Experiment 2

  • Unique Match-3 Experience
  • Intriging Storyline
  • Three Gameplay Modes
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU : 600 Mhz
  • Memory : 128
  • DiretX : 8.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 76

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Help Sophie uncover the truth about an ancient prophecy in this unique Match-3 game, Experiment 2! As the Gate of Worlds opens, Sophie's quest is just about to begin. The two princes of the world of fire have uncovered an ancient prophecy which could help them take over all four kingdoms and plunge the world into darkness. The pieces of the prophecy are scattered in the archives of the world of ice, air, earth and fire. Sophie must travel to each world and learn as much about the prophecy as possible. It is the only way to stop the cataclysm.


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Genre : Puzzle

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Experiment 2
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Game Description:

Help Sophie uncover the truth about an ancient prophecy in this unique Match-3 experience.

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A good game ... but

I enjoyed playing this one except for one thing - the game board pieces were quite hard to distinguish at times especially the blue and the ice - similar shape and colour. There were different modes of M3 to play and they changed after each board which kept me interested. This one for me would be a DD or special price purchase rather than full price because it just didn't grab me unlike the Cradles or Puzzle Quests. However for newcomers it's not bad.

Boring Hidden Object Game

This game wasn't challenging. The game play is to simple.

Excellent match-3!

Ever since playing 4 Elements II after the first one, I have that "fear" with second parts of games, because that game was an almost exact copy of its predecessor with very few additional features. However, let me tell you something: Experiment 2 is different. I have played through it, I have enjoyed every minute of it, and I believe it is a great match-3 game. Visual/Sound Quality: The first Experiment game had crisp graphics and an amazing soundtrack (no kidding, some people on the forums purchased just for the music), and the second game continues in the same fashion. The game elements on the board look much better now (changing with the theme of the current world) and the soundtrack deserves my praise, because there is a different set of songs for each world in the game, and they fit with the environment perfectly! 5 out of 5. Storyline: The beginning of the story is already more promising than the first Experiment game and as Sophie moves forward, the story becomes even more interesting. The ending is way better this time around and Experiment 2 goes out with a blast (quite literally)! 4 out of 5. Fun Factor: Still good, the controls are very responsive, and there are TONS of new ideas in gameplay (my fav was the heavy iceball). Experiment 2 feels like it's multiple games in one, as there is an arcade and a puzzle mode, and the story mode offers sooo much... 5 out of 5. Level of Challenge: You can disable the hints entirely (in fact, this option is offered to you when starting the story mode), and timed mode is much harder than in Experiment 1, which is good. I still wish it was just a bit more difficult. 4 out of 5. Conclusion: I recommend you try the game and see for yourself how good it is. Do yourself a favor and don't dismiss it just because it isn't like other match 3 titles out there.

Experiment 2

Horrible and VERY slow. This game is just not fun and challlenging

Great Little Match 3!

This is a great match 3. It has many challenges within each level. This is not match 3 every time. Some levels have brain teasers, others are timed. Each level is more challenging than the last. I played the trail and was so caught up I lost track of time (that doesn't happen very often with a match 3). The storyline is minimal and simple but provides just enough information to get you going forward in a logical sequence. You don't have to have played or heard of the first game to enjoy this one. I suggest playing the trial of this game before buying it. If it's not for you, you can always uninstall it.

Not fun at all

I enjoy match 3 games as a diversion. I don't expect them to be a challange like the hidden object/adventure games I like to play. Granted, most match 3 games are repetitive, the challange for me is to make as many 4+ matches as I can, clear the board and go to the next level. This had nothing of interest, wasn't fun to just wile away the time. Think I will go back to my old match 3 games.

Not my cup of tea

Didn't like anything about this game - at least not in the 7 minutes I spent playing before I uninstalled it. Worst of all was the poor visual quality of the match 3 boards, where the only objective (in my seven minutes gameplay) was to fill a blue bar to progress - not very appealing to me. Maybe there was more (and better) to come. But unfortunately I couldn't bring myself to play longer to find out. And the voices in the scenes between the game boards didn't make things any better. Sorry.

Nothing special

got bored after a few rounds. would have been disappointed if I had purchased this game.

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