Citadel Arcanes

  • Restore the Healer's Circle
  • Save your father
  • Construct a Citadel!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 56

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Mix, connect, and construct your very own Citadel in Citadel Arcanes! Save your father by restoring the the Healer’s Circle! As the Duke’s daughter, you are learning the Arcanes of Magic and working on becoming the greatest architect in the kingdom. After your father contracts a mysterious illness, it’s up to you to use your Match 3 talents to restore the Healer’s Circle in Citadel Arcanes!


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Genre : Match 3

Match or swap items into groups of 3 or more in wild and colorful settings.

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Citadel Arcanes
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Mix, connect, and construct your very own Citadel in Citadel Arcanes! Save your father by restoring the the Healer’s Circle!

AFERON - BigFishGames
Citadel Arcanes game play Citadel Arcanes game play

so so nice !!!

First I was surprised, since this is not your typical match 3 board game. But the perspective gives it an interesting twist. Once you master the combos system, the pace is getting faster, and the game is fun. You earn resources you then spend to build your citadel. This is nice, and gives you incentives and objectives during Match 3 sessions. All in all, a nice little game that brings a bit of fresh air. Runs fine on my iMac.

Create Your Castle, Save the Day!

What at first may look like a slightly lopsided match 3 is that indeed, but much more. There's plenty of challenge, power-ups galore and castle buillding too! The story isn't Shakiespear quality but interesting enough to keep you going and the game play (once you figure out the somewhat mysterious directions# is challenging in that goals must be met and tasks finished to move the story #and your levels) along. The slanted board is made easier by the brightly colored and detailed objects to match and the game play even makes up for the cartoony and unlovely people in the kingdom. If you like match 3 play, give it a try and you might emerge with a georgous citadel!

Interesting Game

I really liked this match 3 the graphics are good and it's a swap not a chain which I'm glad of the board is set up like those of Magic Match if you have ever played those only with this one you swap not chain which made looking at the board better for me. Your swapping resources to build your Citadel and you have to collect herbs for potions. It has some different game play in it with different goals such as surrounding a building with orange squares, moving chest etc. you also have to break through obstacles on the board as well and you have your power ups or spells that can help out. The building part of the game is awesome I love it you get to place the buildings yourself on the grid and you can stack buildings and join buildings together and your able to create your own Citadel the way you want to, also you can move them around or you can sell them back you really get free range of how you want to place the buildings and how you want them to work and that is what I loved about this game that part was so cool and the game play is very clever. You can played timed or untimed mode there are options for the cursor, and visual quality. This game really has alot going for it I've loved every minute that I've been playing my only complaint is there is a little too much dialogue but I can deal with that as well you can click through it. This game really surprised me I didn't think I would really care that much for it but I was pleasantly surprised with this one it has turned out to be one of the best match 3 games I've played in a while and I think some of that is due to the building aspect of the game it's interactive and just really cool. Give this game a try you may end up feeling the same way I did I was so glad I give this one a chance I haven't been disappointed and I have had an amazing time with it. I do hope to see a sequel I can tell alot of care went into the making of this game so thank you dev's and Big Fish you did a great job with this one.

Enjoyable M3/Builder

This game held my attention and the demo just few by. The tilted board didn't bother me at all. There was variety in the M3 gameplay and a lot of buildings still to be unlocked after the demo finished. I estimate it could be quite a long game. The building is free style, which means you can build how and where you like and be as creative as you want, given the available objects. I will buy this game for the free style building alone, but the M3 elements are also good.

Loved it

the opportunity for free style building makes me play this game often.

Cool game

i like idea to use a casual game like a match 4 in order to create ressources. You can play at your own rythm, listening a really realxing music. I really love this game.

Citadel Arcanes

Great match 3 game its similar to the Magic Match games. The scenery is good the music is very good. The only flaw I have is the dialogue when they teach you something like to stack a building on top of another you cannot close the dialogue until you complete the task that why I only gave it 4 Stars. But all in all a very good game.

Different match 3 game

This game is challenging only in that the match 3 board is set at an angle. It really does force a person think before making a move. But, it's not that hard once you get used to the angle and the way the blocks move. The characters pop in often to give direction, but you can click thru it quickly. I did find the story line lacking, and the graphics are a bit "cartoony." The music is "ok" but certainly not something to write home about. On the plus side, while rebuilding the citadal, you get many different choices to build it the way YOU want it to look. During the building of the citadel, you are required to build certain things at a specific time, but these can be moved or even deleted later once that requirement is completed, so it really does become your own. You also have the option to play timed or casual. If the angle is bothersome, try playing w/o the timer so you can get used to it. Overall, I find it to be a fun game, but not a real challenge. And, I have yet to get a sore neck due to the angle.

"Glad I tried it ! "

Based on some of the earlier reviews, almost skipped this one...glad I didn't. I play most Match-3 games and prefer the ones in which you can build/furnish, etc... with the resources which you collect--this was one of those. Not difficult to achieve necessary goals & able to play in relaxed/non-timed mode, also. Good, clear graphics, due to deafness, can't rate sound quality. There is a lot of dialogue, which you can't skip, but it moves quickly and provides the reason why you must reach specific goals. Upon reaching each goal, while collecting resources, you are able to add to your citadel...several categories from which to choose, like Plantations, Vegetation, Roads, Buildings (univ., hosp., etc...). if you're looking for a nice, relaxing Swap Match-3, this fits the bill ! I purchased it even prior to completing the free trial and after playing for another 2 hours (still not done), I'm glad that I did !

Twist on match 3 game

I have to say i quite enjoyed playing this it was different to other match 3 games but once i got used to playing i found it ok, it would have been better if i hadnt completed it in a day though,

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