Fierce Tales: Marcus' Memory

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Solve the mystery of a seaside town and uncover your lost memories in Fierce Tales: Marcus' Memory! After waking up on a deserted beach with no memory of who you are, you set out to find the one person who can help you. But when you arrive at the nearest seaside town, you learn that memory loss isn't your only problem. The village is buzzing with reports of terrifying "sea people," and uncovering the truth behind these strange creatures might just be the key to recovering your own lost memories. Hold your breath and dive into this thrilling Hidden Object Adventure game!


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Genre : Puzzle

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Fierce Tales: Marcus' Memory
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Solve the mystery of a seaside town as you uncover your lost memories!

AFERON - BigFishGames
Fierce Tales: Marcus' Memory game play Fierce Tales: Marcus' Memory game play

One of my favourite games

I bought this game as a CE and it is one I return to regularly. A tale of love and jealousy with a good few twists, the storyline is intriguing from the start. Like a good novel, alongside the main theme of rescuing Dolores, there are flashbacks which gradually fill in the missing links to reveal a tale that will keep you playing avidly to the end. The SE retains lots of the excellent features of the CE: * beautiful graphics and animation in the cut scenes * appropriate background music which enhances the atmosphere of the game * an interactive map which, in casual mode, tells you where things can be done now or later * a helpful dolphin friend HOSs and puzzles are interactive, of a variety of styles and challenging enough without being impossible. The map and hints are enough to see you through without the need to buy the strategy guide. If you are not bothered about collectibles, achievements and wallpapers etc. this is the version to get. The bonus is just that, an additional chapter and the story is satisfactorily wrapped up in the main game. I can't recommend it highly enough in either version. DO give it a try.

Dolphin Friendly Winner!

BASED ON COMPLETED CE MAIN GAME FIRST IMPRESSIONS Absolutely thrilling from the first moments. High tension intro followed by easy first scenes while we get the hang of it, and then we?re off again. The dolphin ride was so good I started feeling sea sick! SIGHTS & SOUNDS Graphics are excellent, style is hand drawn, plenty of colour and light for the most part, rich and detailed locales, on land and under the sea. Cut scenes are excellent. Ambient sound very well done, appropriate. Music inoffensive and can be lowered separately. WHAT?S HAPPENING The story is a new one! You are pushed over a cliff, apparently drowned, but somehow managed to reach shore. You have no idea of who you are, know nothing about the locket you are holding, or why that guy tried to kill you. People on the island seem to know you, and as you stumble around getting orientated, you meet the woman in the locket portrait. She is grabbed by the villain and you intend to save her ? she may have the answers you seek. The ending is conclusive and does not need the bonus chapter. MAKING PROGRESS The game has a nice balance between HOs, puzzles and adventure. The HO scene types are interactive list or find-and-use silhouettes. Most of the puzzles were doable. Near the end I skipped a couple because I simply didn?t have the patience. You have a interactive jump map for getting around, and hint will help if there is something to do in that scene. There is a journal to keep track of story ? which gets a bit confusing in the middle for a while. I found the getting around easy enough, with the help of the map. I might have felt the strain a bit more if I didn?t have it. But the progression is logical, it?s usually apparent what inventory items will be needed where, and nothing drags on and on. BLING! The CE version of this one has massive bling factor, but from the way it played, I am guessing most of it will not be in this version. If you can live without wallpapers, achievement

This is the better of the fierce tales games.

This is a Blam game and is really put together well. You have 3 modes to play. You also can use the map or not, depending on how hard you want to play. The graphics are done quite well and has voice over. There still is lots of reading to do in finding the items you need. Lots of written clues to read. You get achievements when you find items and progress thru the game and for not using the hint button. The hint button is good, tell you where to go, I do not think you will need it much. The flow of the game is good and not hard to figure out. You have to find and collect turtles thru-out the game. Something fun to do. the puzzles are good but the HOS are interactive and really fun. Different also. You have to find things to complete the task to get the item in the HOS. Really interactive as I said. This is a really fun game to play. I think it is better than there first game they put out. You do not get the bonus chapter with this one. Need the CE.

Fierce Tales: Marcus' Memory

Fun storyline, vibrant graphics, challenging enough to hold your interest and keep you wanting more.

Absolutely Gorgeous!!

Beautiful and colorful graphics. HOG easy, but fun to find things you will need later in the game. The story kept my interest, had to see what was going to happen next. I highly recommend this game and hope there is a sequel.

A really fun game

This game is lots of fun. There are beautiful graphics and a story that takes you to different locations, both on land and sea. There are regular HO'S and find the object and use it to get the next object. Not a big fan of puzzles, but these had some I enjoyed. The HO'S and puzzles were evenly spaced as well as point and click. Also: long playing time no demonic stuff hint button shows you where to go interactive map The cons of this game were during the HO'S the small objects were hard to click. You had to do it many times before it released. And in one part the answer to a puzzle was so small I had to go to the walk through to see what it was. This is an enjoyable game to relax and have fun.


I thought this game had all that I wanted. It took you to different places, the level of challenge was perfect (I played in expert mode). the final puzzle got on my nerves but I didn't skip one or referenced the strategy guide. Perfect!!! 2013


Although I loved this game,It was a lot shorter than most games. The graphics were beautiful and the HO scenes interactive.There is a map so that saves a whole lot of footsteps.I am not a fan of mini-games so I found them to be rather frustrating with the clues not very informative of what you are supposed to do but you can skip them,and that is good.Overall,I would recommend this game in a heartbeat!

Beautiful Graphics

and fun to play. But can also become frustrating trying to find some of the HOGS. not your typical HOG. Sometimes it gives you names of items to find. other times it gives you a shape to find. Often you will need to use an item you just found to use on another item to find what you need. sometimes a little hard. There are also lots of mini-games to play. You never get tired of doing the same ole thing all the time. - there were a few glitches in the HOGS in that sometimes I had to double click all over the item for it to connect. But did not hinder my enjoying the game. - I especially enjoyed this game with no evil spirits, no gloomy scenes, just a male who had gone crazy & wanted to rule earth and the seas after wanting a woman who loved another man. -Beautiful scenery and -you will find out what happened to Marcus - At first I was thinking "What - did the game mess up".... But kept playing and was all explained later in the game. Very well done.

Great Game!

Loved the color and clarity of the many different scenes and locations in this game. Mini games interesting and different.

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