Criminal Stories: Presumed Partners

  • Animated settings
  • A gripping investigation
  • Catch the killer!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 8.1
  • Hard driver (MB) : 155

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Nancy Boyle, a young woman without a criminal past, has been found dead near her home in Brooklyn and it's up to Chloé Cunningham and Paul Baxter to track down the killer in Criminal Stories: Presumed Partners. Join the savvy sleuths and utilize expert criminology equipment to investigate crime scenes and uncover clues. Piece together the evidence and unmask the identity of the killer before they strike again in this intriguing hidden object puzzle adventure.


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Genre : Hidden Object

Spot hidden objects and solve puzzles and mysteries in lush, eye-catching scenes.

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Criminal Stories: Presumed Partners
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Game Description:

Nancy Boyle, a young woman without a criminal past, has been found dead near her home in Brooklyn.

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Criminal Stories: Presumed Partners game play Criminal Stories: Presumed Partners game play

A good detective game

If you are looking for a good dective game this is it. The instructions the game give you are very good. The graphs are great. The people are made to look like people. The hidden objects are not hard. Some of what you are looking for is hard, but if you find the stars you get more hints. I would recommend this game.

Basically HOS

Chloe and Paul investigate the death of a girl, and you will help them finding clues. The game itself is not challenging or appealing, since it is almost only Hos, locations are repeated a lot, sometimes you have to find different objects, sometimes several of the same object - as several pills, one color at a time, in the same scene. Mini games well known and easy. Dialogues between investigators, or with other characters, are very long, written, and you can not skip. It has stars (hint) to collect, it has a "hand" that indicates what to use in interactive parts. Well, if you are big fan of HOS, you may like.

Criminal Stories: Presumed Partners

Unfortunately there isn't anything about this game that I thought was entertaining. There are two features that I thought sounded good in theory. The first one allows you to click and drag as well as zoom into the entire scene. The second mode was called parallaxe (I have no idea what that means) which allows you to scroll through the scene. The later feature actually cut off some of the scene and I didn't realize it until out of frustration I changed modes and voila, there was more to the scene! The hidden object scenes were random items strewn about the room mostly the floor and even when you zoomed into the scene, items were small and unrecognizable. You can find blue stars, not so hidden in each scene which will earn you more clues, up to 99! You just might need that many hints to find all the hidden objects. The mini games were basic puzzles such as swapping torn picture pieces to complete or matching fingerprints to the sample shown. It took too long between scenes and there are no voiceovers so you have a lot of dialog boxes to read from two separate characters.

Foreign import pretending to be home grown

Oh dear - this is awful Clicking is a nightmare - well at least it was for me - click on object and click again before it registers. Latchkey is really a spanner or for North Americans a wrench and best of luck finding some of those small things. Characters drift in and out in static poses which change marginally bewteen each scen but not by much. dialogue written and compulsory and what's with the click 10 lots of steam or mist?? All in all - could have been good but isn't bya long way.

Great game for beginner or for a brain relax

This is perfect for the one who are "debutant" in hidde object games or for the one more exp?rienced, who feel to play a brainless game. It the KISS word... Keep It Simple and Stupide. Sometime it fun to just follow the story line and don't bother for the complexity of the game


Sure this game is difficult. But for a Hidden Object game, I found it fairly decent. Did I skip some puzzles? I sure did. Especially those that have to do with colors (I'm color blind). So if I'm color blind and can still play and enjoy all the challenges that this game offers, I just don't what else to say but I recommend this game. Oh, did I mention I played the entire game and still had hints left?


Liked that there are realistic looking characters, rather than cartoon type. Like games where characters solve mysteries. Relaxing, not taxing -- I don't work hard at something unless I'm paid or earning college credit. Want more of these type games.

pure hos, pretty boring

I like a mix of hos, puzzles, and adventure, so this game was really boring for me. It was pure hos and the storyline wasn't very interesting. Not challenging at all either.

Very Weak Game!

The only reason I would buy a game like this would be if I found the story compelling and there are crime games that are easy to play but nevertheless, the story compels you to move on. They remind me of pulp fiction, short and easy to read. However this game just did not make the cut. The storyline begins with a murder and before you know it, you are investigating it with a fellow worker who you dont know, because no background was given in the beginning. I really will not continue with the game to find out and so I really am basing this review on the demo trial version; which incidently gives you an idea what I thought about this game. In the opening menu you have no game options and are thrown into the game. I later learned that there are supposedly two game modes; timed and relax. Maybe I missed soething here but it really doesnt matter. FOr those who like HOGs with interaction and crime stories, be prepared for mediocre graphics, sometimes crisp and sometimes blurry. There are cartoon animated characters with dialogues to read. Game mechanics include icons on the left side for zooms, objects and menu. You have 6 hints to begin with and can get more by finding the green stars in each scene. There is also option to scroll the screen and you have your forensic kit in the upper right corner as well. This is mostly a HOG with some HO scenes that include finding a list of objects that appear on the bottom of your screen. Most objects were easy to find and some were very miniscule but then you can zoom your screen. Minigames were simple and not very entertaining. I have played many crime games far superior thatn this one. I found gameplay very tedious and mechanical and the story far from interesting to pursue.


Wow! Was hoping for a nice SE for a change, but was very disappointed. Don't care for the characters popping in and out, very distracting. Really don't care for the scrolling screen. Haven't figured out what the siren has to do with anything, but starts screaming now and then. Very simple game. Prefer a list of items to find and not a couple at a time. Very old school game play. Sorry, but I just can't find anything to praise this game for. Might be nice for a beginner, but not for long. Definitely a no buy for me. Headed to the beach tomorrow for vacation, so hopefully some good games come along while we are gone this week. Thanks for the reviews.

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