Disharmony Blocks

  • Colourful graphics
  • Toe-tapping music
  • 75 Levels of Match 3 Fun
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 36

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Match your way to Harmony in the exciting Match 3 game, Disharmony Blocks! Journey to the land of Fangorn, where emotions exist as real sentient beings. As an apprentice Harmony Sage you must travel the land and restore order and harmony in a world of disharmony. Gather your strength and unleash powerful emotional outbursts to help you in your quest to become a master Harmony Sage.


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Genre : Match 3

Match or swap items into groups of 3 or more in wild and colorful settings.

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Disharmony Blocks
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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

Gather your strength and unleash powerful emotional outbursts to help you in your quest to become a master Harmony Sage!

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Disharmony Blocks game play Disharmony Blocks game play



A Cheery Game

First of all it's good to see a new game rather than the constant stream of sequals, secondly it is good to see a game with bright colourful tiles that does not take itself too seriously!. I have played around 12 levels already and I am loving the power ups, the spell effects are great and the exploding sound, while loud at first is very satisfying it has real punch. I noticed some reviews saying you cant slide to match, true you cant, but soon you will have diagonal matching and I am not sure how sliding diagonally to match would work, easier to click surely?

A Good Change

I found this game a good change from the other more serious match-3 games, it was simple to play, happy looking and responsive, the power ups were a good extra too, overall I reccomend this game to anyone who likes match-3 games and wants a quick blast.

Click and Drag..

People who keep saying this game needs click and drag have probably not played it, in this game you move pieces diagonally I would love to see how these people could possibly move the pieces diagonally without touching the other tiles, I am sure the developer thought of this problem and its why its not in this game. Anyway I liked the game, I have not seen another match3 game with so many options to change how you play, diaglonal movement, lightning, explosions, luck boosters. Please give it a try and actually play it rather than missing it because of 'no slide no buy'..

Don't take it on FACE value

The gameplay is your standard match-3 game, with plenty of different tiles to keep things interesting and diagonal movement if you buy the right spell. The graphics are nice and the faces are fun, although I would like them to animate more, as they just seem to blink. The music was fine, you can turn it off or down if you dont like it, but atleast it changes every now and then. Overall I liked it, a new game not a sequel and some nice gameplay, Match 3 and a Memory Game, nothing really new but what is there is well done.

Fast and Frantic

A fast and frantic match3 game, bright graphix and lots of spells. The music was not to my taste, but thats why you can change the volume to OFF! Loved it.

Fun game in spite of needing to double-click

I've played this game for over 2 hours and can't stop. Yes, the basic mechanic is clunky -- no ability to slide tiles -- but the game has a lot going for it. There is basic matching, tile breaking, ice smashing, and bombs as well as more time earned by good matches. That's just the basics. Then you get emoticons that you match to earn spells, which are differnt types of mega-bombs. The game mechanics are not well explained, and there are no hints, so some will really enjoy getting no tutorial boxes forced on them! You can learn what you need to know, though, if you read the upgrade description in the store. You get a store visit every few levels. You can earn three stars per level. One is for gathering all of the types of tokens stated as needed, one is for doing it without running out of time, and one is for smashing all the gold tiles. The level ends when you have either run out of time or gathered all of the required tokens. Even if you have time left after getting all the tokens, you will not be able to keep trying to get all of the gold tiles, so this leaves room for some strategy. Unless you fail to get all the tokens, fail to get all the tiles AND run out of time, you cannot lose a level, you just get fewer stars. I am a very slow matcher due to arthritis, and I have yet to lose a level. There is a regular "memory tiles" mini-game, which is not terribly interesting, but gets the player who is good at it extra cash for powerups. The mini-games are skippable. The main levels may be skippable also, as there is a skip button, but I have not tried that.

Lighthearted but fun

I liked the cheeryness of this game, the faces are funny and the matching pieces are easy to see (I mean easy to tell apart) If you like your match-3 games over the top with some unique abilities, give it a try. Just turn your sound down, the explosions really ARE explosions!

Not Bad

Its your typical match three game. It also has a card matching game that shows up every once in a while. The graphics for the match three game changes as you go along. The music also changes. There is a store where you can buy things to help you clear the board when you get stuck. I like the game pace. For those who don't like timed games can take your time its just that you will not get a lot of dust to buy stuff at the store. But I was playing with out much of the power ups anyways. I don't know if that will be a problem later in the game. The music is nice. The variety in game tiles keeps me wondering what is coming up next. The only thing that I didn't like was that you had to click to move the tiles. Usually a lot of match 3 games you click and drag. Not this one you had to click on each tile that you are swamping out. So this might be too much clicking for some. I think this is a buy for me. :)

Not your typical Match-3

This game is not your typical match 3 but I mean that in a good way, after playing a few levels and getting the diagonal power up, it became a different game almost, I was seeing ways to make matches that just werent possible before, the cheery music also helped and the colorful, but not kiddie graphics are a blast. If you like your match3 games to have some actual strategy then this is for you. Only downside is the storyline which does not matter (to me atleast) A buy from me!

Pretty Unique

I like the magical power upgrades in this game, rather than the hammers and simple spells in other games like cradle of rome, it feels powerfull to use them, only bad thing was the music which I turned off.

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