• Unique color-based puzzles
  • Challenging bosses
  • Charming graphics
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
  • CPU : 2.5 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 147

Review for game: Coloropus

Help Coloropus save his girlfriend in this exciting adventure, puzzle game! Navigate through the ocean matching colors and solving physics-based puzzles. Fight off dangerous underwater creatures, help out friendly ocean folk and battle through Heaven and Hell in Coloropus!


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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

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Game Description:

Help Coloropus save his girlfriend in this exciting adventure, puzzle game!

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Don't give up on this game!!!

This is a very unique, fun, well designed puzzle game where your main goal is to try and figure out what to do next. I agree that there should have been a tutorial - one that stated there is no formal tutorial, your job is to figure out what to do next and to pay special attention to the bubbles with the question marks inside them (just swim over them to get excellent hints). For those of you who have tried this game and have given up in frustration, give this game a second chance. You won't be sorry you did.

Its a puzzle game.

Its definately a puzzle game. The instructions are pretty clear once you figure out how to read them. If your cursor changes, click on the object. Either it will move or a bubble will show up with picture instructions. I was getting frustrated at one point, then my octopus jumped out of the screen. Thats how I found out there was more to that scenario then was first shown. If you are stuck, swim to the sides, swim down. Enter logs, push things, pull things. What I really loved about the game is that it doesnt lead you by the hand through the whole experience. I stopped getting the hidden object games because they were too easy. This one makes you think.

This is a gem!

There's hardly any hand holding, directions, hints but it grabbed me. You can take as long as you want. There are achievements to earn which help you in the game. But you're basically trying to figure how to save your girlfriend (octopus). You eat fruit for energy and you can bomb things which match the color of your bombs. It's a clever game which many are passing up because of the lack of instructions.

A most fantastic challenging game!

This game is fantastic! You will really need to think when playing this game and it is so much fun that it's hard to tear yourself away from playing. As far as clues and what to do, the question marks will let you know what you need to do to advance, Once you figure it out, you will want to continue playing. There is no time limit, so you can swim around, jump & splash as much as you want. You can talk to the turtles & other sea creatures. But you have to be careful of some, as they can hinder your progress. It started off with "huh, what do I do", then you just have to let Coloropus jump up out of the water and to the right of the screen and your adventure will begin. The talk between the creatures & the "girlfriend" is very clever with the visual clues. Coloropus can also turn in to a little devil (try it, you will see) Give the demo a chance. Once you get off the first screen you will be amazed at how much fun, thought provoking & clever this game really is.

Diamond in the Rough!

I think this is a fantastic game! In fact the whole concept of no audible or written dialog was so curious I just had to play- however I must add that though instructions are simple they do require thought. But i'm okay with that! Rarely is a puzzle game an actual challenge so i?m intent on enjoying this one. If in doubt play about; see what works and what interactions result in which consequences. The Karma controlled resurrections were a particularly inspired addition. So many quirky little moments had me smiling even when I was hopelessly stuck. Most importantly it?s not yet another coma inducing HOG or match 3 clone; dare I say it something actually new and different! Hurrah! For that alone it should get a galaxy of stars ./cheer @ Bfish can i have some more please?

Fun logic arcade game.

Great game, definetly a buy for me.


In the game there are little balls of different colors you can get. When you collect two balls it will show you which colors you have down at the bottom of the screen. The color of the balls determine what color your ammunition is! Now, you can shoot things that are the same color by right clicking your mouse. if have the wrong color balls down at the bottom of the screen, just click on what you want to get rid of and now you will be able to collect the right colored ball. Also, you can eat fruit this will keep your energy bar full at the top of the screen.. you need this full to shoot your ammunition. I hope this helps some people.. the game can be a little bit frustrating but fun. I just played the demo and still considering whether to buy it or not. Wished the demo lasted longer.


It took us almost the entire hour demo in order to get the hang of this one, but once we did, it was incredibly fun. We (my son and I) were caught totally by surprise as the hour ended, and yelled at the screen as we hurried over to purchase it as quickly as possible, so we could jump back into it. Definitely a keeper!

Colorful, Mysterious & Unique

After reading the negative reviews, I was hesitant about trying this game. But I must admit that I was happy I did. It was innovative and fun. The main complaint of others was about lack of instructions. But that was the mystique of Coloropus. You are given visual clues in the form of thought bubbles to decipher your next move. The puzzles were all quite original and very unique! I really encourage everyone to please give this one a try.

Addictive and original

Like many others I was initially ho hum about this one as I couldn't quite get the point. But the idea appealed to me and after reading all the reviews, tips and messages from the developers I got the hang of it and now really enjoy it. I suggest if the game appeals to you at all but you are frustrated, that you read all the forum messages (and thanks to the developers for responding so well#. It is so nice to see a completely original game concept these days. The cartoon graphics are clear, the game is bright and cheerful and the storyline is cute. I bought it and am glad I did. It is certainly not easy but you can pick up where you have left off #now I know how to save the game!). I would love to see it re-released with clear instructions as I suspect that a lot of people out there would really love it but dropped it out of sheer frustration. I do recommend it if you want a thinking puzzle type challenge and something really different.

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