Explorer: Contraband Mystery

  • Gorgeous scenery
  • Awesome minigames
  • Expose a smuggling network!
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  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 2.0 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 199

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You are a researcher for the award-winning National Geographic Explorer series. While on assignment with Zara and PJ, your trusty reporter and cameraman, you uncover a clue that leads to a global smuggling operation. Who are the ringleaders, and where are they based? Use your journalistic instincts to expose the black market network through an exciting series of minigames in Explorer: Contraband Mystery, a fun Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!


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Genre : Hidden Object

Spot hidden objects and solve puzzles and mysteries in lush, eye-catching scenes.

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Explorer: Contraband Mystery
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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

Working with the Nat Geo Explorer film crew, piece together the clues that could bring a global smuggling network to justice!

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Explorer: Contraband Mystery game play Explorer: Contraband Mystery game play

A question of contraband

This game had a few refreshingly different aspects about it in as much that you are a researcher for National Geographic and you must uncover clues that reveal smuggling operations surrounding three related criminal businesses, expose the ring leaders, bring the culprits to justice and write a report. The dialogue is topical and interesting with factual snippets. The graphics are clear bright and colourful in the first couple of cases but do darken considerably in the last case. The puzzles are similar to other games but the recreating of pictures is a tad challenging, spotting the differences are reasonable, discovering similar or pared items could be a bit hard and the intermittent requirement of answering questions could be a bit challenging if you haven't paid attention to the facts given. The hidden objects are mostly quite simple to locate but as the game proceeds and the scenes get darker then the objects are that much harder to find. The hunting for batteries for recharging hints, looking for coins and gems to increase your score is an added attraction together with the icons that reveal interesting facts about the case. Well recommended and well worth the money.

Factual and Fun

I enjoyed playing this HOG which is very factual on the topics (x3). There are 3 missions and they all contain HOGs and quizzes - 12 games in each mission. Items can be very small and integrated into the background which I know the majority of players dislike. It is only approx 1 1/2 hours long and based on the forum comments, some players even completed the whole game (with time to spare) in the demo. So overall I will give this game 5 stars simply for being that little bit different. I am going to recommend this game for at least the demo and you never know you might have played a game for free if you're as fast as some players (not me LOL).

Interesting HOG

My review is based only in the demo, but I?m going to buy it right now. It is an actual game, interesting informations about diamonds, Africa and gorilas, that is the point I arrived. I?m a little tired of the games that are all about blood, vampires, souls, demos, witches and nightmares. This is different and I really like it. Diamonds in Africa is a serious subject, but people don?t talk about it. In the scenes some objects are too small to find, but you surely can do it. The quizz is interesting although I didn?t pay enough attention in the first mission. For the second, that I understood the importance of it, I tried to read more attentively. The mini games are the usual but funny. I recommend this game.

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