City of Secrets

  • Explore a city of mole-people
  • Go on an underground adventure
  • Save Rex from a City of Secrets!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/Win7/8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 672

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After he falls down a hole in your basement, you must Save Rex from a City of Secrets in this incredible Adventure game! Not only has Rex found a city of mole-people, but he’s also been charged with espionage! Find useful items that you’ll use as you solve puzzles and try to free Rex before it’s too late! Scour gorgeous levels and save your best friend before he’s convicted of a crime he didn’t commit in City of Secrets!


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Genre : Puzzle

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City of Secrets
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Game Description:

After he falls down a hole in your basement, you must Save Rex from a City of Secrets in this incredible Adventure game!

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Match 3

Funny classic point and click adventure game

Plays out like the classic point and click adventure games that had great witty dialogue. You?ll interact with various environments, picking up, using and combining items, MacGyver-like, to solve puzzles and move ahead to the next area. It is also alot more challenging than you may think when you start your journey. It has excellent graphics, fully voiced with professional quality voice work, charmingly funny characters and immersive story


Don't normally do reviews, especially after only playing the demo, but wanted to help raise the rating on this game. This game is a point and click, tongue-in-cheek adventure; lots of sly narration and excellent vocal repartee. The animation is well done and so far I'm greatly enjoying the storyline. As far as the difficulty goes, if you're unfamiliar with this genre, it will probably take a bit more time to figure things out. For those who have played old adventure games like Monkey Island, Grim Fandango, Emerald City Confidential, etc, you should definitely give this a look.. and if you like it, be sure to let others know, since good adventure games are tough to find these days! *runs off to purchase*

Great adventure game. Well thought out w a great story

When I first started this game I thought it was very slow, but soon changed my mind. Make sure to give it more than a 10 minute try so you can get to the "meat and potato's" of the story. It does have a great deal of narration that you must listen to, but it is wonderfully written and fun to play. If you love British humor, you will truly appreciate this game. I recommend it highly for the young and young at heart. I'm going to buy it now so I can continue the adventure.

Love this game!!

I'm not sure why no-else (bar one) seems to like this game - I love it. A great sense of humor and fun puzzles. A good old style point & click adventure. More like this one please!!!

A refreshing change

Finally! A change from all the collectors edition spooky games that seem to be getting shorter and are all the same. This game is funny in a dry sort of way. If you're looking to have a bit of a laugh give this a go. Good graphics, character voice overs, humor.

Finally, a real adventure game!

This is an hysterically funny point and click adventure game (no hidden object) that is very challenging. There are hints available, but you still have to think. A lot like Sam & Max, Emerald City, Day of the Tentacle, etc. A lot of dialog, so you really need patience with it, but there's a big payoff--it's really funny. This is a slight problem with one of the mini games near the beginning--not being able to skip without freezing, and hopefully there's a fix for that soon, but if you persist, you can get through the mini game if you practice. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I would love Big Fish to offer more of these type of games.

Cute adventure game

I'm not a huge fan of HOG games, so this was a nice change to find on BFG. It's a pretty straightforward adventure game with a cute storyline, interesting but perfectly workable puzzles, and graphics that are cute instead of terrifying. The storyline was humorous, which was much appreciated because so many of the HOG and point and click adventures have a horror story theme. I would recommend it to anyone looking for something different than the standard HOG.

Classic Point and Click

I really don't understand the poor reviews. If you like point and click adventure games you will like this game. It is fun and funny and not too hard. The objects make sense for what they are applied to. really easy to learn. Played the first hour without needing a hint. Really fun game, wish they would make more of them!


Those reviewers who gave this a bad rating after a very short attempt did the game and gamers a disservice. It is not everybodies cup of tea but it is a fun adventure game which takes a little getting used to. If you are used to the typical IHOG this game would have a learning curve that took more than 20-30 minutes. Once you get the map the game really becomes fun.

Excellent adventure game

I really enjoyed this game. It is a pure adventure game that involves you clicking around and combining objects to advance through the game. The storyline is not overly involving, but appears to be mostly silly for silliness' sake. I am okay with that. I REALLY like the hints system. The walkthrough is basically built into the game. I love when games do that instead of trying to milk you separately for a 'strategy guide'. Classy! Overall, this is an excellent game that I recommend for adventure game lovers.

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