What is AFERON?

AFERON is a modern game portal devoted to casual games. There you can find a great variety of free download flash games, which you are able to play right there at anytime. Our website has a huge collection of online games and free download games. Every game can be played absolutely for free for one hour. But if this or that game win your heart you can easily purchase for $9.95 or even less. New games are released every day and night, so every day we upgrade our game list with fresh free download games, just for you.

How can I contact AFERON?

If you have any notes, questions or offers for us, use the contact form functionality or send an email to contests [at]

How do I discover new games to play?

Finding thrilling games and searching for useful game information shouldn't be as challenging as a hidden object game. Every day we compile our New Games list of the freshest free download games. To make game searching more effective for our visitors, we have sorted all our games by title, release date, style, genre and platform. Taking care of your preference of playing the newest games, usually we place every new game on the top of our New Games list.

What are alerts?

If you want to be always aware of our new games, you can set an alert to follow any fresh game on AFERON. How is it possible? Just click the alert link beneath the preview description. Choose the most convenient way of being alerted about soon coming game: via notification on your profile page and/or email.

As soon as we publish this or that game or post any new information about the game, we will surely notify you. You can check out, manage, or refuse from these alerts from your profile page.

Honestly, setting alerts is a very useful way to be notified when your favorite game is launched as well as when we post our review or Strategy Guide related to game project.

How do I share content with my friends and family?

Do you like our review, preview, strategy guide, or article about a casual game? Do you want to share it with your friends or somebody else? No problem! We have several available ways to share our review or your own user trip or forum topic with the whole world. If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, click the Facebook or Twitter button on any page of our site, go to your account and share with your friends. We highly appreciate your sharing because the more you tell your friends about us, the better it is for AFERON. Later we are going to add more ways to share content posted on AFERON.

What's the difference between the free trial and the full version?

As any modern game portal AFERON widely use a «Try-before-you-Buy» system. According to this system, you can easily download one of our casual games and play it absolutely for free one hour.

How do I download a game?

If one of our free download games has won your heart and you have decided to download it, just click the «Download» button. Depending on your operating system and browser, you will be offered to download and install the game file. As soon as you have downloaded the game, click the "Open" button on the download dialog. Thus, you will have to go through the installation.

I installed a free trial that I have never played before and the game says my trial time is expired

Probably this or that game was installed and played on your computer, and then was deleted from it.

What happens after the one hour free trial?

When a one hour free trial game is over, you will be offered to buy the full version of this installment. You are easily able to buy the full version of any game right from AFERON. As soon as you pay for the game, you'll get a special key to unlock this trial version and then can enjoy the full version of this game.

How to purchase a game?

You have chosen one of our free download games and decided to purchase it immediately? If so, click the 'Buy now' button on the trial window that you will see when you start playing the game. This will show you a web page to the shopping cart section. You must to proceed through checkout to complete your purchase.

Then you must enter the key according to the instructions included in the email into the registration window of the free trial version, and it will be upgraded to a full version. Please do not forget to save your registration key in a safe place on your computer. If you need reinstall the game, you will be able to use it again.

What is Facebook Connect?

Facebook Connect is a way to sign into AFERON with your Facebook account and tell your friends and members of your family on AFERON about your activities there.

If you want to use this option, click the Facebook Connect button, which you can find in the upper right corner of the our website. Then you should enter your Facebook nickname and password, and follow the instructions to connect it with your AFERON account. If you do not have a AFERON account, you will be offered to create a AFERON nickname.

Once you use Facebook Connect, you can sign into AFERON with your Facebook account at anytime.

How to use a COUPON CODE?

COUPON CODE lets get your discount for game.
Copy the coupon code and go to the shopping cart ("Get it now" button).
Past the coupon code into the "Have a coupon code?" box and press the button "Apply".
All done! Now you can buy the game for lower price.