairly easy. Then I noticed that I had been playing for an hour and said to myself, just one more level, so I had to buy it. Then I said, just one more level, for real this time. Now another hour has gone by, so I guess I must really like it!! But not only is it difficult to stop playing, it actually does get pretty tricky as you progress. There are three diferent games (plus a bonus game which is for people with fast reaction times and which you can skip, but you get points no matter how badly you do and you can't lose so why not play it?). One game is your standard M3, one is sort of like a marble popper, and the third involves snatching shapes out of the air and placing them on their silhouettes, and which gets a bit frantic. For me, the first type is quite easy but the others are a bit more challenging. I find it gets more fun as you get farther along. I think this is the kind of game you keep around to play again from time to time after you have finished it, just because it is simple, relaxing and fun.

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