Countryside Buffet

  • 48 challenging levels
  • Fun sounds and cool visual style
  • Exciting, skill-based game play
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7
  • CPU : 2.0 GHz
  • Memory : 2048
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 42

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Saddle up partner, for some fast paced buffet restaurant fun in the action packed Time Management game, Countryside Buffet! Looking for something new and exciting in her life, Jessica decides to follow her dream and purchase the 'Countryside Buffet.' The restaurant's grand opening is now only a little over a month away and it still needs some work. With power ups and careful planning, help Jessica build a success restaurant business!


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Genre : Time Management

Manage time, customers, and money in games for the serious goal-setter.

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Countryside Buffet
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Game Description:

Howdy partner, welcome to Countryside Buffet! Join Jessica as she pursues her dreams of opening and managing a buffet restaurant.

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Countryside Buffet game play Countryside Buffet game play


I have played a lot of horrible games before, and although this one is pretty boring it's not horrible. I think kids will enjoy this game. The basic's of the game are to seat the customers, preferably at a matching table of 2-4-6 etc. according to the party's number. After a couple of seconds of waiting the first dirty dishes appear and you must click on that table to remove them and then click on the tray to place the dirty dishes in it, you can only do 2 tables dishes at a time. When the customers raise their hands it's time to collect money and clear the table for the next customers, you also have to go to the kitchen and refill the buffet and dessert counters. After each round you get to buy upgrades like more tables or decorations.



countryside buffet

Yeah a new diner game ! No wait--Boo poorly done all the way around.

Fun time mgmt game

This was fun....addictive, fast paced


Gave this a 5 star to counter all these negative reviews! I've been an avid TM player for YEARS and have played MANY much worse than this! While the graphics could be a bit more updated & a few other details, the game itself is FUN & CHALLENGING! Thing is you actually have to READ to know what will help you succeed! I will be purchasing this game with $$ because I've already used monthly free game. So...what does that tell you? Give this game a try before you discard it due to these ridiculous reviews.

Horrible Diner Style Game

I'm not sure where to begin with this game it was just simply awful. The graphics were disgraceful even though the game required a higher resolution to play. The colors were dull and lifeless along with the characters. The basic premises is you're an over-worked manager at a restaurant and decide to purchase your own country buffet. You do not serve your customers just clear plates and restock the buffet. You then purchase upgrades in the form of more tables and country decor. It has been a long time since I've played a game similar to this one. It has the feel of a very simple online game with very rudimentary controls. There is no indicator check mark for items you click on so you just have to assume you clicked correctly. For example if you click on a table to clear plates you just start walking in that direction but nothing indicates you clicked on the table. Same goes for the bus table you take the dirty plates to. You will need to go into the "kitchen" door that is actually marked as 'Training' to restock the buffet. There is also a 'Party Room' but I quit before I knew what it was for. I could barely stomach this game but for a few minutes and can't imagine that it would interest most people.


there was no way of telling if you pick up things or stock the food and there was no bounses for doing the same thing twice, I like snowny lunchrush better then this game no sound ofanykind seem to be the same thing over and over never a perfect goal always target.

Low quality, not well developed

Same old storyline - main character wants a better life and a business opportunity falls in their lap. Game play is very typical, too. Wait on tables, restock food, clean tables, keep customers happy. Do it well and you earn money to spend on restaurant upgrades. I can almost excuse the really cheesy graphics - sometimes less is more. I'm also pretty ok with the fact that there seems to be absolutely no background music. I guess I would rather have none than some that is really annoying. But a couple of things get me. First, there is no mechanism that lets you see what your character has been tasked to do. You can definitely task things in advance, but you can't see what those tasks are or in what order they're about to be completed. Second, once you assign your character a set of tasks, there's no way to cancel it. Overall, there just wasn't enough new content and the storyline was engaging enough to make me even want to finish the trial.

Needs tweaking

Needs more of a graphic upgrdade. If I clinic on a location to venture and then choose where to go in advance, it should state in order, to show that it acknowledge I pick that area already. Also needs a little better graphic display... very beginner looking

The Reviews Sum It Up. Very Average Game.

It appears that these days the only real TM games we get are spin-offs of Diner Dash, or at least, follow the same rules and concepts. Countryside Buffet follows the same concept but has a slight variation. I lasted only 15 minutes of the demo before quitting out of sheer boredom. The one good thing about this game was that the gameplay is much better. While Diner Dash if fast and frantic, Countryside Buffet is slower and more patient, and is easier to complete. Unlike Diner Dash, you are not overwhelmed with more customers than you can seat. They come in one at a time and sit down, eat and leave. That was what I really enjoyed, because it took the pressure off and you could relax a little. The real downside to the game though is that you don?t serve food. All you do is clean up and collect the money over and over again, and because of this, the game is really boring. I couldn?t bear to play any longer when all I was doing was cleaning up. The graphics are really cheap and outdated too, and seem to be from a game years older than this one. Everything was cheaply animated and did not stand out. Despite the gameplay being better than Diner Dash, I really didn?t enjoy this game as much. It?s a real bore, and for that reason I don?t give a recommendation. I could only play 15 minutes?

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