Astral Towers

  • 127 cards to collect
  • 2 difficulty levels
  • Destroy the evil!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 256
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 80

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Become a mage: summon creatures and cast spells to defeat everything on your way to the source of evil in Astral Towers. Build buildings, learn new spells and acquire abilities during 89 brain-teasing missions. Develop your strategy and improve it as your power grows in this exciting turn-based strategy card game.


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Genre : Card & Board

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Astral Towers
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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

A turn-based strategy card game!

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Astral Towers game play Astral Towers game play

New and Different

This game makes me think! Basically it is a strategy game that does't have moving characters. One moves from site to site and must fight battles with the "cards" you have. You start out with some easy cards and earn more as you advance through the levels. Each card has some powers assigned to it and if you put up the proper combinations you can defeat your enemy and move on to the next site. It is not timed so you can think things through. If you are defeated you just try again, nothing is lost. I don't listen to sound so no comment there. The illustrations are simple. I am still learning the game and how to keep moving through the levels. My guess is you will love it or hate it. For now, I am finding it somewhat addicting. I want to beat the game! Try the hour and you will pick up how to play. There are not any significant directions to it and it probably took me a couple of rounds before I started to understand how it worked. Good luck!

Something different

Astral Towers is certainly interesting. Now, is it a card game that contains the most important (in my opinion) elements of a turn-based strategy game? Or is it a turn-based strategy game, streamlined into a single playing area where all your fighters, defences, spells and battle information are neatly displayed on cards? Either way, your brain is engaged from the beginning - straight into battle strategy. There is a small tutorial, but you won't need more than that - just study the enemy and decide what cards to use. So far, at least during the demo, you can only select one card per turn. There are limited cards to play with at first, but these build up as you win battles. It's not like the standard type of strategy game where you can nip off to the shop to buy, sell, upgrade, etc. No. You just have to win battles.

Super Addicting!

There were levels that were easy to help gain your confidence back after getting beat down repeatedly while playing some harder levels so you never felt like it was too hard or too easy. It is a magic type card game with great drawings and interesting game play. I really enjoyed it :)

This is a lot of fun!

I haven't really played these kinds of card games before, so this is a great intro! You can play each level as many times as needed (and can go to other levels to gain powers, then come back). I like to win, and this allows me to be victorious!

Hands down my favorite game!

Let's you adjust your level of challenge, great graphics, makes you think, you can learn as you go, you can play a campaign or play against a computer opponent, a magical atmosphere is created by the grapics, it's turn based and waits for your move without a time limit-you can multi-task and come back to the game. PLEASE MAKE MORE LIKE THIS OR CREATE EXPANSIONS.-it would be heavenly!!!

Very good game

This game is extremely interesting, a card game like some on FB. Addicting.

Very Good Fantasy Card Game

I really loved it! Gameplay mechanics are really intriguing and some of the scenarios are quite challenging. Only con is you can't play online...


really fun game and lots of things are happening

The avid reader's review of Astral Towers

I played one hour of the demo and was happy to purchase the full game immediately afterward. So far I've played 45 levels of the main campaign in easy and 14 in hard difficulties. 89 total levels are advertised for each difficulty setting. There is a real & notable difference between the two levels of difficulty as you face different configurations of enemies. You can also play hot seat mode or have skirmishes against computer opponents. I have yet to try either of these modes. The AI battles and the two difficulty settings suggest high re-playability value. Options & UI: There are a few settings for different resolutions. Seems to have widescreen support but I do wish I had the option for 1440x900 my native widscreen res. I am running it at 1360x768 fullscreen and it looks fine regardless. You can play full screen or windowed. There are options to turn off sound or music. All reasonable options. There is an in game help button available at the main screen and in battles, just not on the world map. The "story" is Standard fantasy trope, not all that engaging but a serviceable backdrop. Basically you are a young mage named Allister sent by the Circle of Mages to investigate some undead activity and cleanse the area of evil doers. Each area has a description but that is about it. In general the game does little in creating an immersive fantasy world. The art in looks quite good, there is a definite style to the UI elements, your character avatar, the cards, and the battlegrounds. It all blends together really well. However the world map you travel upon however is lackluster and a bit cartoony. Maybe its because it is so bright and sparse?! It doesn't really mesh well with the rest of the game in my opinion. The sound in game is good. I can honestly say that I am usually too caught up in the game play to really pay attention to the music. I haven't ever felt it was distracting or annoying. I think it serves its purpose sitting in the background while I think. Combat s

fantasy card game as a strategy game

This is a fun strategy game that has just the right level of challenge. You have to battle evil forces that plague the countryside. With each battle you win, you unlock new battle grounds, and sometimes new powers in the form of cards. For each battle, you have to select your cards. Each card has a certain amount of life points, battle range and strength of attack. Select carefully and position them in the right spot. The animation is fine - shooting arrows etc. over the selected cards, and the map is cute. The music brings the righht flair to the whole game. Highly recommended, based on the demo. I had to replay many of the levels several times to win, and sometimes win other battles first in order to gain new cards.

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