Caribbean Jewel

  • Fantastic Match 3 gameplay
  • 80 levels to progress through
  • Multiple power-ups
  • Engaging characters
  • Original soundtrack
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 23

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It's a little-known fact that pirates fought not with cutlasses and cannons, but with real match-3 might! Help the Pirate Captain find his missing fiancée, Pepper, and retrieve the stolen treasure map in Caribbean Jewel! Together with the Captain and his trusty crew of pirate pals, you must take to the high seas and recover the long lost Treasure of Tortuga in this entertaining Match 3 adventure.


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Genre : Puzzle

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Caribbean Jewel
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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

Help the Pirate Captain find his missing fiancée and retrieve the stolen treasure map!

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Caribbean Jewel game play Caribbean Jewel game play

Simple M3

Demo only. I liked it very much. Is a simple M3 game but relaxing and funny. The storyline is fine and the power ups are the same as the others: bombs etc. but really nice. I recommend this game. This one is just fun. Nothing to break the head and think too much.

A very relaxing Match 3 game

This match 3 game is very relaxing. I still have time to play. I like the graphics. Playing seems to go by fast. I would recomment this game.

Fun little family-friendly match-3 game

I played this game with my little daughter and she absolutely loved it! The match-3 part was a little on the easy side (if you're the next bejeweled champion looking for a challenge, this might not be for you), but the characters are absolutely adorable and looked like they are straight from a storybook, and the game levels were varied enough to be interesting throughout.

Jewel of a game

I really like this game... easy to play and all that... nice bright colors and music that is not that bothersome... Great story line and that is refreshing...


this game is better then the other match 3 at least I think it is. the people is kind of of cute. It's fun

I'm on the fence with this one!

This is a very simple match 3 game with a pirate themed story. I made the mistake of playing on the casual setting and should have chosen expert for a little challenge. You will get bombs and other bonuses that you can use to clear rows or several tiles surrounding the bonus. The Captain's wife and treasure map has been taken and you have to earn enough money to hire a crew to help you in your search. Every person you hire has a special ability to help you clear the board. The board was not very colorful and the graphics of the gems and bonuses was bland and the game itself shrunk to a small window instead of filling the whole screen.

Demo only

The storyline was a little lame and done very cartoonish. The gold squares need to broken and you are required to find so many jewels of each color. It was difficult to see some of the gold squares as they lighted up when you went to move a jewel to make match 3. You need to get money to hire a crew to sail off to save your wife. Time bonuses are included in your level score. Power ups are actually the "men" you hire to help you on your ship. The music became monotonous very quickly. Definitely a beginner game for those who are just learning about match 3.

Good Game To Relax With

This is definitely not for those looking for a challenging game, but if you just want something to sit down and unwind with, you could do a lot worse. The biggest negative, as someone else mentioned, is the fact that all the tiles light up when covered by the cursor, so it's hard to see which tiles you need to clear to complete the level. I've only played the demo so it will probably get harder if I decide to buy it, but I've had no trouble winning the games so far. I think younger players would love it. It's one of those "Shall I buy it or not?" games. I'm recommending it for the relaxation factor - a good standby game to have to come back to when you get frustrated with other, harder games.

hidden object gamer

very disappointed in game, great for kids from 7-11, much to juvenile for me, no challenge for me, but good for kids just learning. Thanks, Ladybug

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