Chronoclasm Chronicles

  • Intriguing plot
  • Engaging mini-games
  • Stop the time paradox!
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Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
  • CPU : 1.6 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 224

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Jane stumbles upon a time machine while visiting her late uncle's house. She excitedly uses it and causes a temporal clash. The future and past start to meld together to create a time paradox. The fate of humanity hangs in the balance and only Jane can stop it! Travel to 17th century France, ancient India and visit the mysterious Mayans to correct the time paradox and save the world in this engaging hidden object puzzle adventure.


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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

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Chronoclasm Chronicles
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Game Description:

Jane unknowingly releases a time paradox and only she can stop it!

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Chronoclasm Chronicles game play Chronoclasm Chronicles game play

Chronoclasm reviews.....

This one is a buy.... What's with the low 1 and 2 star scores just because it's "difficult", there is a walkthrough. I enjoyed this game even though simple maneuvers and graphics; in fact, I found it even more enjoyable than many of the newer whoopee doopee graphics games. ;) Check it out... you may be surprised as I was to enjoy this one. (crush)

Too Short!

I loved everything about this game, but it was just too short!

interesting hidden object game

items were easy to identify , a little confusing when changing scenes.


Because of the storyline (time travel, parodoxes), I thought this could be an interesting game. I played in advanced mode. The graphics are ok, the music also. The objects in the HOS are easy to find. The puzzles are sometimes easy, sometimes challenging. I thought "ok, well, nevermind, the story is interesting", but I finished in 1 1/2 hours! That's definitely too short. So not worth the money.

Chronoclasm Chronicles

Jane receives a call from her Uncle Tony's notary claiming he has passed away and she is the heir to her Uncle's house in Paris. What she finds in Paris is a time machine, and unfortunately she activates the time machine and releases a time paradox. There are two modes of difficulty, Chrono-tourist which is a relaxing mode where interactive objects and key items are labeled, the hint icon recharges quickly and the puzzles are simplified. Chrono-agent is just the opposite and you'll have to use brain power to figure everything out. The Hidden Object Scenes are very well done, some in small zoomed in areas, others spread throughout a room, the objects are clear and recognizable. There are no voiceovers, just dialog boxes to read or cartoon sketches depicting transitions between areas. The reason for my low rating is the fact that there is no wow factor to keep my interest and gameplay is too slow, the cursor doesn't change quickly enough and you have to be on an exact spot to get the cursor to change to an eye indicating an active area.


Based on the Demo only... I guess this should be classed as an Adventure Lite. Adventure lovers will hate it because of the H0 scenes. Very linear play, and feels slow. You have to complete the steps in order or you can't do anything. Not a lot of direction even in Casual Mode. Too much Dialogue, read only, no Voice Overs. I usually have more patience, but was too annoyed to finish the Demo.

Old-Style, clunky game

Right off, this has a feel of an old game. Storyline: Ditzy female causes a time paradox, which could end the world as she knows it. Handsome male helps her return things to normal, saving humanity. Dialogue is robotic. Graphics are clear, but what you are supposed to do in a scene is less clear. Moving from one area to another can be frustrating. Hints are rarely helpful outside HOS. Puzzles are easy to moderately difficult.

Rather amateurish for today's players

The graphics are very basic; more like something I would have expected to see perhaps 10 years ago. The interactive controls are a bit sluggish and clumsy. The storyline is okay; but certainly not brilliant. The hidden object scenes leave something to be desired; because many of the objects are really tiny. The mini-games are acceptable, but not imaginative. (At least the mini-games do have clear instructions.) The dialogue needs polish - it is obvious that it was not originally written in English. For a real beginner at HOGs this might do. Based on the demo, it would be appropriate for a family game; because there is nothing scary, so kids could play. At the end of the 60 minute demo, I had finished chapter 6. I did not skip mini-games, or dialogue; so I believe it would be a very short game, since it only has 11 chapters.

Boring game

Silly game, can not arouse curiosity or desire to keep playing ... Story is not bad, but without VO, without motion or animation... discourages! Excess of HOS, and are not well made . Some objects are too small ... is boring. Tools on the way can only be caught after appearing where it will be used. Tutorial appears all the time, even in hard mode. I gave up after 20 minutes

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