Diamond Drop 2

  • Cute, compelling storyline
  • Tons of action-packed levels
  • Rule Fieldgrove economy!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 800 Mhz
  • Memory : 128
  • DiretX : 8.1
  • Hard driver (MB) : 39

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Gary, the mole, is facing the gruff challenges of being a diamond miner. Luckily, hes the cog in a successful field growing economy. Overhead the cave ceiling is strewn with glittery diamonds. Help Gary collect these falling gems and toss them back up to create chains of three or more. Lend a hand and guide Gary down the road to success, and also into the heart of his sweet love Angelina. Diamond Drop 2 promises dazzling fun for everyone.


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Genre : Puzzle

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Diamond Drop 2
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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

Gary the diamond mining mole returns, and once again hes in a whole lot of trouble.

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Darn you BFG!! Another cute game I can't resist! The mole is so cute and blissfully unaware and I love when the coins, etc bonk him on the head making him reel! Just so darn cute! The dialog and storyline is also so cute and fun! I loved that this is a different type of "match 3" in that you throw the jewels up to make your matches which requires just a little thought [which I loved] but is not overly taxing for when you want to relax. The only down-side that I found, so far [full disclosure - only played the demo] is that you don't have a choice in making the game untimed - which is why I dinged the "level of challenge" score. However, the timer is very generous, although I did have to replay some levels as I learned how to maneuver the game. There are cute power-ups and "bribes" for your customers that you can buy at the "store" with your money earned from customers that purchase your gems. This is just a very VERY cute, fun and , at times, a little challenging game that I will DEFINITELY be buying!! Thank you BFG!! Please keep 'em coming!!

Diamond drop

Really FUN! Loved the story line, too! great characters..


Based upon the 60 minute evaluation, I played maybe 5 minutes and deleted it. not much of a challenge, or exciting.

Poor Gary the Mole, He Just Doesn't Get It - LOL

I am really on the fence about this game. Yes, I do love it! Gary, the mole, the town's only miner, mines for jewels, decorates settings, boxes them pretty and sells them to his loyal customers. But, his mining license is getting ready to expire - OH NO! Can he do anything about that? And, there's a new gal in town and Gary, blind to all but mining, thinks she's there to take away his mine! But, the townsfolk know different - Gary just isn't getting what they're telling him. And the story continues along many twists and turns and problems for poor Gary. That's the BEST part of this game - the story. The characters are funny and, yes, quite the "characters" LOL. This is a unique match 3+ game that is played somewhat differently. Grab as many jewels as you can with you left mouse button - then throw the whole bundle in your arms back into the game board of jewels to dispose of them. Yep, that's how the game is played. But, if you toss your colored gems next to a gem of the same color you couldn't reach, you've made a match and all the gems disappear. Bonuses appear in the form of cake and a twirly thing that changes all the gems into one color. You also buy upgrades such as more jewelry settings, candy to keep your customers happy, more time, etc. I loved this story line and couldn't wait to finish my levels to read (and hear the wonderful narrator's voice) and meet new characters and/or find out more about Gary's life. The only thing keeping me from hitting BUY right now is that the game is timed. I don't do well with timed games and worry that I won't make much progress as I level up more. But, while I'm thinking about it, please try this little "gem" of a game. Poor Gary the Mole needs us! Happy Gaming!

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