Captain Space Bunny

  • Unique upgrades
  • Explore the galaxy
  • Find Corrotin Beta!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 800 Mhz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 8.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 77

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Help Captain Space Bunny explore space and find Corrotin Beta, the planet where all bunnies came from, in this exciting Time Management game. Travel from planet to planet constructing futuristic cities for the inhabitants in exchange for clues. Keep the residents happy with gorgeous houses, purchase different materials, construct fun entertainment buildings, and keep the enemies at bay in Captain Space Bunny!


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Genre : Time Management

Manage time, customers, and money in games for the serious goal-setter.

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Captain Space Bunny
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Game Description:

Help Captain Space Bunny explore space and find the planet where all bunnies came from in this exciting Time Management game.

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not just for kids

This game is a must try game ... i first thought oh its going to be soooo childish ... but was pleasently surprised when i started playing and fell in love with the game ... i loved it so much it took me all of 10 mins of playing before i bought the game ... a brilliant game, well thought out... you have to build and collect food and energy, you have a set amount of time to finish a level ... there are several different planets to play on, and each planet has between 4 and 6/7 level to play.... brilliant fun...hours of play to be had ... i've now played this game twice and i still love it i give this game 10 out of 10 ... one of my favourates by far do i recommend this game ... yes i highly recommend this game


I read some of the other reviews which said that the animations and graphics were bad, but I think that the somewhat "cheesy" look to it makes it much more fun to play. I think it doesn't make much of a difference if the buildings pop up or not, and it in no way hurts the experience. One thing that I loved is how relaxing it is to play. Overall, this game is a blast and I really enjoyed it!

Gentle fun

Such a gentle and fun game. It's nice to be able to just build and have fun without tearing hair out trying to beat the clock. There is a timer on this, but it is just challenging enough to make you think but without being so tricky that one gives up and doesn't bother. Okay, the story is a bit weak but it seems incidental anyway to the main point which is a cute game with cute graphics. If you are just looking to chill out with a building game you might like this. And it's nice to have a game without the dark and violent themes which seem to be so prevalent these days. Haven't enjoyed a building game so much since I did the Zellians about 3 years ago.

liked it

If you like biulding games, with a little this game

Strikingly homegrown effort.

I don't mind indie games--I like them a lot usually--but this is not a good example of the type. It's a time management game of the sort where you're trying to buy and sell properties and develop them to meet particular goals. Using a very hand-drawn (one might even say Magic Marker-inspired) art style, and playing a cute variant on the theme with "space bunnies," you proceed through levels as you ostensibly make your way to the goal of the game. The art was very cute. Instead of workers you have little anthropomorphic bunnies that run out and do stuff for you. As houses are built they vanish down into hydraulic lifts and then come up them again fully built. The backgrounds are colorful and exceedingly fun to look at; their artist is very talented and clearly had a blast making this game's artwork, and the energy and fun they had is infectious. The storyline was touchingly cute in concept but achingly poorly-realized in execution in the actual gameplay. There just was no leap from "make houses and buy/sell properties" to "yay we're going to Carrotin Beta!" I don't see how selling properties gets me to the goal at all. I also was put off by the constant grammatical errors in the text. I know this is a Canadian production, but they do speak English in Canada--it can't be that hard to get someone to proofread this stuff. Worst of all, though, the gameplay was quite buggy. I didn't even get through the tutorial because at one point a house needed to be sold, but it glitched while selling and I couldn't get the "sell" option to show up no matter what I did. At that point, I lost patience with the game and quit out. Overall, I don't see myself trying this game again. If the developers can get the storyline to sound more coherent, fix the bugs, and proofread the text, it'll be worth another go.

Low quality artwork and animations

I love rabbits, and I enjoy games where I get to build cute little buildings. I thought this game would be right up my alley! However, the artwork was quite a disappointment -- the bunnies weren't even cute! I was also pretty surprised by how bad the animations were. For example, when you send a bunny to "build" something, instead of being able to see the progress of the building while you wait for it to be completed, the rabbit simply lowers into the earth, and a fully completed building rises from the ground. I recommend trying it before you buy it!

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