Enigma Agency: The Case of Shadows

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  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
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  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 8.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 860

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Track a missing detective through the jungles of Central America in Enigma Agency: The Case of Shadows. Who knows what ancient evil is lurking in the shadows? Become immersed in a world of mysticism, secrets and ancient curses. Interesting locations, an adventurous plot and mini-games await you in the jungle.


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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

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Enigma Agency: The Case of Shadows
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Track down a missing detective and fight an evil curse!

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Enigma Agency: The Case of Shadows game play Enigma Agency: The Case of Shadows game play

good game can be a challenge

Pretty good game. Has 3 modes to play. Not your easy game to play but still worth the time. Has Voice over and the music is good. The graphics are also pretty good. Has a map Hint button works good and I needed it The HOS are good and the puzzles can be hard. Some good and some a challenge. Has a pretty good flow to the game.

Great SE! Shadows continue to give you shivers!

This is what gaming is all about. Excellent adventure! I played through the CE in one sitting and it?s on my current list of favourites. Just had to comment on the SE as well. The storyline is compelling and completely immersive. When your boss acquires a mystical map and needs your help to defend against supernatural forces, a quest that begins in a suburban mansion leads you deep into a Mayan jungle. Stunning graphics and artwork are always a plus for me. I am also pleased that the gameplay provides plenty to do in each scene, with lots of challenge. The map (not interactive) and task list assist, but you have to think outside the box and that is the most fun of all! Engaging cutscenes, unobtrusive music and ambient sound enhance the atmosphere. I have become dreadfully tired of HOS, being and adventurer at heart, but the HOS in this game surprised me. I was expecting the usual (ho?hum) lists, but discovered it was necessary in some cases to manipulate the elements in sequence to obtain the item needed. (I actually enjoyed these ones.) A nice change! I can?t comment on the ending of this version as I have only played the demo, but I can say that the collectibles and achievements add significantly to the challenge factor in the CE and the bonus chapter is worth every minute. Honestly, I do prefer the CE. However, even without the extras, this game still has so much to offer that I have to give it five stars anyway. Whatever version you choose, do not miss this game. It is a keeper!


The graphics on this game are just lovely and the game is very well developed. Skillful story, even though its premise is quite old. Lots and lots to do - even from the very beginning - and it stays that way. The map is a little unusual and quite refreshing in that it shows the location and you if move over the location, it tells you all the tasks that you have to complete for that location. Puzzles are many and varied in difficulty. Quite a delightful game.

Based on completed SE

I do not usually review games but I have to say this was by far one on my favorite games in a long time. The storyline was unique enough to keep me intrigued. Graphics and sound were fantastic. Cut scenes were very well done and took me by surprise a few times. The puzzles were great and some reminded me of the MCF door puzzles that I love. They are not all that easy and take some patients. HO scenes were interactive and clear. Another big plus is that just when I thought I was about done with the game I found that you travel to another location where you feel as though you get an entire second game. The hint system rocked. The map was great giving you pictures and undone tasks. Can't wait for the next one!

If you like Rube Goldberg devices...

you'll love getting them to operate in what seem to be the HObject version in this game. I only did the demo, but was refreshed by that clever interaction required for those scenes. Another refreshing bit...a keyhole through which you look and have to determine what is significant to key in on. There was enough difficulty in things not being obvious and yet once one figured it out, it was "of course, why didn't I think of that sooner?" I thought to buy it with the .99cent special added to the day's special of $2.99, but even though BF showed that as a possibility, it does not work. l'm going to have to wait and buy it with a coupon. However, I will buy it soon.

Hours of play value

You think the game has ended when it is only half way through. Lots of challenging puzzles and not too many boring HOS, some of which have things to interact in order to collect the objects first. There is a map, but it only tells you what there is still left to do on it. Hint charger tells you how much time is left to fully charge. Good graphics. Good story line. A good game to occupy yourself with for hours on end.

a pretty good game

it has a diary. great/rich graphics. mini games are more logic which i don't do well but my 12 y.o. did fine. you are trying to save your boyfriend whose life force is being drained so a spirit can live. played casual, low sound. hint/skip charge in a minute. it will handhold you through it if you use the hints a lot. sequel????? i think so!!!

Excellent Game!

Loved this game. Enjoyed playing it.

Challenging & Exciting

BASED ON COMPLETED CE GAME I had just completed Chapter 4 of 9, which had taken me almost 3 hours on EASY, despite EXCESSIVE use of HINT, SKIP and the STRATEGY GUIDE, when I first sat down to write this review. I forgot to submit it, so I get to comment on the full version after all. Which is a good thing, because the game actually changes in character at the halfway mark. The STORY is a little different from the norm, we must rescue our BOSS, from a CENTRAL AMERICAN source of EVIL. A CURSED MAP has brought ancient evil down upon him and a SHAMAN has kidnapped him from his home before your very eyes. You must find and piece the map together to discover your destination in the jungle. Halfway through the game, I had just managed to locate the map and enter the jungle. The CUT-SCENE for this is SPECTACULAR and actually scary. All the cut-scenes are very dramatic, as are the AMBIENT SOUNDS & VISUALS, creating a very threatening atmosphere. The GAMEPLAY is MOSTLY ADVENTURE, with some very CHALLENGING PUZZLES. There are only a few HOS, and they are static, straightforward LISTS. Not interactive. In the JUNGLE part of the game, the PUZZLES get EASIER, there are MORE HOS, and even the ADVENTURE became MORE LINEAR. The PUZZLES include PUZZLE BOARDS (unskippable even on easy) that require interaction with a number of items to retrieve your inventory item. However, the TWO in the DEMO, were the ONLY ONES in the whole game. The OTHER PUZZLES include traditional ones altered to make them more difficult, and SOME NEW ones. SKIP is VERY SLOW. There is a lot of to and fro, and the MAP tells you only WHERE YOU?VE BEEN and where you haven?t, with no jump feature to reduce the footwork. HINT, though, is VERY GOOD, only one click is required to get the directional arrows all the way to the next action. I enjoyed this game a lot, the jungle more than the first half, because I?m not much good with puzzles, but at first I pegged this as A GAME FOR EXPERTS, but IT ISN?T. It appears that wa


You are a detective for the Enigma Agency and your boss, John is in trouble. You are no stranger to the unexplainable, but this is an unusual case. John had been asked to retrieve an ancient (and cursed) map by a client, but when he begins to be plagued by a curse, he destroys the map and has angered the Myan chief! If you chose to pass on the CE and have waited for this SE, the only thing you're going to miss out on are collecting the hidden scorpions. There are a lot of mini games, every door, appliance, phone and window in this mansion is missing a component and will require a puzzle to solve. Some of the mini games are frustrating such as rotating a circle within a circle, each of the smaller inner circles have a colored marble which you need to rotate to get the correct color of marble into the correct matching chute and if it goes in the wrong chute you have to start all over. You don't get a lot of HOS, but they are well done and slightly interactive. There is a map that shows you a task list for each visited area but you cannot travel. The hint system is excellent, the arrow will guide you in each scene until you get to the correct area and then it will show you what inventory item to use. This is a good game to play, well worth buying. Enjoy!

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